Get Pumped For The Easiest Wine Opener Ever

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Nothing kills a good bottle of wine like a stubborn cork. Fight it too hard and you could end up with cork chunks in your chardonnay, or even worse, those tiny pieces you miss until theyre in your mouth. Break it in half in the neck of the bottle, and good luck getting to your delicious vino at all.

How about an amazing precision tool that guarantees you a clean, easy, cork-free open every time? The Wine Ziz Wine Air Pressure Pump Bottle Opener belongs in your home bar. Think of it as the anti-corkscrew.

Its simple physics. Simply insert the needle all the way through the cork, give the handle a few quick and firm pumps, and the air pressure generated inside the bottle forces the cork up through the neck and out. Thats it! No pulling, wrestling, yanking, or fighting those uncooperative corks thanks to this pump wine bottle opener.

Youre never more than a few pumps away from that satisfyingpop sound and a pour from your favorite bottle. Need to remove the cork so you can open the next bottle? Just pull back the handle and the cork presses against the clear plastic shield while the needle withdraws.

The Wine Ziz Wine Air Pressure Pump Bottle Opener is virtually universal. It comes with a durable blade foil cutter that exposes the cork without damaging the glass neck. The Wine Ziz fits any wine bottle of any size or type. And the pump generates its own pressure. No air cartridges, no gas, no fumes: just what little elbow grease the Wine Ziz needs to pop the cork.

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Just a few notes of safety. One, keep it away from kids under 12 (and everyone 21 years of age, for that matter). The needle is sharp enough to pierce a cork and should not be handled by little ones. Second, only use it on real corks: The Wine Ziz does not work with plastic or rubber corks (or twist tops but you can figure that one out, right?). And dont get too crazy with the pumping. You only need to generate enough pressure to push out the cork, so dont exceed 12 pumps or the bottle could break. Youre not filling a bike tire. But virtually every time, the cork will be long gone well before then.

The Wine Ziz is small only 3.2 ounces and easily stored on a home bar or in a drawer. Its also a fantastic gift for any wine lover in your life. Theyll appreciate the simplicity and ease with which it works so much that they may pour you an extra glass to thank you. For wine lovers everywhere, or for anyone looking for the best gifts for wine lovers, the Wine Wiz should go to the top of your wishlist.

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