Friday Favorites & My Mom’s Application

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(pants, long-sleeve, shoes ((still 20% off but almost out… I’m going to miss the 8s so so much)), socks)

The previous two days of training almost felt like I was back in ultra training with back-to-back double-digit runs. I’m pretty sure if I didn’t have friends to meet, I would have just gone back to bed and waited until I could get a babysitter to go out because I woke up so tired.

I carry a loaf of Great Harvest bread around with me at all times lately.

We played restaurant.

We are going through our house for spring cleaning, and I came across something from my single days. My mom made an application (as a joke… as far as I know;) for my dating. She would not mess around with who she was okay with me dating;).

Andrew told me he didn’t have to fill out the application, so I guess that means she instantly liked him, ha.
These two got to go skiing!
And I got in some one-on-one time with Brooke at the place that we spent a lot of time together when she was little.

Favorites time!

*These pants! I am positive I had the same pants in 8th grade, and I still love them just as much as I did then. I bought them true to size, and you get 20% off on your first Vuori purchase. These will be the best spring pants because they are lightweight, and life is better with a drawstring. They go perfectly with the cheap Amazon 2-pack (for $16).  PS here is a list of my other favorite t-shirts again–> The Outdoor Voices ones.  These ones from Madewell.  My favorite t-shirts to wear with biker shorts. And this Scooped neck from Old Navy ($12!)! Also, Andrew bought me these Birkenstocks for my birthday. I wear them all. of. the. time.

*This $13 phone case. I saw it on Courtney’s IG, and so I grabbed one. It’s unique and comes in a bunch of different colors and options.

*Two of our absolute favorite outdoor toys. This go-kart and this electric bike. Anytime friends come over; they want to be on these two things. We spend a lot of time outside together, so these items are very important to us. Both charge great and withstand A LOT of use.

*These little glass cups that come with straws. They are perfect for my current favorite vanilla core power and chai combo.

Looking forward to anything this weekend?

Have a drink you have been loving lately?

What shoes (outside of running) have you been wearing a lot lately?

Who has a long run this weekend… details please!

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