Clemson13s New Garage AND Shop

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In the past, I had started to build out a garage and started a build thread.
That thread did not go so well, the house was a rental and I gave up on finishing out the garage build out. My motivation was killed, because I am a big believer in keeping both of my cars and dirt bike in the garage. Below are a few pictures of the old garage, the garage wasnt as full at first

With both cars in the shop, it got so crowded (in a 20x23) that I had to go shuffling items around to begin on any project. Part of this was due to the fact that i parked the cars so that I could open the drivers side door on both of them. Unfortunately, this made the mirrors of both cars be2" off the walls and shelves.

And the garage just kept filling up

To solve the problem, I started looking for a property to buy. It took me two years of searching for properties to find one that I wanted that I met my budget. I travel a good bit for work, and as we all know, properties like we want are hard to find. I wanted space that I could use to do little projects with zero setup and cleanup. Back in December I ended up closing on a house. :bounce::bounce: