Get Cozy and Stylish With the 18 Best Sweatpants for Men in 2021

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You used to have two options for sweatpants: the casual and the athletic, with nothing really in between and certainly nothing you could wear outside without feeling sloppy or judged.

But thanks to the rise of athleisure and the advent of the best joggers, sweatpants have transcended their humble roots to assume their rightful place as distinctly modern and versatile pieces of clothing. Far from being the uniform of couch potatoes, the best sweatpants for men are now a streetwear necessity.

Now, you can buy stylish and comfy sweatpants and joggers designed for every occasion: work, travel, sleep, play and more.

Whether you’re looking for cozy sweatpants to wear at home or technical sweats you can wear out in public, there are a ton of great options available.

We rounded up 18 of the best men’s sweatpants to get you through your day-to-day. And because the best sweatpants for men will depend on what you want to use them for, we’ve included pros and cons for each of our picks.

So, whether you’re pairing with the best t-shirt and a jean jacket or staying home with your most-loved hoodie, check out the best sweatpants to consider now below.


1. Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpant

These are the best men’s sweatpants on the market in 2021, full stop. Seriously, we love these sweatpants, which come in a range of great neutral colors. They have everything we look for in sweatpants, and they’re presentable enough for running errands or walking down to the corner store. Mack Weldon has a reputation for making comfortable, long-lasting men’s basics, and the brand’s famous sweatpants won’t disappoint you.

We love them so much, we named them the best sweatpants for the second year in a row in the SPY Man, our end-of-year awards.

Pros: These premium men’s sweatpants have a tailored fit, complete with back-ribbed ankle cuffs and are designed to be worn every day. Micro-sanded French terry cotton and a bit of stretch make these super comfortable. Plus, you can choose from over a dozen colors.

Cons: They are pretty pricey for sweatpants when you can pick up a pair of generic sweats for $12 at Walmart. They also have a drawstring waist, which looks less professional, making these sweats less versatile. They also don’t mention what material gives the pants their stretch, though it’s probably polyester, elastic or spandex.

Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpant

Buy: Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpant $78.00


2. vuori Ponto Slim Fit Jogger Pants

Pros: The Ponto Slim Fit Jogger Pants from vuori are casual and versatile, perfect for hanging around the house or going for a walk or run. Soft tech fabric ensures durability and performance comfort while the classic elastic drawstring waistband means they’ll fit no matter how much you had for breakfast.

Cons: These babies cost $84, which is nothing to sneeze at for sweatpants. Though given the rave reviews and promised comfort, they’re worth the pretty penny.

vuori Ponto Slim Fit Jogger Pants

Buy: vuori Ponto Slim Fit Jogger Pants $84.00


3. Under Armour Sportstyle Joggers

Pros: Whether the weather calls for tons of sun or freezing cold temps, a breathable fabric to keep you temperate is key if you’re working out outdoors. These highly-rated Sportstyle Joggers from Under Armour will do exactly that, no matter what the weatherman tells you. The fuller cut on the classic jogger style and sweat-wicking material mean complete comfort 24/7. There is even an internal phone pocket to ensure your phone stays on you during vigorous exercise.

Cons: After a few washes, these joggers tend to pill up a bit. If that doesn’t send you running, we suggest you either hand wash or run them in less robust wash cycle.

Under Armour Sportstyle Joggers

Buy: Under Armour Sportstyle Joggers $59.99


4. Champion Powerblend Sweats Retro Jogger Pants

Pros: When you think of classic sweatpants brands, Champion cannot (or should not!) be far from your mind. Champion’s designs have stood the test of time because they continue to promise casual comfort at a great value. These throwback sweats prove Champion’s classic design remains relevant in a world where athleisure is constantly evolving. Whether you’re wearing ‘em to chill or to dunk on your friends in basketball, you’ll never go out of style in Champion and, dare I say, you’ll feel like a champion.

Cons: These are all-around great sweatpants, but you’re not getting much more beyond that. No zip pockets, no spandex or elastics for added flexibility, truly no bells and whistles. That’s a pro for some people, but definitely a con for others looking for a more sophisticated, street-ready sweatpants.

Champion Powerblend Sweats Retro Jogger Pants

Buy: Champion Powerblend Sweats Retro Jogger Pants $20.00


5. Everlane Track Pants

Pros: If you’re looking for a pair of sweatpants with the longest return policy we’ve ever heard of, you’ve found them. Everlane’s Track Pants are 100% organic cotton and super comfortable. They really act as a go-to pair of sweats to rock outside of the house. You can also get these in eight different colors.

Cons: Because they’re made from 100% organic cotton and no mixed material, they generally aren’t the stretchiest sweats on the market. Additionally, the inside isn’t soft-lined and is made with a rougher material. It will keep you warm, nonetheless.

Everlane Track Pants

Buy: Everlane Track Pants $68.00


6. Southpole Basic Fleece Marled Jogger Pant

Pros: These are affordable, fleece sweatpant joggers for men from Amazon. They’ll keep you cozy and warm and won’t break the bank. Enough said.

Cons: Because they’re so cheap, we can’t promise they’re designed to the nines. Most customers do say that they’re built well and fit tremendously, but others say the exact opposite. We just suggest you read some of the reviews before you buy.

Southpole Basic Fleece Marled Jogger Pant

Buy: Southpole Basic Fleece Marled Jogger Pant $16.99


7. adidas Tiro 21 Track Pants

Pros: These sweatpants have that sharp, athletic look you want in your day-to-day pair of sweats. That’s no surprise, as adidas has been in the sweatpants game for decades, and the brand’s athletic styles of sweatpants remain as popular as ever. Like a lot of the best men’s sweatpants, these adidas 3-Stripes Pants keep that OG, handsome adidas look while elevating the style with a modern tapered ankle. Since they’re tapered in the legs, it gives the body a slim look that’s fitted and sporty but not too tight. In the cooler months, wear these sweats with long socks and your favorite non-slip sneakers. It goes without saying that these will feel a little different than your traditional sweatpants given the fact they’re track pants, but don’t worry, you’ll still be cozy all day long.

Cons: These sweats are track pants, so they don’t have the inner warmth the majority of modern sweats do, but they are still a great warming option.

adidas Tiro 21 Track Pants

Buy: adidas Tiro 21 Track Pants $33.98 (orig. $45.00) 24% OFF


8. Amazon Essentials Men’s Fleece Sweatpant

Pros: Amazon Essentials has done it again with yet another cozy piece of clothing we can wear in and out of the house. These comfortable fleece sweatpants are a must-have basic necessity for anybody who prioritizes comfort day in and day out. They are great for lounging on the couch and running errands. At just $21, you’re going to want to snag a couple of these.

Cons: Though these are probably among the best basic men’s sweatpants options out there, they’re not perfect for all occasions. You probably couldn’t get away with these in a professional setting, and anything made with fleece will pill over time.

Amazon Essentials Men's Fleece Sweatpant

Buy: Amazon Essentials Men's Fleece Sweatpant $19.90


9. UNIQLO HeatTech Pile-Lined Sweatpants

Pros: Finding a pair of sweats that look just as good with a button-down shirt as they do with a sloppy tee can be hard to come by, but UNIQLO HeatTech Pile-Lined Sweatpants pull it off effortlessly. Comfort plays a huge role in the design of these bad boys by offering a lightweight feel and all-around stretchy mobility. Offered in three cool, neutral colors, it’s pretty tempting to grab them all.

Cons: Although the bottom of the pants is tapered to give a slimming look, they aren’t necessarily tight. The taper design stays a little loose for movability, so if you want a snatched bottom, seek out a pair elsewhere.

UNIQLO HeatTech Pile-Lined Sweatpants

Buy: UNIQLO HeatTech Pile-Lined Sweatpants $39.90


10. Hanes EcoSmart Open Leg Fleece Pant

Pros: It’s getting chillier and chillier each day out there, so now’s the perfect time to invest in something fleece. Well, we should probably say “get” something fleece, because these fleece sweats from Hanes aren’t an investment in the slightest. For just $10, these sweats from Hanes will keep you warm, cozy and, dare we say, stylish all season long. They’re made from 100% cotton with a relaxed fit and drawstring closure for that effortlessly comfy kind of vibe. They aren’t the most in-style, but hey, they’ll keep you feeling temperate.

Cons: As mentioned, they aren’t the most stylish. You can definitely make ‘em work and wear these out and public, but if you try making an actual stylish outfit out of it, you’ll quickly discover that well, that’s not as possible as you might think.

Hanes EcoSmart Open Leg Fleece Pant

Buy: Hanes EcoSmart Open Leg Fleece Pant $9.00 (orig. $22.00) 59% OFF


11. Zella Pyrite Slim Fit Jogger Pants

Pros: Made with a trio of pockets and an up-to-date, modern look, the Zella Pyrite Slim Fit Jogger Pants have a five-star rating on Nordstrom for a reason. These true-to-size jogger pants are exceptionally cozy and moveable, yet sophisticated in their design, so you’ll stay looking dapper yet feeling comfortable on your day-to-day errands. They also come in grey, and we all know how popular grey sweats are for guys in 2021.

Cons: The sole person to rate these one star on Nordstrom say they are too short, so we think that potentially these are not well crafted for the long-legged.

Zella Pyrite Slim Fit Jogger Pants

Buy: Zella Pyrite Slim Fit Jogger Pants $59.00


12. SAXX Snooze Sleep Pant

Pros: While we are still unsure of whether or not to call these sweatpants, what we can say is that the SAXX Snooze Sleep Pants are the most comfortable pair of pants we’ve ever put on our bodies. They’re soft as can be and genuinely feel as if you have nothing on at all, making them the perfect at-home sweatpant. The amount of stretch you can get in these is insane, too.

Cons: While they might be tapered at the ankle making them pretty fashionable, we don’t recommend wearing these on the streets. They’re super pajama-y and don’t have the same weight your average pair of sweatpants have, so your frank and beans are often pretty obviously shown through the front.

SAXX Snooze Sleep Pant

Buy: SAXX Snooze Sleep Pant $65.00


13. The North Face Tekware Fleece Pant

Pros: Material, material, material. In a world where sweats are almost consistently made from a cotton/polyester blend, check out these cozy fleece joggers built to act and look a little bit differently from the rest of the sweats on this list. These babies have a relaxed fit to keep you comfortable at all times. The color makes the pants fashionable enough for ditching the gym and throwing the pants into your modern, day-to-day look. Each pair is made with 91% recycled fleece for a better Earth, too.

Cons: Fleece isn’t for everyone, let’s get that straight. These pants might make you sweat a bit more than your average pair and they aren’t necessarily the best at wicking moisture.

The North Face Tekware Fleece Pant

Buy: The North Face Tekware Fleece Pant $89.00


14. Outerknown Sur Sweatpants

Pros: Sweatpants for the beach? Sweatpants for the beach. Obviously when you head on vacation, you aren’t wearing a swimsuit the whole time. Sometimes, you need to throw on a pair of nice dress pants or shorts for dinner, and more often than not, a pair of sweatpants for chipper nights by the coast and early mornings on balcony. These are the sweatpants you need to do them in. They’re perfect for travel and are ideal for lounging around in on vacation.

Cons: Like a few more of the sweatpants we have listed here, these are a bit more on the expensive side. If you can’t dish out the extra coin, don’t even bother.

Outerknown Sur Sweatpants

Buy: Outerknown Sur Sweatpants $118.00


15. Lululemon City Sweat Jogger

Pros: Lululemon’s heathered, true navy City Sweat Joggers are the comfortable sweatpants you’ve been looking for to take on your city. These texture pants feel cozy against your skin and offer four-way stretch mobility, so they’re perfect for runs and sit-downs alike. Finished with a secure zippered pocket on the butt, carrying all your tiny belongings is easy.

Cons: We’ll be honest here, these are pretty pricy — but it’s Lululemon, so what did you expect? Standing tall at $118, you might have to put these on your credit card.

Lululemon City Sweat Jogger

Buy: Lululemon City Sweat Jogger $118.00


16. Public Rec All Day Every Day Jogger

Pros: A comfortable everyday jogger made for guys on the go? I’ll take 20. The very appropriately titled All Day Every Day Jogger is a tapered take on Public Rec’s best-selling pants, ensuring an ultramodern look for when you’re out on the streets. These joggers have “chill weekend” written all over them, taking you comfortably from the coffee shop to lunch to drinks in the evening.

Cons: Exercise isn’t the best while sporting the All Day Every Day Joggers. Walking around or hitting the bike to get from place to place is really the most these sweats can take. If you’re looking to pump some iron or hit the treadmill, try something else.

Public Rec All Day Every Day Jogger

Buy: Public Rec All Day Every Day Jogger $98.00


17. Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Joggers

Pros: No list of the best sweatpants would be complete without Nike. What can anyone say about Nike’s athletic wear? To start, Nike is one brand you can trust for proper athletic wear, and these Sportswear Tech Fleece Joggers will keep your body warm during training no matter how cold it is outside. These pants also have a gusset stitch in between the pant legs also keeps the wear and tear to a minimum so you’re not throwing these away with holes after a few months.

Cons: These are seemingly more fashion-focused than they are for training purposes, even though the title makes it seem otherwise. Yes, you can train in these, but they don’t seem to be sweat-wicking and might be a bit too hot to train in.

Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Joggers

Buy: Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Joggers $120.00


18. American Giant Classic Sweatpant

Pros: SPY loves to showcase products made in the United States when appropriate, and American Giant presented that opportunity with its Classic Sweatpant, which is made right in Middlesex, North Carolina. These men’s sweatpants have ribbed ankle cuffs and the always valuable back sweatpants pocket and use double-needle straddle stitching for long-term durability.

Cons: It costs money to manufacture in the United States, so these sweatpants are on the pricier side. They’re also made of 100% cotton, so though they’re comfortable, they won’t have the stretchiness of a mixed-material sweatpant.

American Giant Classic Sweatpant

Buy: American Giant Classic Sweatpant $90.00


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