Curtiss Hades 1 Pure E-Bike Is Worlds First 'Completely Symmetrical Motorcycle

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Curtiss Motorcycle Co., formerly known as Confederate, further stripped down the pistol-inspired Hades and created what's billed as the "first completely symmetrical motorcycle."

The Hades 1 Pure's perfectly balanced design is possible thanks to Curtiss' "Centered Power Axis" which accommodates reduced girth and width. This allows for a dirt bike-like eight inches of clearance, a 27 degree rake angle, and a lower center of gravity, making it easy to mount and comfortable to ride. A long-wheelbase version boasts a 31 degree rake angle and six inches of ground clearance.

Its technical specs are nearly identical to the previous Hades and the skeletal Zeus e-bikes. Output from Curtiss' proprietary axial motor is rated at a whopping 217 horsepower, the chassis is made from a combination of hand-welded titanium, chromoly and aluminum, the wheels are carbon fiber, and its stops courtesy of four floating cast iron disc brakes by Beringer.

As Hi Consumption notes, the two-wheeled EV now wears a pair of side-plates that support a down-tube. Fortunately, Curtis kept bullet-inspired battery case (shown with red and aluminum finishes), which houses a massive 16.8 kWH power pack, and the suspension's extraordinarily long linkage, which is connected to what looks like a revolver cylinder.

There's a fully adjustable, double-wishbone fork with modular aluminum girders and six inches of travel in the front, and a fully adjustable swing arm in the rear. The lower suspension leg is also now available as a $3,000 carbon fiber upgrade, unless you order by February 20 to get it for free.

Priced at a sky-high $60,000, the Curtiss Hades 1 Pure is scheduled to enter production in the spring of 2020.