Hire Your Own Waterbike And Glide Across The River This Summer

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You’ve no doubt seen Perth from the river on the ferry, a boozy river cruise, our riverfront bars, and maybe even from the everyday kayak, jet skis and tinny boats that make their way around the Swan, however you probably haven’t seen it by waterbike. 

Perth Waterbike Co has a whole fleet of floating bicycles just waiting for you to take out for a glide from either South Perth or Rottnest.

You’re probably wondering how exactly one rides a bike on water—and of course no one really wants to end up in our beautiful river. Perth Waterbike Co truly understands that, which is why the water bikes are extremely stable, floating on two long kayak shaped flotation devices, to keep you from falling in—the only way you'll end up wet is if you literally jump into the water. Slap on your sunscreen, hop on and pedal your way around the river to see sights you might never have spotted from the water before.

You can hire out a waterbike of your own for $35 for half an hour of self-guided cruising, or $65 for a full hour experience—which trust us, is plenty of time to be pedalling. Or why not get a group together and book in for one of their tours? They do awesome pedal and picnic packages that'll see you enjoy a gorgeous picnic on the banks of the river after your ride or you could just opt for the sunset bike, bubbles and brews if you'd prefer to make the most of those cupholders. Either way, just make sure you keep an eye out for the friendly resident dolphins.

Bookings are filling up fast for summer so we suggest you get in quick if you're keen for a river ride.

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Image credit: Perth Waterbike Co