Every year brings different ideas about what moms want for Mother’s Day

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Desires range from decadent brunches to breakfast in bed, from beautiful homemade trinkets to special purchases from the store, from time spent together to time alone.

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Perhaps what matters most is that it is a great opportunity to celebrate the CEOs of the home who spend many tireless, thankless hours taking care of everyone else in the family. Of course, most of us wouldn’t have it any other way, but getting some love from our spouses and kids is pretty great, too.

If you’re not sure how to approach the holiday this year, here’s a sampling of what the Your Teen staff is dreaming of:


Since my girls are not living with us right now, I would like to see them for Mother’s Day. Maybe we can meet at a park and go for a hike and then a picnic all while social distancing. That’s all I want!


I would like to enjoy my favorite tacos and margaritas on the patio with my family and not have to participate in any kitchen cleanup for the day. Note: this does not mean all the dishes will be waiting for me on the day after Mother’s Day as in past years.


I definitely envision hiking during the day and sitting around the firepit in the evening with the family. It’s a bonus to have one extra kid home right now, too.


We were supposed to be away enjoying a reunion with friends for Mother’s Day weekend. Sadness! Since that’s not happening, I’ll accept good weather, a long bike ride, and general pampering (foot rubs happily accepted as gifts).


My kids are so over family time. The 8 weeks of togetherness has been too long and too intense. But for one more day, I ask for family time. Pick the activity, hopefully outdoors, and everyone join in the fun.


I want to be meal free! I do not want to have to think about, suggest, cook, buy, prepare, or clean up after ANY meal. I’d like to start the day with coffee that has been made (not by me!) and go from there.


I would like a delicious meal made by someone else and served to me without any responsibility whatsoever for shopping, preparing, or cleaning up after it, and then a family hike with the dogs and a rousing game of Outburst or euchre. But as none of my kids live in town right now, I will accept a Houseparty family cocktail hour and a sentimental text.


I want to sleep in until 10 a.m. and spend the afternoon on the deck with a good book and a glass of iced tea. For dinner, I would love my husband to make something on the grill, and then we can have popcorn and watch a movie of my choice.


I would have been enjoying Mother’s Day watching my son graduate from college, and I was eagerly looking forward to making the day all about him. With a virtual event instead, we’ll still spend the day acknowledging this milestone in his life. Because the best gift of all for every mother? Seeing our kids make their way in this world, no matter how wacky and unpredictable it is.

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