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Find the perfect gift basket idea for every occasion.

“Favorite Things” Gift Basket Idea

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There are so many creative gift basket ideas out there. There are so many advantages to giving gift baskets. One perk is that depending on your budget, you can put just a few things in or really fill it up and make a substantial, nice gift. Sometimes it’s more fun to shop for a bunch of little things instead of just one big thing. And don’t forget the major wow factor of a pretty gift basket. They just feel special!

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite gift basket ideas. I’ve grouped them by category to help you find the perfect gift basket for every occasion. To find out more about any specific idea, click on the links below the picture collages. But first, let’s talk about how to put together any gift basket, no matter the theme.

Every good gift basket has these three elements, not including the actual gift items:

  1. A Container
  2. Filler
  3. Embellishments

Gift Basket Container Ideas

Get creative with the container that holds your gift basket! There are lots of cute decorative organizing bins and baskets at stores like Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, Walmart, Amazon, and Target. But the most creative baskets use something unique to hold the gift. You’ll see all sorts of containers in the ideas below— coolers, tote bags, kitchen pans, and even a pair of slippers! I suggest choosing a theme, then trying to come up with something clever that coordinates.

Gift Basket Filler Ideas

Filler helps your gift basket look more full and brings the items closer to the rim of the container so they can be displayed in a nice way and seen by the recipient. Crumpled tissue paper and shredded colored paper are common basket fillers, but if you can use something like a baby blanket or towel that doubles as a gift, that’s even better!

Gift Basket Embellishments

Cellophane is the most common way to package up a gift basket. It comes in different sized rolls, so when you pick it out, be sure to measure the basket and buy a roll that will wrap all the way up and over the top. Don’t forget ribbon, coordinating tags or bows to add the finishing touch to your gift basket.

Now let’s get to all of the creative gift basket ideas! Remember, they’re grouped by category so watch for the titles below.

Gift Baskets for Men

I find it really hard to shop for the men in my life. The things they really want are too expensive or hard to pick out without them (table saw? dirt bike?) so I am left scratching my head. Here are a few gift baskets that might help. There’s something for the gamer, the snacker, the sports fan, the coffee lover, the lounger, the camper and one that’s just full of manly little gifts.

gift baskets for men

Gamer Gift Basket | Color Themed Gift Baskets | Sports Gift Basket | Coffee Lover Gift Basket | Men’s Slippers | Camping | Manly Gift Basket

Gift Baskets for Women

Have you heard of Favorite Things parties? That’s what I feel like these next gift baskets are… a collection of favorite things that will make the recipient smile. We’ve got the self-care basket, slippers basket, stay cozy basket (that blanket looks so soft!), a pedicure basket, a basket for someone who loves to cook (how clever to use a crockpot as the basket!) and one that is lemon-themed. Ah, I love a good theme.

gift baskets for women

Self Care Gift Basket | Slippers Gift | Stay Cozy | Kick Up Your Feet And Relax Gift Basket | Slow Cooker Gift | Sunshine Gift Basket

Baby Shower Gift Baskets

I adore these next ideas for baby gift baskets. Turn a regular basket into a hot air balloon and fill it with all the little things a baby needs. Or how cute is that suitcase? Another idea for a baby gift basket is to coordinate all the items by color like the teal items below. Or what if you make the basket out of diapers?! So clever! And last but not least, I love the laundry basket with the banner running across the top.

baby shower gift baskets

Hot Air Balloon Gift Basket | Suitcase Gift Basket | Color Themed Basket | Basket Made of Diapers | Laundry Gift Basket

Gift Baskets for Teachers

I’m a huge advocate for spoiling our teachers rotten. They do so much and are so underappreciated. In general I recommend gift cards… a teacher can only use so many apple mugs. Put a few cute office supplies and snacks into a basket with the gift card to take it up a notch. I also laughed out loud at the “Netflix and Grade” shirt because yep, #teacherlife. When in doubt, color coordinating a gift basket with a cheesy punny note is always a hit. Or fill a basket with colorful luxury items. My favorite idea of all is making a summer break basket with sunblock, a beach towel, flip flops, etc. because every teacher needs a good summer break! And then the last idea is a chips and salsa nacho basket with a punny tag. Too cute!

gift baskets for teachers

Favorites Gift Basket | Netflix Gift Basket | Red Gift Basket | Pamper Party Gift Basket | Summer Gift Basket | Nacho Gift Basket

Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas is the perfect time to put together a pretty gift basket. Try using a festive oven mitt as the base for a baking themed basket. Or put together a hot cocoa kit. The next idea is a basket full of everything you need to make a Christmas pancake breakfast. So clever! I love how the next idea used a coca cola crate as a basket. The popcorn bucket with a Christmas twist is a fun idea. Give me all the punny tags. They made homemade popcorn seasoning, but you could buy popcorn flavorings instead. And the last idea is for a Christmas-themed spa basket with homemade beauty products. 

christmas gift basket ideas

Oven Mitt Gift Basket | Hot Cocoa Gift Basket | Christmas Breakfast Basket | Coca Cola Basket | Christmas Popcorn Gift Basket | Holiday Spa Gift Basket

Bridal Shower Gift Baskets

I feel like bridal shower gifts and wedding gifts often cross over, so dfeinitely look in the next category for ideas too. Fill a basket with blue household items for a “something blue” gift basket. Or here’s another version of a pancake breakfast gift basket. The next idea is for a shower head, bath towels and bath products with a cheeky printable tag that says, “Save water. Shower together.” Fill a basket with bubbly or sparkling cider with labels on each for “firsts” the bride and groom will experience together. Or gather useful items they may need on their honeymoon. Or how cute to couple items that go together (like a candle and matches) for the perfect pair.

bridal shower gift basket ideas

Something Blue Gift Basket | Pancake Breakfast Gift Basket | Shower Gift Basket | Bubbly Occasion Basket | Honeymoon Gift Basket | Perfect Pairs Basket

Wedding Gift Baskets

I love the idea of giving a picnic basket and the sweet tag adds a lot. Make a “date in a box” basket for the newlyweds to keep the love alive. Fill a laundry basket with useful hosuehold items (this one is especially great for really young couples who haven’t got an established home yet). A kitchen themed gift basket filled with beautiful kitchenware is sure to be a hit. Heck, I want one! Or you could use a bundt pan as the basket. So clever! Fill a colander with all the fixings for a pasta dinner.

wedding gift basket ideas

Picnic Basket | Date Night Gift Basket | Cleaning Gift Basket | Baking Gift Basket | Bundt Pan Gift Basket | Pasta Night Gift Basket

Gift Baskets for Raffles

Making a gift basket for a raffle is a bit of a different animal than making a basket to give to a friend. You want the items to be universally appealling and a bit showy. An at-home movie night gift basket is a tried-and-true favorite. Or how about a lottery ticket basket? Or this cooler filled with camp chairs, outdoor play items and the ingredients for smores is really big and impressive. A gourmet cheese basket could be a huge hit if you know your audience. Or why not make a gift card bouquet in a basket? A giant stack of family games wrapped in cellophane and tied with a big bow looks really impressive and would be a fun prize to win.

gift baskets for raffles

Movie Night Gift Basket | Lotto Ticket Gift Basket | Cooler Gift Basket | Cheese Lovers Gift Basket | Gift Card Gift Basket | Game Night Gift Basket

Gift Baskets by Hobby

Here are some fun gift basket ideas based on certain hobbies. Golf, running, gardening, art, fishing and traveling are just a few ideas of creating a gift basket around a hobby.

gift baskets based on hobbies

Golf Gift Basket | Runner Gift Basket | Gardening Gift Basket | Art Gift Basket | Fishing Gift Basket | Road Trip Gift Basket

Unique Gift Baskets

I came across some fun ideas that could be used for multiple occasions. Put together a basket based on the place you live. Fill a basket with all yellow items for a “box of sunshine” basket to cheer someone up. Or make a seasonal basket based on the time of year. A housewarming gift basket is a great idea for new homeowners. Go cutesy or practical. I love the college survival kit gift basket for high school graduates. It’s filled with a bunch of useful things (gum, quarters, laundry detergent, etc.) that they’ll need when they move to the dorms. And the last idea is an ice cream sundae gift basket with cones, spoons, toppings, sprinkles and everything but the ice cream.

unique gift basket ideas

State Themed Gift Basket | Box of Sunshine Gift Basket | Fall Gift Basket | Housewarming Gift Basket | Housewarming Hardware Gift Basket | Graduation Gift Basket | Ice Cream Gift Basket

Did you find a gift basket idea that you’d like to try? I know I’ve definitely tucked a few ideas away for the future. Have you ever received a really memorable gift basket? Leave a comment sharing what it was. I’d love to know! And don’t forget to pin an image from this post so you can find these ideas later. Happy crafting!

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