Fitness gear that’s worth the hype (and what’s overrated)

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Sharing my thoughts on what fitness gear is worth the hype, and worth the investment, and what I think is overrated and should be skipped. 

Helloooooo! How are ya? I hope you’re enjoying the week. Thank you so much to those of you who have entered the giveaway and answered my yearly survey – I appreciate your help so much.

We’re in the middle of the December sprint – so many events and fun parties – but I’m popping in to chat about fitness gear. I feel like so many people are getting a head start on things this year, especially with New Years’ goals and prep. Group fitness classes are already bumping, and my fellow trainer friends said they’re also getting booked quickly for January and February. (I have 3 coaching spots left for Jan. If you’re looking for 1:1 nutrition coaching or fitness programming, you can apply here.)

Since many of us are prepping home gyms, scoping out fitness gear, wellness goodies, and nutrition options, I thought I’d do a roundup of some of my top picks. There are a LOT of things to choose from and it can get overwhelming! Also, I’ve found that some hyped-up options have been disappointing in real life. I’m sharing my picks in the list below, and also sharing your submissions from Instagram. (Ones with a * are from Instagram responses.)

Worth the hype:


I’ve had my Peloton for about 4 years now, and love it just as much as I did when I first got it. The bike is high-quality and I always enjoy the classes. You can check out my full review here!

Oura ring

The Oura ring is the same thing; it still brings me as much joy as I did when I purchased it. My only gripe now is that the battery life seems to work for less time and I have to charge it more frequently, but it seems to happen with most electronics after a couple of years. My full review is here. 

Apple watch

The Apple watch is another thing I wear every day and love it. It does encourage me to move more throughout the day, even though sometimes I think it encourages overtraining. For example, my Oura ring will tell me I need a rest and my Apple Watch tells me to crush my next workout. I do think it’s very handy and worth the hype. Here is a post I wrote comparing the Apple watch and Fitbit alta. 

Band loops

Band loops are such an inexpensive way to add additional challenge to your workouts. They’re portable, they can be used for upper body, lower body (especially outer thighs and glutes), and core. Definitely an underrated fitness tool!

Sculpt Society

These classes are SO good and so fun. I feel like I always have a smile on my face, they’re tough without being totally draining, and I love the strength series, because the movements are barre-esque and really challenge my legs and core. My link gets you a free month on the app and my full review is here!


Organifi is 100% worth the hype. I drink at least one Organifi product The greens is my fave – especially because I hate cleaning the juicer but still want the benefits – but I also love the red, Gold, and Harmony. You can use this link and the code FITNESSISTA for 20% off. 

* Theragun

The Theragun feels like a dream (ok, a semi-painful dream) on sore muscles. I use a similar tool as a part of my recovery and I feel like it definitely helps on the days I feel more sore.

HigherDOSE sauna blanket

This is another things that I talk about all the time, but friends, it’s WORTH it. I invested in this little beauty a couple of years ago and have used it countless times since then. We don’t have the space for a full sauna, and this is the next best thing (and I think even better because it’s portable). You can check out my full review here. My code FITNESSISTA15 for 15% off! (they’re having a promo when this post goes live, too. Get a sauna blanket and you get the travel bag + a free serotonin bath soak. Spend over $350 and get a free copper body brush.)

* Peloton app (even if you don’t have a bike)

I loved that so many people said they enjoyed the Peloton app even though they don’t have a bike. It’s pretty cost-effective if you like the vibe of a group class without the studio membership. I feel like some of the strength classes are hit or miss, but they have such a huge variety of class types and instructors; after some experimentation, you’ll definitely find one that you like! I have a post here on a full workout plan using the Peloton app if you’re looking for inspiration!

* Stanley 40oz quencher

Ok, I don’t have a Stanley cup but so many friends on IG said it’s worth the hype. I might have to go for it and get one now 😉

* Concept2 rower

We do not own this, but a couple of friends on IG said they love this rower. This is the brand we have at our gym, and it’s not super expensive (for a rower) and excellent quality. I think rowing is such a great cardio workout, especially because you’re able to use muscles in your upper body and core in a different way. Definitely check it out for a home gym option!

* Tonal

I’ve never tried Tonal but SO many people said they love it! I think it’s amazing that you can get a cable workout at home and adjust the weights, plus they have some incredible instructors. Do you have a Tonal? Do we need one???

* Normatec recovery boots

These are a bit of a splurge, but an awesome recovery tool. (We don’t own these but it was another IG suggestion!) I would definitely recommend something like this for endurance athletes as a recovery option.

* multi-compartment supplement holder

LOVE these things and another super low-cost way to make life a bit easier. You can order the one I have here!

* Under desk treadmill

A couple of friends on IG said they love theirs and as I type this sitting at my desk, I admit that I definitely want one! What a great way to get in some extra steps and movement each day.

* Garmin vivomove

This friend says, “It does everything the Apple watch can do and is cuter”

Fitness clothes that feel good and fit well. The same goes for sneakers.

There’s nothing like a comfy, functional workout outfit and pair of shoes that fit well! Here is some of my all-time favorite fitness gear: these tanks, these leggings and these leggings, these shorts, these sneakers.


I think the TRX might be the #1 underrated piece of fitness equipment. You can work your entire body, it’s portable and lightweight, and you can easily modify or progress the moves depending in your fitness level. 10/10 a huge fan. (TRX workout sample is here!)

A pull-up bar

Our pull-up bar broke but I think we need to get a new one. I’m *always* working on my pull-ups (post-kids, I’ve had a rough time getting that strength back) and you can’t improve if you don’t practice. Ours previously hang over the laundry room, so I’d do a few pull-ups in between switching out loads of laundry.


This is in my top 5 supplements for a lot of reasons! I notice a huge difference in my performance and how I feel when I take a super small amount of creatine.

* PEMF Go Mat:

A few people agreed with me on IG that this truly is one of the best things ever. It mimics the vibrations of nature, and can be used for recovery, healing, reducing inflammation, and as a meditation tool. I use this for all of the reasons! It’s where I sit each morning to meditate (the infrared heat feels SO good on chilly winter mornings!) and will often put it on my desk chair, too. Check it out here and use FITNESSISTA15 for a discount.



You guys. I ordered this for a blog post review, because I’d seen a couple of people post about it that I love (!), and it was disgusting and borderline inedible. Everything was brown and greasy; it just looked like mass-produced greasy food and not the healthy meal prep I’d had in mind.

I feel like I could make chicken and veggies here at home to be way more fresh and delicious. I tried a couple of the meals – because I had to waste food – and after the sad, brown vegan mushroom masala gave me a stomachache, the rest went in the trash. After having Sakara, nothing else really compares. (And yes, Sakara is designed to be something totally different! BUT I picture healthy protein and veggie-dense meal prep, and this was… not it.)

Ab rocker

Just don’t need it. There are a thousand more functional ways to train your core!

Gliding discs.

These can work to target your core but you can also use paper plates for freeeeeee.

* Athletic greens

I agree with this suggestion. After trying Organifi, I feel like all other greens powders taste like biting into a tree.

* A gym membership

I have mixed feelings about this one. You can absolutely get an amazing workout at home, if you’re the type of person who is motivated to work out solo. Some people truly thrive in a group environment and need the connection and community to get a great workout. Which type of person are you?? I can definitely work out at home, and do a couple of days each week, but I love the gym atmosphere, classes, and group training environment. I feel like I always work harder when I’m not at home, but will definitely do it for convenience sake.

* – Peloton; sold it to enjoy the gym atmosphere

A few people said the Peloton was overrated and they’d rather work out at the gym. I totally get that perspective, even as a Peloton fan. You’ve gotta do what works for you!

So, tell me, friends: what do you think is the most overrated and underrated fitness gear?

Anything I missed adding to the list?



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