Cake’s first e-bike can go over 200 miles before needing a charge

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Image: Cake

Cake, the Swedish maker of deliciously designed electric motorbikes, finally has an e-bike with actual pedals, not pegs. The Cake Äik comes in two street-legal variants: In the US, it ships with a throttle and mid-drive 500W motor (with a 1000W peak) with a 20mph (32km/h) top speed, while in Europe it’s pedal-assist only and you’re stuck with a 250W motor (500W peak) capable of just 16mph (25km/h) max.

Like the Cake Ösa electric moped I reviewed last summer, Åik is positioned less for commuters, and more as a utility bike for people that rely upon two-wheeled transport for their livelihoods or rugged outdoor fun.

Image: Cake
Mount a fridge on the back and power it off one of your three 750kWh batteries.


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