Deal: Grab the innovative HumBird Speaker for just $26.95

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Audio, meet innovation. The next-gen HumBird Speaker uses bone-conduction technology to project your music from almost any surface.

Just by placing the HumBird on a hollow object, the surface becomes an omnidirectional speaker. By trying different objects, you can create unique and customized music experiences.

The world’s smallest and most versatile bone-conduction speaker.

Despite being the world’s smallest bone-conduction speaker, you can still get the party started. The HumBird Speaker can generate up to 115dB of noise, and placing two in close proximity automatically switches to Surround Sound 2.0.

Of course, bone-conduction works on bone too. The sleek and portable HumBird can come with you anywhere, and generate sound that only you can hear. As demonstrated in the video above, one example is to attach it to your bike helmet so you can enjoy your tunes while keeping your ears free for the road.

HumBird Bone-Conducting Speaker

The HumBird Speaker at a glance:

  • Experience music four to five times louder than your phone, reaching up to 115dB.
  • Create a Surround Sound 2.0 experience by using two interconnected HumBird Speakers.
  • Enjoy DIY customizable sound thanks to bone-conduction technology.
  • Take your music anywhere with an extremely compact design.
  • Listen to music for up to three continuous hours via Bluetooth 5.0.

We’re spotlighting the HumBird today because, for a limited time, you can save almost 40%. The speaker has a retail value of almost $45, but you can pick one up today for just $26.95.

A two-pack of the speakers offers even bigger savings at only $44.95. The speakers are available in three slick colors.

The deal only has days to run, so tap the widget below to check it out.

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HumBird Bone-Conducting Speaker
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