Cities are not just rows of tenements, blocks of flats and street

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s. Sometimes all it takes is a small thing to bring life and color to particular neighborhoods. And some projects are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also very useful.
#1 A City That Cares about Greenery pinterest#2 Benches in Marseille with Hats to Protect From the Sun pinterest#3 Bicycle Stand with Saddle Cover imgur#4 Unusual Grid to Protect a Piece of Ground and a Tree pinterest#5 Even in the Crowded Streets of London There Is Space for a Small Park with Benches pinterest#6 Playground for Adults in Massachusetts pinterest#7 Original Pedestrian Crossing pinterest#8 São Paulo Subway Car. Brazilians Love Soccer pinterest#9 Funny Bike Rack in Portland pinterest#10 Tulip-Shaped Benches Whose Seating Stays Dry Even after Rain pinterest#11 Subway Car in Taipei Resembling a Swimming Pool pinterest#12 An Ingenious Bicycle Rack pinterest#13 Sidewalk in KıZıLtepe (Turkey), Which Resembles a Huge Carpet ridvanacar_photos/instagram#14 Exercise Bench lucystrongarms/reddit#15 In One London Street, House Numbers Are Cut Into the Hedge imgur#16 Autumn Version of a Pedestrian Crossing In Yekaterinburg pupsikandr/reddit#17 Haunting Letterbox in California willburn61/reddit#18 Crossing For Pedestrians Who Stare At Their Cell Phones (KY.) littlegenius666/reddit#19 Tulip Lamps in Moscow Stairs That Look like Piano Keys (Dallas). They Light up When You Step on Them imgur#21 Gardens by the Bay in Singapore unique_singapore/instagram
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