Here are 105 fun things to do in the Summer to make family memorie

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s. You don't have to do them all, but pick a few and enjoy!

105 Fun Things To Do in the Summer – PERFECT for Family Fun! 
My sweet friend Staci started this list of summer fun ideas, and when she showed us, the whole PPP Team ended up adding to it with all of our favorite summer fun ideas.  The result is 105 ways to squeeze more joy out of your summer – whether you have big kids, middle kids or little kids!

Grab your 105 Summer Fun Ideas for Families — PRINTABLE – there's even space to add your own ideas

We included all those activities that have given us the best memories and the sweetest smiles. (or ones we WANT to try!) As my kids have gotten older, these memories become even MORE special –  because we only get 18 summers with these babies! *sniff*
Fun Things to do Inside:

Have ice cream for dinner

Pillow/blanket fort building

Homemade snow-cone making

Family Movie night

Night bowling (fill water bottles with water and drop in a glow stick – then bowl away)


Game night – (with the family or invite some neighbors over and have them bring their favorite board games)

Make a birdfeeder

Fly paper airplanes (measure how far different designs travel and experiment with different designs)

Summer puzzle night

Finger paint

Make homemade pizza (maybe throw it on the grill) – let everyone choose their favorite ingredients

Homemade spa

Make homemade play dough


Create an indoor obstacle course

Make ice cream in a bag

Play charades

Teach kids about car maintenance

Make puppets and put on a puppet show

Have a “letter of the day” day – do and eat all things that start with a certain letter


Summer reading – make a “bookworm” – add a new piece after each book is complete

Family service project

Science experiments

Make koolaid popsicles or ice cubes

Craft night

Dance party

Binge watch a family show

Craft or create your own targets for a nerf gun or water gun course

Family karaoke night

Have a slime making challenge (and find out how to get slime out of carpet if there's an oops!)

Go roller skating

Visit a museum

Learn how to crochet or knit

Have your own family “Cupcake Wars”

Have a family yoga session

Learn how to make origami

Complete a home project together

Volunteer at a local animal shelter

Draw something from nature together

Make a family movie and take turns being the star

Make a completely vegetarian dinner (have each family member make one item)

Visit a fire station

Learn how to play a card game you've never played

Make a family tree together
Things to Do Outside in the Summer: 

Have a family picnic

Make s'mores in a fire pit in your backyard

Backyard camp out

Bubble time

Sprinkler running

Set up a Slip and slide (they go faster by using a bit of baby shampoo on the person)

Neighborhood relay races

Chalk art

Family portraits in chalk (outline everyone – then each person take a different member of your family and color it in to look like them)

Play frisbee

Play kickball

Hike at a local park

Backyard family movie night (use a projector and sheet pinned somewhere). To add to the fun, invite friends and neighbors and everyone bring their favorite movie snack to share!

Play childhood neighborhood games (leap frog, red rover, red light/green light, mother may I, etc…)

Feed the ducks (you could turn it into community service by cleaning up the trash in the area while you visit)

Find a clover patch and make flower chains and search for a 4 leaf clover

Creek stomp

Splash in rain puddles

Visit a historical site in your area

Visit a cave in your area (they stay cool)

Go to an area pool

Batting practice using water balloons as balls

Make a solar oven and cook s'mores

Create an outdoor obstacle course

Wash your cars together

Look for a drive in movie theater

Star gazing and identify constellations

Catch fireflies/lightening bugs (decorate a jar to hold them)

Go fruit picking (strawberries, peaches, blueberries)

Go for a bike ride

Go to a baseball game

Nature walk – challenge your kid to search for something specific (color walk – point out things of a specific color, insect- find as many different types of insects as you can)

Put together a picnic with all the items beginning with a certain letter

Go for a night swim

Nature scavenger hunt

Play frisbee golf

Fly a kite (you can find these at the Dollar Tree for $1 this time of year)


Play miniature golf

Play flashlight tag (invite the neighbors to join)

Play balloon volleyball (you can try this with water balloons too)

Plant a vegetable garden

Make a fairy garden with only items from your yard (or grab some Fairy Garden pieces from Dollar Tree!)

Build a fort

Go kayaking (There are some great Walmart kayak deals!)

Play HORSE with a prize for the winner (they get to choose the movie for movie night)

Make sun tea

Go swimming in the lake

Play tennis

Make a giant hopscotch or twister game on the lawn

Go to a carnival

Make a lemonade stand

Plant a family tree in your yard

Go fishing

Go to a farmer's market

Take a road trip to some place you've never been

Have a luau

Go on a bird watch

Attend a free outdoor concert

Set up a simple badminton set and play

Have a garage sale

Go zip-lining
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