Downsizing – Moments in Life when You Need a Storage Unit

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There are many reasons you might decide downsizing is a great solution. Maybe your kids have moved out and you just don’t need the space. Maybe you’re moving into your dream neighborhood but are compromising square footage for location. Or, you may just want to reduce your day-to-day living expenses. Whatever the reason, downsizing is definitely a moment in life when a storage unit can be very useful.

Senior couple downsizing needs storage unit

A storage unit can serve several purposes when downsizing and although it’s only a temporary need, it’s one that can make your life easier. The storage consultants at Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks shared some of the reasons their downsizing guests have opted for additional storage.

Reduce Stress

Moving is stressful enough without needing to make big decisions about what to keep and what to give away when you’re downsizing. By moving what you initially think you’ll need into your new home and organizing the rest in an easily accessible way in a storage unit, you’ll reduce your anxiety about having to make permanent decisions immediately.

Have a Safety Net

It may seem like you’ll easily be able to live without that jumbo crock pot and you may not have ridden your bike in ages (but are now remembering how much you enjoyed it). When downsizing you’ll run into dozens, if not hundreds, of these situations. Who knows if you’ll need it, until you live without it? If you don’t want to chance having to spend the money to buy new items, store them for a while to make sure letting go is the right solution.

Save For the Future

Perhaps your downsizing is not permanent. If you’re selling your house and renting temporarily while looking for a new home, you’ll still want to save your items for the new house. The same might apply if you’re moving in with roommates for the time being. Selling or giving away all your possessions may be a costly mistake. Instead, rent a small storage unit and when you move back into a larger space, you can reunite with all your items.

Get Comfortable in Your New Home

Will your living room sofa work best in your new home, or maybe the love seat from your family room? Is your wall space limited and you want to “try out” the various pieces of wall art you have before letting anything go for good? It makes sense to want your smaller space to be as perfect as it can be, so allow yourself the time to get comfortable and know you’ve made decisions that you can live with.

Downsizing can be a great experience, freeing you from the responsibilities of caring for a larger home. Considering a short-term storage unit rental can make the experience even better. Remember when shopping for one to select a facility that rents month-to-month with no long-term lease. If you’re looking for something in the Conejo Valley, Hollywood Storage Center’s Newbury Park location not only offers month-to-month rentals, we offer your first month free. If you’re in our service area, you’ll also have free use of our box truck and driver to move your items into storage. We look forward to working with you.