Fiture Workout Mirror Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Don’t have room for a full-size home gym? Space-saving solutions like the Mirror, Studio and now Fiture can get you similar (or better) results without sacrificing precious square feet.

Workout mirrors are exploding in popularity, offering a huge variety of classes at your fingertips. Behind those glossy screens, high-tech cameras monitor your form and provide real-time feedback, much like your own personal trainer. That’s something even your Peloton can’t do.

We recently tested Fiture’s full-size Core mirror in consideration for a detailed review. It’s the brand’s first interactive fitness mirror, complete with a stunning 43″ display and AI technology that guides you through the proper movements. A smaller version, Mini, is also available. We haven’t tested it yet but will update this Fiture mirror review if that changes.

What Is the Fiture Mirror?

fiture mirror review


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Fiture’s Core and Mini are interactive smart mirrors with high-tech form monitoring technology in a very compact footprint. They’re designed to be used alongside an interactive platform with hundreds of classes, from HIIT to dance cardio to yoga and more.

The full-size Core ($1,495) is a close competitor to the Mirror and Studio workout mirrors. You can save even more money and space with the compact Mini ($950), a studio-friendly antidote to cramped home gyms.

The company’s CEO, Maggie Lu, is a busy working mom who knows how hard it can be to stay fit when you’re raising kids and just dealing with life. The result? A connected fitness mirror that lets you customize workouts and exercise when it’s most convenient for you. Even if you only have a few minutes to spare, you can elevate your heart rate and blast calories while having fun.

As competition between the latest fitness mirrors heats up, Fiture’s strong points include a flexible membership and ultra-compact footprint. Both mirrors are just 1.6″ deep and can fit nicely into a living room or studio apartment. They’re among the most space-conscious smart workout mirrors available right now.

The company’s innovative AI technology, Motion Engine, is also noteworthy. Unlike Mirror, which uses a front-facing camera to provide live feedback, the motion-tracking camera scans your skeleton to count your reps and monitor your form. It’s a non-intrusive way to receive high-level guidance and feedback in the comfort and safety of your home.

Fiture’s platform is also more budget-conscious without feeling too sparse. Instead, you just pay for what you need. If that’s just the machine, basic resistance bands, a heart rate monitor and a monthly membership, you’re all set. You can enhance your workouts with extras like free weights, a yoga mat and blocks if you prefer. I used my Tempo Move weight set for this review.

Here’s a quick breakdown of everything you need to know about Fiture’s mirrors.

Beginner-Friendly Platform

fiture mirror review


Are you a total beginner? Or recovering from an injury? You can start slow with a beginner class or structured program. Classes can be quickly sorted by intensity and your current fitness level.

Whether you want to try something new, like a 10-minute dance cardio class, or fill your schedule with a strength-building program, there’s a great selection to comfortably guide you towards your goals. There’s no pressure to keep up with an instructor or hit a certain number of reps to stay competitive on the leaderboard.

Huge Variety of Classes

fiture workout mirror


Fiture has hundreds of pre-recorded workouts at your fingertips, available 24/7. As with most connected gym equipment for your home, like the Aviron rower with guided workouts, the accompanying platform can make or break your experience.

In contrast to Mirror’s platform, where live classes are added daily, all of Fiture’s content is pre-recorded. If this isn’t a dealbreaker, you’ll find plenty of workouts for your mood and energy levels. Whether it’s a heart-pumping HIIT session, stress-relieving yoga class or something else, there’s an option for everyone. Most instructors are high-quality and strike a good balance between being supportive and helpful.

After sampling the platform, I kept returning to the HIIT classes. The instructors are top notch and each workout was highly effective, even if I had just 10 minutes to spare.

If you’re trying to maximize time and benefits, HIIT is the way to go. Intervals are often between 20 and 40 seconds at an all-out effort. That’s usually 80 to 95% of your maximum heart rate. Feel like you don’t have time to exercise? HIIT workouts are highly effective because they can be done in just minutes using just your bodyweight.

Pairs with Most Heart Rate Monitors & Smartwatches

Unlike some competitors, Fiture workout mirrors come with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor. It pairs easily with the equipment and doesn’t require extra steps, like restarting the app. You can also supply your own heart rate monitor.

Prefer an Apple Watch? You can use it with either Fiture mirror. I paired my Apple Watch Series 7. However, the process required some extra steps, including restarting the app. Mine paired on the second try. It took about 10 minutes in total. After the initial setup, both devices connected seamlessly.

Both mirrors also work with most smartwatches to help you keep tabs on your fitness.

Versatile Setup for Any Room

You can leave your Fiture mirror on the floor or mount it to the wall. If you’re renting or don’t want your mirror in a permanent place, just lean it against the wall. For added security, you can mount it instead. This keeps others, especially curious kids, from accidentally knocking it over. Want a more permanent solution? A mounting hook is included to secure the mirror while minimizing damage to your walls.

Since I only had the Fiture briefly for testing, I placed it against the wall. It rested comfortably on my rubber gym flooring and didn’t scratch the paint or wobble during workouts.

Fun for the Whole Family

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Want to set a good example for your little ones? Or encourage a family-friendly activity to keep everyone healthy? Each Fiture membership supports up to seven profiles, so the whole fam can have fun and get fit together. You can easily manage household members in the app.

Only Requires a Yoga Mat’s Worth of Space to Use

fiture mirror review


As long as you can comfortably roll out your yoga mat and fully move your body to hit all your rep counts, you’ll have enough room for a workout. For best results, you should be able to see your entire reflection on the screen.

What Makes Fiture Unique?

Game-changing smart fitness equipment like Peloton and Mirror have the set the bar high for competitors. Like the Bowflex bike that streams Netflix and the interactive CLMBR strength machine, Fiture’s mirrors are unique in their own ways.

Here’s what helps Fiture workout mirrors stand out:

Get Instant Form Feedback & Rep Counts with AI Technology

fiture mirror review


Fiture’s motion-tracking technology is different from the usual forward-facing camera. Instead, your form is monitored by a camera that studies your skeletal points to judge your form. You’ll get real-time feedback, and only reps that are performed correctly are counted.

The tips pop up on the screen in small boxes with text that’s easy to read and images that mimic the proper form. An audible chime sounds when you successfully complete each movement. So even if you’re fixated on the floor trying to crank out those last few reps, you’ll have audio cues for guidance.

Overall, this was one of my favorite features. It was especially helpful when I tried a new exercise or when as form deteriorated. Reminders to straighten my arms or lift my knees higher were really handy as fatigue set in. However, the reminders also kept popping up when I stopped to take a break, which was frustrating.

Worried about privacy? Fiture’s one-way monitoring means your instructor can’t see your red face or messy hair.

Start a Workout or High-five Your Instructor with Hand Gestures

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The idea behind this technology is to help you rely less on your smartphone for a more seamless experience. You can simply raise your hand for a few seconds to start a new class or explore other options. Feeling good after crushing a workout? Keep the momentum going by high-fiving your instructor.

It might sound gimmicky at first, but this is actually a really useful feature. For one, it’s much more convenient than reaching for your phone to start or stop a workout. Having the option to high-five your instructor after you’ve crushed
a workout can also make the experience more fun and interactive.

However, you need to be positioned directly in front of the mirror and hold it up for several seconds for it to work. This feature didn’t work for me in floor-based positions.

Easily Create Custom Classes Just for You

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Just fire up the app to get a taste of what you can create. It takes a few minutes and some patience, but you can choose between different workout types, durations (5-15 minutes) and intensity levels. Movements vary from beginner-friendly thrusters and jumping jacks to more advanced ones like sumo squat jumps, alternating lunge jumps and more.

Pause or Cancel Monthly Memberships Any Time

Avoid being locked into a membership with Fiture’s flexible 12-month plan. You can cancel and restart any time. Vacations happen, as do injuries and other obstacles. Knowing you can cancel and resume later can be a huge relief. Not sure you’ll use your mirror regularly? With this plan, you can dip your toes in without the burden of a hefty financial commitment.

How Much Is a Fiture Mirror?

As of this writing, the full-size Core costs $1,495 and the smaller Mini is $950. The equipment and membership rates may change, and we’ll try to keep this section updated with the latest price.

Besides the mirror, you’ll also get a complimentary fitness kit with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, resistance bands, stainless steel water bottle and face masks. Extras like dumbbells and workout mats are sold separately.

Fiture’s initial membership rates are lower than most. You’ll get the first 12 months for $25 per month. After that, the rate increases to an industry standard of $39 per month.

What Are the Classes Like?

fiture workout mirror


Fiture workout mirror classes are awesome! There’s truly something for everyone. Even if you’re a total beginner or recovering from an injury, you’ll find a class that works. Fresh content is added regularly to keep your workouts interesting.

Want more structure? Check out the training programs. These multi-week fitness adventures range from building stamina with HIIT workouts to working on your balance with progressive barre classes. From 60-second plank challenges to time endurance ones, this is a fun way to push your limits, connect with other athletes and even jump up the leaderboard.

There’s a nice variety, especially for a newer platform. For example, if you’re shy about busting a move on the dance floor, a 10-minute dance cardio class can be a great way to get some basic moves under your belt. Want to unwind after a long work day? A relaxing meditation class can really help. To lose weight or improve your fitness, you’ll find tons of calorie-blasting workouts like HIIT, cardio sculpt, yoga, boxing and more.

Short on time? No problem. Most classes are under 30 minutes. Some are just 5 minutes. You can take them individually or stack them. These shorter “exercise snacks” can have lasting and profound health benefits, like making your heart pump more efficiently and building muscle mass, especially in older adults.

Like the CLMBR strength machine and Bowflex HIIT trainer, Fiture’s emphasis is on high-quality pre-recorded classes. We’re told it’s intentional, as Fiture prioritizes the ability to take the class of your choice at a time that works best for your schedule. If live classes do become available at a later date, we’ll update this review.

Enjoy a Hands-free Experience with Voice Commands (Coming Soon)

We increasingly voice commands to tackle everything from pet messes to quick weight changes between sets. Unsurprisingly, a growing number of connected fitness machines are adopting this technology as well.

Fiture mirrors will eventually respond to voice commands. As of this writing, voice control isn’t available. However, we’re told it should be soon. The product team wants to ensure the finished product recognizes all voices, dialects and accents to ensure a frictionless experience.

Which Fiture Mirror Is Right for Me?

fiture mirror review


Fiture originally launched the Core, followed by the Mini. If space is a significant concern, note the differences in size and weight. Here’s a closer look at the differences between the two:

Core ($1,495)

fiture mirror review



  • Comes in five colors
  • Fully immersive screen
  • Gesture controls
  • Access to elite instructors
  • Progress tracking
    Dimensions & Screen Size

  • 68″H x 23″W x 1.6″D
  • 43” Screen

  • 60 lbs.

    Mini ($950)

    fiture mini



  • Compact size fits anywhere
  • Most affordable option
  • Gesture controls
  • Access to elite instructors
  • Progress tracking
    Dimensions & Screen Size

  • 63″H x 20″W x 1.6″D
  • 32” Screen

  • 40 lbs.

    General Fiture FAQs

    Wondering whether a Fiture membership is really necessary? Or if you can set up your mirror by yourself? Check out our answers to a few common questions below.

    Is a Membership Required?

    Memberships aren’t required. However, they’re strongly recommended to get the most out of your mirror. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do much more than admire your own reflection.

    Is Fiture Easy to Set Up?

    It took me less than 30 minutes to unpack and install my Fiture. However, anchoring it to the wall might take more time. To complete the setup, you’ll need the latest version of the Fiture app. Keep your smartphone handy, as this is where most of the configuration takes place. A secure WiFi network with a strong signal is recommended for best results.

    Do I Need to Buy Anything Extra for My Mirror?

    As long as you have a smartphone and a membership, you’re good to go. Each Fiture comes with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, basic resistance bands and a water bottle. However, you’ll need your own weights. A cushioned workout mat is another great idea for floor-based movements.

    Can I Connect Bluetooth Speakers or Headphones?

    You can easily connect your favorite Bluetooth headphones or speakers. Disconnecting the device is even simpler. These steps can be done directly in the app.

    Are Fiture Mirrors Worth It?

    fiture mirror review


    If your budget is tight or you’re short on space, Fiture mirrors are compelling alternatives. Especially if you don’t want or need extras, like additional weights. The platform beginner-friendly platform features a flexible plan and lower-cost introductory rate that can take some of the sting out of your intial purchase.

    However, Fiture mirrors might be frustrating if you want a touchscreen display for a more interactive experience. This is intentional, as you don’t want to smudge those sleek, glossy screens with sweaty fingers. You’ll need a smartphone to control your workouts.

    If you’re motivated by live classes and prefer a platform with fresh content added daily, consider the Mirror or Tempo Studio instead. Fiture currently only offers pre-recorded classes. Otherwise, there are hundreds of quality pre-recorded workouts to get your sweat on. Fresh content is added regularly to keep you motivated.

    Another potential drawback is that Fiture doesn’t currently offer workouts on the go. You need to be in front of your mirror to do the workouts. If you travel frequently or share your workout space with other family members, this can be a challenge.

    Which Workout Mirror Is Best?

    mirror gym review


    Wondering if you should invest in a fitness mirror? There are several great options to consider. Since the Mirror was introduced in 2018, competitors generally haven’t reinvented the wheel. Instead, they bring something unique to the table.

    Like the Tempo Studio, which comes with several free weights and an option for personalized 1:1 coaching. Fiture has hiqh-quality instructors and a flexible platform that’s made for busy people.

    Factors like budget and fitness goals aside, the smaller details can make one workout mirror more appealing than another. We’ve compared Fiture to a few main competitors, the Tonal and original Mirror, to help you decide.

    Fiture vs. Tonal: Which Is Better?

    tonal workout mirror


    What Is Tonal?

    Tonal is a whole smart gym with digital resistance training. There’s much more emphasis on weight training compared to the competition. If you want to push yourself beyond the typical free weight exercises, go with Tonal. It offers over 200 lbs. of digital resistance. Flexible arms let you complete over 245 movements even in a small space.


    The price for Tonal is $3,990. That includes the Smart Accessory Bundle (an extra $495). The bundle contains smart handles, a smart bar, rope, bench, roller and exercise mat. You’ll also need to factor in the membership fee for $49 per month. A 12-month commitment is required, although you’ll get a 30-day home trial.

    Here’s Why You Might Prefer Tonal

  • Customized metrics goals just for you
  • Initial strength assessment with personalized adaptions
  • Custom-set weight resistance up to 200 lbs.
  • Adjustable arms for full-body movements
  • Or Not

  • Quite expensive
  • Takes up more space
  • Can be overkill if you don’t need heavier weights
  • Smart Accessories package is almost $500 extra
  • Fiture vs. the Lululemon Mirror: Which Should I Get?

    the mirror


    What Is Mirror?

    Lululemon’s Mirror quickly gained a loyal fanbase after it hit the market in 2018. If you’re worried about feeling bored or unmotivated during home workouts, the Mirror could be right for you. Featuring over 10,000 classes, with new live classes added daily, it’s an industry-leading investment for limitless fitness.


    You have several options. The most basic and affordable Mirror costs $1,495 while the fully-loaded Mirror Family will set you back $2,395. All but the base packages include accessories like a heart rate monitor, fitness bands, yoga block, mini foam roller and more.

    You’ll also pay a monthly membership fee of $39 per month. The Mirror requires a membership and with a 12-month commitment.

    Here’s why you might prefer Mirror

  • Industry-leading partnerships with renowned fitness brands
  • Access to over 10,000 workouts
  • Live workouts added daily to defeat boredom
  • Classes available for on-the-go lifestyles
  • Or Not

  • Inflexible membership requires a 12-month commitment
  • Base package doesn’t include any accessories