Have a kid who loves mysteries and is always nose-deep into detective stories? Chances are you are raising a budding Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew!

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We all are equally fascinated towards mysteries, the intrigue and the suspense. But for some of us, they are exhilarating like none other!

If you think your child is just one of them, Crime Scene Investigation Activities are what she is yearning for!

Contrary to what might be the popular belief, these activities are absolutely child friendly and in fact great for building critical thinking skills in kids.

Table of Contents:
What is Forensic Science? What is Evidence? Who are Forensic Experts? What are Fingerprints? What are Footprints? What is DNA? How Does Camera Recording Help in Crime Scene Investigation? Crime Scene Investigation Activities for Kids Detective Games for Kids Mystery Books for Kids Mystery Books for Young Kids 4-6 years Mystery Chapter Books for 6-12 years Mystery Stories for Kids Mystery Movies for Kids
Encapsulating varied fields of Science – biology, chemistry, material science and blending them with the tools of technology, Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) for kids makes up for a well integrated STEM activity.

But before we get started with activities, let’s delve head-on into the basics of Crime Scene Investigation for kids first! 
What is Forensic Science?
You have just made yourself a delicious ice-cream sundae when you have to rush to the loo to attend nature’s call. But upon your return, you find the bowl empty and licked clean! Who’s the culprit? 

You look for clues! And just then you observe your younger sister unusually quiet and just to herself. You scan her face – the sides of her mouth are wet and it hints as if she has just gobbled up something. 

You are not sure yet before you spot a dribble of melted chocolate on her t-shirt. There are no chocolates in the house, so it must be the chocolate sauce from the sundae that you had made.

Finally when you touch her right hand fingers, they are still sticky from the treat!

Everything fits in perfectly – Congratulations! You have just solved the mystery of the sneaky sundae eater, using forensic science!

Forensic Science is the science that examines the clues of the crime scene to solve the investigation. It uses various scientific techniques to solve a crime by collecting and analyzing evidence while relying on various branches of science like biology and chemistry. 
What is Evidence?
The foundation of forensic science is based on the principle that the culprit always leaves clues or as the forensic experts say, evidence after committing a crime.

The evidence could be in any form – from visible physical belongings to discrete, not-so-visible chemical or biological evidence like fingerprints!  
Who are Forensic Experts?
Forensic experts are amalgam of a detective and a scientist. Their job is to collect and analyze the evidence, which could then be used to nail the culprit. 

It is a serious job where forensic experts spend hours in their labs and on the crime scene, depending on the type of crime, to gather evidence and connect contours to reach the culprit.

But not all is gloomy and dark for forensic detectives! For kids, being a forensic detective could mean extracting DNA from a fruit or simply tracking down their chocolate thief!

Here are a few of the evidences that forensic experts look for, while solving a case:
Fingerprints DNA Hair  Footprints Blood Handwriting Fibers of materials like clothing Splatters  Glass shards Liquids Soil Tyre Tracks Bullets Gun residues Chemicals Camera Recordings What are Fingerprints?
Remember the fingerprinting crafts from kindergarten? That’s exactly what fingerprints are! But for CSI, things get more interesting than what meets the eye! 

Simply put, a fingerprint is a trace of human fingertips left on a surface. Each finger in your hand has its own unique pattern composed of arches, loops or whorls. 

Every time you hold an object, you leave marks of your fingertips on its surface even when you are not using paint as in thefingerprinting crafts. 

That’s because your body excretes sweat and oil that covers the outer layer of your skin. Every time you touch something, this sweat and oil is left behind (much like the paint) in a pattern that resembles the one-of-a-kind pattern of your fingertips.

All of us have our own unique fingerprints and no two fingerprints are alike. This means that our unique fingerprints can help identify each one of us! Thus for CSI, fingerprints are vital evidence! 

Like if you could extract the fingerprints from the ice-cream sundae bowl and match it with your younger sister’s fingerprints, you would find that they are the same, down to the tiniest of the details! 
What are Footprints?
Footprints are unique patterns on your feet. And much like fingerprints, footprints too are unique for every person. For CSI, footprints may refer to shoe-prints as well!  

Forensic detectives study shoe-prints to ideate the height or size of the person in question and also to match them with other footprints to conjoin clues to solve the mystery.
What is DNA?
DNA is an acronym for Deoxyribonucleic Acid. It is one’s unique genetic imprint that cannot be changed or modified. DNA is the code that governs the functioning and growth of one’s body.

The colour of your eyes & hair, shape of your ear lobes and even your height, everything is determined by your DNA. 

Everyone is born with a unique DNA and can be identified by it. It implies that DNA could be substantial evidence in CSI.

Forensic investigators often look for hair samples, saliva, bones, tissues and blood at the crime scene. These evidences are collected for CSI as they can be used to extract DNA and pin down the suspect. 
How Camera Recording Helps in Crime Scene Investigation?
Chances are, your school or even your neighborhood supermarket has surveillance cameras. Yes! That small camera that you see mounted on the walls is nothing but a device that captures every face that goes in and out of that place.

Source: www.unsplash.com

These surveillance cameras are connected to recording devices that records and allows you to view the recording on your smartphone, computer or even a tablet.

Just imagine how easy catching your ice-cream thief would be, if you had a security camera installed in your kitchen!

Now that you have a fair bit of idea how CSI works, it’s time to let your kids play detective and have some serious fun.
Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Activities for Kids 1. Fingerprint Detectives
This fun CSI activity is a must for all kids who love pretending to be a spy and dig for detective activities. Like mentioned above, fingerprints are crucial CSI evidence.

That makes collecting fingerprints from the crime scene utmost important. Nearly all investigators start their investigation by collecting fingerprints from the crime scene and there is no way they would miss this important piece of evidence.

That said, your aspiring sleuth too should start with collecting fingerprints around the house. It’s a pretty easy activity that packs enough thrill to excite your kids and keep them constructively busy for hours. 

Here is what you will need:
Clear Packaging Tape (Cello Tape) Baby Powder Soft paint brush Blue or Black Paper
How to do it:

Step 1: Start your fingerprint investigation from the place that is most likely to have fingerprints. These are the places people are most likely to touch like a doorknob or refrigerator door.

Step 2: To extract fingerprints, gently dust baby powder over the doorknob with the soft paintbrush. Be careful not to rub the surface hard with the brush as this can dust off the fingerprints.

Step 3: Once you have dusted, stick clear packaging tape over the powdered areas. This will help in lifting the fingerprints off the surface onto the clear tape.

Step 4: Lastly, gently peel the tape from the surface from the sides and place it on the black/blue paper. 

The fingerprints on the tape will be visible when it is placed against a dark background. This is what the paper does in this case. It simply helps you see the fingerprints on the tape.

Pretty cool, right! Once your kids have transferred the fingerprints, they can compare it with fingerprints of the family members and try to figure out whose fingerprints they have got.
CSI Fun Fact #1
The study of fingerprints is called Dactyloscopy.
2. DNA Extraction
What could be more thrilling than extracting DNA like a real investigator? Turn your home science lab into a forensic lab with this exciting crime scene investigation activity. 

It is a great STEM activity for kids that can be easily done at home and will truly satisfy your budding detective.
3. Footprint Cast 
Much like fingerprints, footprints too reveal tonnes of information about the culprit and who was present at the crime scene. 

For instance, footprints can tell you about the height and weight of the person present at the crime scene. Shallow shoe tracks/prints indicate a lighter person and deeper tracks infer a heavier person.

Footprints can also tell the investigators about how fast or slow the culprit was moving. All this contributes to vital information for detectives and investigators. 

To collect your very own footprint evidence, you will need:
Shoe with good tread Soil Big Plastic Box Plaster of Paris Protective Gloves & Glasses Water Bowl and Spatula Paint Brush Magnifying Glass
How to Do it:

Step 1: Take soil and fill the plastic box neatly with it. Level it up but don’t pack the soil too tightly.  If you are doing this activity outdoors, simply go to soil the patch outside. Make sure the soil patch is soft. If not, water it lightly.

Step 2: Ask your child to wear the shoe with tread – a sport shoe works perfectly well as most of them have tread. 

Step 3: Have your child step onto the soil patch so as to make a footprint.

Step 4: Wear gloves and safety glasses and mix Plaster of Paris and water, according to the instructions mentioned on the back of the Plaster of Paris bag, in the plastic bowl using spatula.

Step 5: Pour the Plaster of Paris mix over the shoe print. Let the plaster dry for 60 minutes or so.

Step 6: Carefully remove the cast from the soil and place it in a dry spot. Let the cast dry overnight.

Step 7: Using a paintbrush to dust off the soil from the cast the next day.

Step 8: Let your child examine the cast using a magnifying glass. Can she make out the unique tread prints on the shoe? 

Let your kid try to imprint the wheels of her bike next time!
4. Forensic Anthropology
This is a super cool CSI activity-cum-anatomy activity for kids that will teach them how to estimate the height of a person with the foot length. It will really have them believing themselves to be forensic anthropologists. 

Forensic anthropologists are people who use human skeleton remains to solve crimes. They often use this technique to estimate the height of the deceased person by measuring the foot bone. 

What you will need:
Paper Pencil Measuring Tape 2 or more adults
How to do it:

Step 1: Make four columns on a sheet of paper corresponding to name, foot length, approximate height and actual height.

Step 2: Ask the participants to take off their footwear.

Step 3: Using a measuring tape, measure each participant’s left foot length and record it in the column against their name of the paper.

Step 4: Measure each participant’s height and record it in a tab of actual height on the observation sheet. 

Step 5: To estimate their approximate height, multiply their foot length with 7. 

Step 6: Compare their approximate height with their actual height. Make sure you are using the same units of measurement.

The Science Behind it:

There is cool biology at play here! An adult’s foot length is roughly 15% of their height! Or simply put, the height of a grown up person is nearly seven times his/her left foot length.

Forensic anthropologists examine the skeleton remains to dig a lot of information about the victim like gender, age and even ethnicity!
CSI Fun Fact #2 
Francis Glessner Lee is considered the “mother of forensic science.”
5. Fabric Analysis
Investigators many times collect fiber samples from the crime scene to match them with the suspect’s clothing. 

Different clothes are made of distinct fabrics that are woven in a particular fashion that allows investigators to trace them to their respective brands.  

This CSI activity for kids helps them get deeper into the science of CSI and look beyond the obvious. Fabric Analysis is a wonderful activity to sharpen observation skills and is pretty easy to do at home.

What you will need:
Various Cloth Swatches Microscope  Paper & Pencil Scissors Zip lock bags
How to do it:

Step 1: Let your child observe the cloth swatches under a microscope. Ask them to look for the weave pattern, thickness of the fiber and texture of the fiber. Record these observations on the paper.

Step 2: Label all the cloth swatches as sample 1, 2, 3 and so on.

Step 3: Using scissors, cut a small sample from the swatches and loosen its weave so as to extract fiber from the swatch. Place the fibers carefully in the zip lock bag and label them as Fiber A and likewise.

Do this for all the cloth swatches.

Step 4: On a separate sheet of paper, write the samples and corresponding fabric. This will serve as your fabric analysis key.

Step 5: Give your child the fiber samples and let her examine them under the microscope. Your little detectives have to match the fabric with its right cloth swatch, much like a real forensic detective would do. 
6. Handwriting Analysis
In this entertaining CSI activity, your kids will act as real detectives and compare Graffiti with handwriting samples to nail down the culprit.

This is definitely one of the most fun CSI activity-cum-party games for kids that can be played with the entire family.

What you will need:
Paper Pencil White Board 3-4 participants Blindfold
How to do it:

One of the participants acts as a detective and the remaining as suspects. Hiding among the suspects is the real culprit and it’s the detective’s job to find him out!

Step 1: Blindfold the detective and let the culprit draw graffiti on the white board.

Step 2: All the players, except the detective, are handed over a piece of paper and a pencil. They have to copy the graffiti on the paper and hand it to the detective.

Step 3: The detective’s task is to examine the handwriting samples and compare them with the graffiti to find out the real culprit. 
7. Teeth Can Tell
Pretend to be a forensic dentist with this enjoyable CSI activity for kids. The task at hand is to nail the culprit, who ate the chocolate, using bite impressions.

What you will need:
2 Styrofoam Plates Scissors Chocolate Pen Scissors 3 or more participants
How to Do it:

In this activity, one person plays the role of forensic dentist while other participants play suspects. All players, expect the forensic dentist, follow the below steps to make their dental impression. 
How to Make Dental Imprints:
Step 1: Stack the styrofoam plates on top of each other.

Step 2: Using scissors, cut the stack into equal quarters. Trim off the pointed edges.

Step 3: Place the wide side of stacked quarters into your mouth, as deep as possible and bite down the quarter firmly.

Step 4: Remove them from the mouth and label top and bottom impressions of your teeth. 

Step 5: Take dental impressions of at least 3 people and write their names of their dental impressions.

Once the dental impressions are ready, the forensic dentist leaves the room and one of the participants takes a bite of a thick chocolate bar. The thicker the bar, the better the tooth impressions will be.

The forensic dentist has to examine the teeth impressions on the chocolate and compare them with the dental impressions of the suspects to figure out who ate the chocolate.

Forensic dentists use similar ways to help the investigators solve the crime. Teeth are one of the hardest substances in the human body and are often well preserved.

Matching the dental records with teeth impressions help investigators identify unknown victims. 
Detective Games for Kids
Nothing can be more exciting than a game, wherein the whole family sits together to solve a mystery! Board games foster family bonding and provide a great opportunity to unwind with family. 

Besides, board games are a wonderful way to work on social skills and logical reasoning skills.
1. Cat Crimes
This is a wonderful detective game that is perfect for your spy kid! There are six suspect cards and the goal is to identify the culprit using a series of clues. 

What we really love is how the game gradually works on building deducing skills by offering varying levels of challenges starting from beginners to experts. 

Suitable for kids 8years and above, Cat Crimes is a single player fun detective game that your kiddo will love.
2. Outfoxed
Outfoxed is one of the few mystery games for kids, targeting at a younger audience – that is 5years and above. The goal of the game is to catch the naughty fox before it escapes with the prized pot-pie!

The game can be played with 2 to 4 players and has a reasonable game time to keep your budding sleuth interested.
3. Scotland Yard
This classic mystery game for kids is still around and promises to entertain not only kids but adults as well! This game offers a cat and mouse chase between the detectives and Mr. X that even Sherlock Holmes would have loved!

Exciting and addicting, this four-player game is certainly one of our favourite detective games for kids (and adults!).
4. Spy Alley
Spy Alley has won 12 awards, including MENSA select. Termed as ‘Best Mind Games’ by Mensa, Spy Alley will have you and your kids deceiving and bluffing each other to earn the title of the world’s top spy.

This game is suitable for kids 8 years and above and can be played with 2 to 6 players, making it a great family game.
5.  Clue Junior
Taking off from the classic mystery game “Clue”, only this time it has been adapted for a younger audience – kids 5years and above.

This kid friendly version of ‘whodunit’ game challenges players to find out who broke the toy and when!

Clue Junior is a great game for families with young kids and can be played between 2 to 6 players.

6. Scooby-Doo Clue
This is what you get when you add a haunted mansion, a crazy dog and its owner to the classic mystery game of clue! Children absolutely adore this fun, lighter version of clue.

Great for Scooby-Doo fans who are aspiring to be spies themselves! Suitable for kids, 8years and above.
7. Draw Into the Crime Game
This mystery game for kids challenges kids to draw the sketches of the perpetrator by asking a series of questions. Somewhat like Guess Who but with a generous dose of suspense and mystery added to it.

Suitable for kids, 6years and above, this game requires three or more players.
8. The Secret Door
The Secret Door promises to be a complete family game as it invites players to work with each other to solve the theft mystery. Suitable for kids, 5years and above, this game can be played with the entire family on a family game night.

Players race against time to catch the burglars and solve the mystery before the clock strikes midnight. Suitable for 2 to 8 players, this game is surely one of best in its category.
9. Deception – Murder in Hong Kong
This game beautifully emulates crime scene investigation for kids. With a murderer on the loose, players get to play detectives as well as forensic experts, bringing novelty and thrill to the game.

It makes for a fun party game as it can be played with upto 12 players. Age recommendation for the game is 14years and above.
10. Betrayal at House on the Hill
With 50 blood-curdling scenarios, this spooky mystery game for kids is perfect for those who seek suspense and excitement. 

Suitable for older kids – 12year and above, Betrayal at House on the Hill is certainly not for faint hearted. It is a chilling mystery game for those who seek ghostly, creepy mysteries.
11. Asmodee Mysterium
Another ghostly mystery game for kids 10 years and above, Asmodee Mysterium will have you work in teams to solve a murder mysteryin a haunted mansion.

This cooperative mystery game will have you intrigued and hanging-in in excitement! However, it may appear a bit tricky at first. 
12. Escape the Room – Secret of Dr. Gravely’s Retreat
If you and your kids like Escape Rooms, then this game will certainly delight you. It is like bringing “Escape Room” to your home!

The challenge is to uncover the dark secret of Dr. Gravely’s Retreat in time before you get locked in forever!

This 3 to 8 player game is suitable for kids,10years and above, making for a great house party game for kids!

While games have their way to keep you entertained, there is yet another way that can transport your kids(and you!) right into the heart of mysteries.

These mystery books for kids will encourage them to pay attention to the smallest details, analyse facts and think critically to arrive at a conclusion.
Detective Books for Kids
Since we are talking about mystery books for kids, it is only prudent to list them according to the age group.

You don’t want to put off your child by reading something that is way beyond their comprehension levels! Nor would you like to give them a mystery book that is too lame for their age. 
Mystery Books for Young Kids (4- 6 years) 1. The Deductive Detective
This is a very crafty book that packs a mystery with math! Yes! The protagonist of the book, Detective Duck, uses deductive thinking along with mathematics to catch the cake thief.

It’s cute puns and jokes make it a delight to read. Suitable for kids in the age group of 5 to 8 year, this is a perfect detective book for young kids.
2. Where’s the Big Bad Wolf?
Where’s the Big Bad Wolf? Is a perfect book to introduce little kids, 4years and above, to mystery and get them addicted to reading! Detective Doggedly has been entrusted with the task of finding the big bad wolf before…it eats up the three little pigs.

3. Geronimo Stilton
Join the mouse, Geronimo Stilton, as he embarks on solving one puzzling mystery after another. This detective book series for kids is light and funny at the same time.

Easy to understand language coupled with colourful illustrations make it an apt mystery read for kids 6 years and above.

4. Pigeon P.I
This detective picture book for kids reads like a crime noir comic and has a pigeon for a spy! Funny and clever, this book is a great read for young children and kindergarteners.

5. Dot & Jabber
Here comes another mystery series that features mice as detectives. The books are wonderful at introducing science to kids while catering to their appetite for mysteries. Suitable for kids, 4 years and above.

6. Betty’s Burgled Bakery
This early graphic novel is a great start to introducing mysteries to young kids. With animals as its characters, it surely captures a kid’s attention while teaching them alliterations, thus working on your child’s literacy skills. Highly recommended!

7. Baby Monkey, Private Eye
This is a gem of mystery books that will delight your kids as well as you. Baby Monkey has a serious job to do – solving mysteries!

Beautifully illustrated, this graphic novel reads like a chapter-cum-picture book. You simply cannot go wrong with Baby Monkey, Private eye. Suitable for kids, 4 years and above.

8. The Mystery of the Missing Cake
What could be worse than a birthday cake being stolen from the party? But worry not, Harold the fox is on the case to solve the mystery and find out the cake thief.

It is a funny story that teaches honesty and joys of sharing cake together! Recommended for kids 4 years and above.

9. Secret Agent Splat
In this book, Splat the Cat dons the detective cap to solve the mystery of missing objects! Coming from bestselling author and illustrator Rob Scotton, Secret Agent Splat is bound to get your children hooked!

10.Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?
This is a fun adaptation from the classic nursery song ‘Who took the cookie’. Transformed into a mystery book for kids, “Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?” has Mr Skunk solving the mystery of the missing cookie. Delightful read for kids 4 years and above.

11. 7 Ate 9
We absolutely adore this award-winning book for incorporating math puns in a children’s mystery book! It is a clever and charming book that will certainly capture the attention of your little ones as well as the older kids. Perfect for kids 4 years and above.

Mystery Books for Kids (6-12 years) 12. The Haunted Library Series
If your kid likes spooky stuff and enjoyed watching Casper The Friendly Ghost, we bet he will love this series as well! Claire, a young girl, has struck an unlikely friendship with a library ghost and together they are on a quest to solve ghostly mysteries.

It is a great series that introduces chapter books to kids with a brilliant balance between text and illustrations, keeping the interest of its reading alive!
13. The Clockwork Sparrow
The Clockwork Sparrow brings historical adventure and mystery together. Beautifully penned, the story revolves in the Edwardian period. It’s a must for every child who enjoys the adventure and detective genre.

14. The Mysterious Benedict Society 
Join two brave boys and two resourceful girls, as they set off on a secret mission that only the most intelligent and inventive children can complete.

This award winning series is extremely well written and is excellent read for pre-teens.

15. The Sherlock Sam Series
You cannot possibly miss the iconic Sherlock Holmes in the mystery genre. This series is a child friendly takeoff from the master detective that your kids will find hard to put down.

Set in Singapore, it entails the adventures of a 10-year-old boy – Samuel Tan Cher Lock (a.k.a. Sherlock Sam) and Watson – his robot sidekick. It earns brownie points for its Glossary that lists all the local Singapore words this book embodies.
16. Framed
This Edgar Award–winning series comprises of three thrilling mystery books for kids. Perfect for tweens, this series is set around Florian Bates – a middle school student who solves crimes for the FBI.

Your middle schooler will find this trilogy relatable and immensely hard to put down. 
17. The Yellow Yacht
The Yellow Yacht is a part of A to Z Mysteries series and is a gripping read for children up to 9years of age. This detective chapter book for kids is set on a lovely beach in India. All is going well till there is a robbery!

This book might just start your kids on the entire A to Z Mysteries series, which has enchanted millions of kids across the globe.
18. Ballpark Mysteries Series
This is an enjoyable mystery series for kids that seamlessly weaves sports with sleuthing. Kids love how the central characters – Mike and Kate, knock off one mystery after another at ballparks across the United States.

19. The London Eye Mystery
This is a fantastic read for every mystery buff. Intriguing and captivating, The London Eye Mystery is hell of a mystery book for kids.

Set in London, it takes its readers on a thrilling journey as Ted & Kat follow the clues to find their cousin Salim, who vanishes in thin air from London Eye.

“The London Eye Mystery” is followed by “The Guggenheim Mystery”, which is an equally riveting read. Recommended for kids 8 years and above.
20. The Mona Lisa Mystery
Join grade 3 of Hampstead High School on a school trip to Paris and get entangled in a plot to steal the Mona Lisa! Easy to read and gripping, The Mona Lisa Mystery is a humorous detective book for kids.

21. The Case of the Counterfeit Criminals
This is the third book in The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency. This history cum mystery cum science series reimagines two strong women historical figures – Ada Lovelace and Mary Shelly as friends and sets them on nail biting adventures. Perfect book for pre-teens!

22. Me, Frida, and the Secret of the Peacock Ring
This detective book for kids is a superb blend of history and art with secrecy. Set in the city of Mexico, “Me, Frida & the Secret of the Peacock Ring” weaves a delightful web of suspense and intrigue to keep its readers hypnotised.

23. The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan: An Enola Holmes Mystery
Meet Enola Holmes, sister of Sherlock Holmes, who is smart, intelligent and just as good as her brother when it comes to solving mysteries.

This is the fourth book in the Enola Holmes Mystery series, where Elona joins hands with Sherlock Holmes to solve the challenging case of the Peculiar Pink Fan. 
24. Winterhouse Mysteries
This trilogy captures the imagination of its readers and has just the right amount of suspense and adventure. Winterhouse is a captivating, clever series that is certain to enthrall kids 9 years and above.

25. Detective LaRue: Letters from the Investigation
Expect nothing but great mystery and madcap humour from this book. Ike LaRue – the dog sleuth is wrongly accused of stealing cat treats and scaring them and is put behind the bars.

But soon things go out of hand and the city is plagued with robberies that the city police cannot solve. Now, it is the dog detective LaRue that must come to the rescue.

Highly recommended!
26.The Missing Mitten Mystery
This is an entertaining read about a missing mitten! What could be worse than missing a mitten in winters? Kids will totally relate to the story and reminisce if they ever have lost their mittens. And perhaps learn to solve the mystery of their lost mittens.

27.The Secrets Of Zoom
Embark on a thrilling mystery, packed with fantasy and humour. A fabulous read, “The Secret of Zoom” is a story about a girl Christina and her mother’s mysterious accident.

Simply unputdownable, this is a must read for thrill, mystery seeking kids.
28.The Math Inspectors: The Case of the Claymore Diamond
This book does a stupendous job of blending math with mystery. Cleverly written, it will keep your kiddo guessing and engaged!

Join Stanley, Charlotte, Gertie and Felix in this trilogy as they solve one mystery after another and take your kids on a hell of an adventure.
Mystery Stories for Kids
Not all kids are into reading. But that should not keep your child away from satisfying her appetite for detective stories for kids! Keeping that in mind, we have listed some short detective stories for kids that will entertain your child’s inner sleuth. 
1. Defective Detectives
This is a short mystery story for kids from the house of Tinkle. This time the detective duo is pitched against an escaped convict, who is hiding in the supermarket. Will they be able to catch him on time or will the convict fool them and escape?
2. Big Max – World’s Greatest Detective
Think of Big Max as a kid-friendly version of Sherlock Holmes. In this short detective animated story for kids, none other but the King has asked the detective for help. The king’s prized elephant is missing and it’s all on Big Max to solve the mystery.
3. Where is the Bell?
Join Dorothy, Nini, Brain, and Angel as they solve the case of the missing school bell. Cute animations and relatable settings make this mystery story animation a hit with young kids.
4. Kid-E-Cats 
In this episode, Kid-E-Cats put on their detective hats to solve the mystery of Candy’s missing doll. Besides teaching some basic sleuthing skills, this detective story for kids will also teach your little ones to find their missing toys, without your help!
5. Hogi, The Detective
Meet “Hogi” – the best detective in Wonderville. Detective Hogi is cute and has keen observation skills that help him solve every mystery. This time, it’s a special race that has turned into a challenge and Hogi must come to the rescue.
6. Mr. Monkey – The Case of Missing Things
This is one mystery story for kids that every child will enjoy. Mr. Monkey is a crafty mechanic. But, one day his wrench goes missing! Now Mr. Monkey must don the role of a detective to solve the mystery of his missing wrench.
7. Dr. Panda – Detective Olette
This is a cute animated mystery story for kids. Something strange is going on in the Panda city and everyone is confused. It’s time for detective Olette to come for the rescue and solve the mystery.
8. Birbal The Detective
Birbal, the famous minister of Mughal emperor Akbar, must act as a detective this time to help a poor man reclaim his stolen savings. Known for his wit, Birbal is clever and intelligent but will he be able to outsmart the thief this time? 

If your children are above these short mystery stories for kids and are looking for some real thrill, we suggest you indulge them in mystery movies – the ones that are child friendly and spare the gory details of a ghastly crime. And yet, are thrilling enough for them to skip a heartbeat. 
Mystery Movies for Kids 1. Dora and The Lost City of Gold
This is a perfect mystery cum detective movie for the entire family. Dora is no longer a little girl but a teenager who is ready to solve a thrilling mystery. But this time, she must save her parents too!

2. The Goonies
This is a classic adventure comedy for families. This 1985 American thriller features a band of pre-teens, who accidentally discover an ancient Spanish map to a long lost fortune. 
3. Nancy Drew
This movie is based on the works of the popular series of mystery novels – Nancy Drew. This time the teenage detective is off to Los Angeles on a business trip with her father.

But what catches the eye of the teenage detective is the murder of a film star. It is light and a humorous mystery movie for family that everyone can enjoy with a bowl of popcorn.
4. Enola Holmes
Inspired by the novel with the same name by Nancy Springer, this mystery movie for kids brings the character of Enola Holmes to screen. 

The mother of Holme’s kids is missing and young Enola decides to solve the mystery without the help of her super-smart detective brother Sherlock Holmes.

Scintillating and action packed, this mystery movie for kids comes under PG-13 guidelines. 
5. Scoob!
“Scoob!” is an animated mystery comedy film for kids and packs a healthy dose of adventure. The Scooby gang is on the biggest, most challenging case ever – the plot is to unleash a dog ghost! And on the way, there is a secret legacy and epic destiny to be discovered.

6. Get A Clue
Another teenage detective movie, Get a Clue, follows the adventures of wealthy teenager, Lexy, and her ability to get scoops for the school’s gossip column.

But then, her English teacher goes missing and Lexy, along with her friends, is pushed into solving the mystery of the missing teacher. 
7. Detective Pikachu
For all the Pokémon fans, Detective Pikachu is a must watch! And also for those who are not head deep into Pokémon. This fun-loving mystery movie for kids is based on the exploits of Detective Pikachu and Tim Goodman.

8. Young Sherlock Holmes
This classic mystery movie is timeless and would appeal to kids today as well. This mystery film accounts the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his beloved companion, Dr. Watson, while they were young and still at school.

9. The Great Mouse Detective
For all the younger kids and Geronimo Stilton fans, The Great Mouse Detective is a mystery movie to watch. This 1986 computer animated Disney movie is an action packed adventure that your kids will surely love.

Based on the book “Basil of Baker Street” by Eve Titus, the story details the adventures of Sherlock Holmes inspired mouse Basil, uncovering the mystery of the missing toy maker.
10. Harriet The Spy
Inspired from the classic book ‘Harriet The Spy’, this mystery adventure brings Harriet to life. Interesting, kid-friendly plot makes this movie quite a mystery watch for kids, 8years and above.
11. Nancy Drew and The Hidden Staircase
The teen sleuth is back to solving mysteries and this time it is about a supposedly haunted mansion.

Packed with intrigue and thrill, this movie will keep your children second-guessing the sequence of events and will enlighten them about the real superpowers that are intelligence, curiosity, compassion and kindness.

Get on the Trail!
Now you have so much to encourage the little ones, help them build their detective kits and snoop around for any suspicious activities in your neighbourhood!

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