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Hello, everyone! I bought this Craftsman Air Pump today on FB Marketplace for $15. The previous owner used it for airing up bike tires. I got it home and started taking it apart to clean and lube everything so it runs smooth. It has great compression and runs smoothly as it is.

It is a Model Number 283.18260 with a 1/3 hp motor attached. The original color was plain aluminum with red cooling fins and the base is hammered silver.

The reason for this post is for information and maintenance help. I have it apart but don't really know where to begin on cleaning the motor and making sure it has good contacts. I have already cleaned the brass terminal nuts for the power cables, but the rest of the motor is foreign to me. I have included pictures below.

I am also having trouble getting the small pulley wheel attached to the compressor off. I took out the set screw and put some penetrating oil on the rod but to no avail. The rod is part of the piston mechanism and crank shaft. It is cast aluminum so I don't want to crack or break anything.

Thanks for any help!! I also haven't been able to pinpoint a catalogue for it but I will keep searching around. Attachment 979759Attachment 979760Attachment 979761Attachment 979762Attachment 979763Attachment 979764Attachment 979765Attachment 979766

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