By the time kids reach age five, they’re becoming independent thinkers and problem-solvers, they’re beginning to develop their own interests and opinions, and they long for physical activity and enrichment

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When choosing a gift for a five-year-old, look for toys, books, and activities that stretch their imagination, spark creativity, or support higher learning and personal development.

To help you find the perfect present, we compiled this list of 30 gifts for five-year-old boys and girls. So, whether you’re looking for Christmas gifts for kids or age-appropriate ideas to teach, entertain, and inspire, you’ll find a variety of great gifts they’ll truly treasure.
1. A Chef In The Making

They may not be ready to chop veggies or whip up a meal all on their own, but young kids absolutely love to help out in the kitchen. To make them feel included and foster a love of cooking, supply them with their very own kitchen tools and cooking accessories. By now, they’re able to follow simple directions and have the dexterity and coordination to help measure and mix ingredients, wash fruits and veggies, roll out the dough, and cut out cookies. Invite them to get involved with kid-sized and colorful cooking tools. Don’t forget their very own apron!
2. Classic Board Games
By the age of five, children are able to identify shapes and colors easily and are becoming skilled at counting and identifying letters. They’re also becoming more social, enjoying spending time with family members as well as other kids. With these milestones in mind, classic and simple games for kids are great gifts. In addition to keeping them entertained, board games teach valuable life lessons like sharing, taking turns, patience, and losing gracefully.
3. Building Bricks
By now, five-year-olds will already be familiar with basic building bricks and can advance to more elaborate building sets. These sets often include gears, moving parts, and new architectural elements in addition to the bricks they’re accustomed to. They may even include basic instructions for building a specific object. Once their build is complete, five-year-olds may play for hours with the new toy they constructed.
4. Sculpting Toys
Colorful clay, moldable dough, squishy foam, and sticky putty that can be squished, squeezed, shaped, molded, formed, and sculpted into infinite shapes and designs is great fun for young kids and a perfect simple and small gift. Sculptable and moldable toys allow for immersive, hands-on fun where creations are limited only by their imagination.
5. Puzzle Party

As kids grow older, patience and problem-solving skills are improving. By five years old, boys and girls are well-suited for simple jigsaw puzzles and large floor puzzles that feature familiar pictures that pique their interest. Pick puzzle gifts based on the child’s individual interests and age-appropriate imagery such as favorite cartoon characters, farm animals, dinosaurs, and unicorns.
6. Detective Kit
The inquisitive nature of five-year-old boys and girls means they love to ask questions, explore ideas, and experience new things at this age. A detective kit will help them learn how to analyze details, explore new territory, and solve mysteries. Their problem-solving skills will grow with their imagination.
7. Hula Hoops And Jump Ropes
Anyone that’s ever met a five-year-old knows they’ve got boundless energy and a need for physical activity. At this age, kids are adept at running, jumping, skipping, and tumbling, and they’re coordinated enough to do these things purposefully. Fun and easy energy-expending toys like hula hoops and jump ropes give kids an opportunity to show off their skills while participating in important physical activity.
8. Phonics Games
Reading and language are essential skills for any child, especially those entering school for the first time. Through phonics, kids learn to associate specific sounds with letters and letter combinations that are a foundation in learning to read and write. Age-appropriate computer software and handheld electronic games for kids that teach letters and sounds will give boys and girls a head start in becoming lifelong readers.
9. A Set Of Wheels

Both boys and girls will love the independence and excitement that comes with having their own set of wheels. A bicycle (with training wheels to start), a pedal car, roller skates, or a stand-up scooter will all help kids stay physically active while helping to build muscle strength, coordination, and balance. Make sure to choose bikes, skates, and scooters that are adjustable to fit the lucky recipient properly.
10. Safety Is Cool
Because safety isn’t exactly on their minds at age five, gifting kids with fashionable, functional, and fun safety gear will help keep them out of harm’s way while easing the worries of mom and dad. A cool bike helmet with a built-in mohawk or fun and funky knee and elbow pads will have kids clamoring to get geared up before heading out to play.
11. A Bounty Of Books
By age five, kids are on the verge of learning to read on their own while still adoring time spent with mom or dad reading a favorite book or bedtime story. Beginner books with large print words and colorful images or books that are personalized will always be enjoyed. And, books that address upcoming changes like moving to a new home, welcoming a new sibling, or starting school can help them understand their feelings and adjust to the changes.
12. Ready For School
Most kids will be entering kindergarten around age five and will love heading off to school with their very own personalized backpack or pencil case stocked with brand new school supplies. When school is out, a backpack can be used for traveling with family or sleeping over at a best friend’s house. A pencil case is great for storing art supplies for on-the-fly coloring and creative projects.
13. A Darling Dollhouse
Dollhouses are perfect gifts for girls, especially at an age where they frequently engage in pretend play and make-believe and are capable of imagining and acting out complex scenarios. And, since five-year-olds are finally old enough to safely handle all of the little parts and pieces that go into a dollhouse, they’ll also love getting furniture, doll clothes, and accessories to incorporate into their play.
14. Walkie Talkies

Support a five-year-old’s sense of fun and adventure with their very own set of walkie talkies. Entertaining electronic toys promote communication and language development at the very least. But, more often than that, they encourage kids to use their imagination and collaborate with friends or family during make-believe play. Walkie talkies can also be useful in helping kids feel comfortable alone in their own rooms, with a direct line of communication to mom or dad if they need it.
15. Piggy Banks
While it’s still a little early for them to learn about money management and bill paying, piggy banks create a unique opportunity to teach kids lifelong lessons about the value of money, earning rewards, setting goals, and saving to achieve them. At five years old, kids will be as excited to drop a penny in their bank as they will a whole dollar. And, they’ll especially love being able to spend their own savings on whatever they want from the store.
16. Tea Time
Five-year-old boys and girls are probably familiar with hosting imaginary tea parties. At this age, they can start learning how to make their own brews and steep teas for the perfect amount of time. Upgrade their imaginary play with a real set that they can grow into and have as a keepsake of their childhood in the coming years.
17. Toys With Character
By now, most kids have been introduced—either through TV, movies, or books—to a favorite character. Toys for kids that feature their favorite figure will always be a big hit on birthdays and gift-giving holidays. Anything from coloring books to stuffed animals or cozy bedding to clothes that highlight a beloved cartoon character, role model, superhero, or musician will be well-received.
18. Play Ball
At five years old, kids are at the perfect age to start playing sports. Besides having oodles of extra energy, they’ve developed bodily awareness, hand-eye coordination, and strength for the physical side of sports. They’re also beginning to learn mental and emotional skills like sharing, cooperation, and collaboration, making both individual and team sports fun and rewarding. A soccer ball, t-ball set, football, or basketball will all make young kids happy and are perfect for people looking for affordable $20 gifts.
19. Crafting Kits

If you’re looking for a fun gift that any five-year-old boy or girl will love, give the gift of crafting. Kits that contain everything a creative kid will need to build their own birdhouse, kits for jewelry and candy-making, face painting sets, doll-making, tie-dye, and more can keep a child entertained for hours. They’ll be proud to show off their creations and will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment with the completion of each project.
20. Dinner Time Fun
One of the most noticeable differences between boys and girls as they reach age five is a major increase in their independence. While kindergarten-aged kids still rely on adults for most things, they’re eager to try things on their own and love having their very own personal belongings. For example, by now, they’re able to hold their own utensils and drink from a regular cup, though they may not be quite ready for fine china and glassware just yet. Gifting kids a fun set of durable dinnerware like a personalized plate and cup will encourage independence while keeping mealtimes safe and fun.
21. Fun Forts
Whether it’s a simple teepee, a pop-up tent, an elaborate playhouse, or just a stack of pillows with a sheet draped over the top, a five-year-old boy or girl will absolutely adore having his or her own special place to play or hide at home. Forts and playhouses encourage imagination and make-believe during play and provide a space for occasional alone time when needed.
22. Have Fun Outside
When the sky is blue and the weather is warm, it’s the perfect time for kids to head outdoors for physical activity, to expel pent up energy, and to have some good old fashioned fun in the sun! Exciting toys, like water slides and sprinkler toys, outdoor sports, swing sets, and yard games make great gifts for boys and girls that mom and dad will appreciate, too. Besides having fun and wearing off energy, there are many benefits to outdoor play. Fresh air, sunshine, socialization, and just being in nature are all healthy reasons to head outside.
23. Get Dressed Up
Make-believe, role-playing, and pretend are all healthy activities for growing boys and girls. By age five, kids are developing their own interests, thinking about what they want to be when they grow up, and are eager to perform for an audience. As such, they’ll love having a trunk full of dress-up clothes, costumes, and accessories, for playing pretend. Include characters, capes, and masks for hours of fun.
24. My First Camera

Even very young kids today are no strangers to technology—many are already quite skilled at playing games and operating electronics. So, it’s the perfect time to give them their very first camera. An easily operated point-and-shoot digital camera will allow kids to take selfies and snapshots of the world around them without wasting endless rolls of film. An instant camera will let them immediately print and see their snapshots.
25. The Gift Of Learning
Sometimes the most meaningful gifts can’t be wrapped. Five-year-old kids are like little sponges, soaking up knowledge everywhere they go. They’re also developing distinct personalities and interests, so now is a great time to help them explore and learn new things. They’ll love taking music or swimming lessons, taking a kids’ art class, enrolling in a junior sports program, or starting a beginner gymnastics class. Find out what they’re interested in and help them explore it.
26. Enchanted Garden
With a little creativity, a huge imagination, and a love for all things magical, kids will love growing their very own enchanted fairy garden. Whether they assemble a kit that includes everything they’ll need or they start with seeds and grow their own tiny garden, both boys and girls will learn about simple gardening and caring for nature. Plus, they’ll get to use their incredible imaginations, dreaming of fairies and butterflies dancing around in a magical little land they designed and grew by themselves.
27. Puppet Theater
When kids play pretend and perform for family and friends, they’re building confidence and learning better communication through both their words and their actions. A puppet theater can provide hours of entertainment—for kids and their audience—and allow kids to be creative. At age five, they’re able to make up stories, create unique roles, and act out scenes. They’ll love having a puppet theater curtain to hide behind and a variety of puppets to perform with. Crafty kids will enjoy creating their own puppet characters, too.
28. S.T.E.M. Fun

You’ve heard a lot about the importance of S.T.E.M.-based toys and curriculum for kids, but what exactly does that mean? S.T.E.M. toys tap into a child’s natural curiosity while introducing them to four specific disciplines—science, technology, engineering, and math—through play. Most importantly, STEM toys help kids to understand concepts and principles that they’ll encounter throughout their lives and into adulthood. Age-appropriate STEM toys for five-year-old kids can include science kits, computer games, and kid-friendly electronics, building toys, and counting games.
29. Make Music
By age five, most kids have been introduced to some type of instrument (or have created their own drum set with pots and pans from the kitchen cabinets). While childrens’ coordination, attention spans, and communication skills are still developing, studies have shown that introducing them to music and instruments at this age can have lifelong developmental benefits. While they may not yet be ready for music theory, tapping into their unbridled curiosity and creativity through instruments like an electronic keyboard, ukulele, or drum kit will be just plain fun!
30. A New Gift Each Month
Instead of giving your favorite kiddo a single gift, surprise them with something new every month! A fun subscription service that sends a new toy, game, or book every month will keep kids looking forward to delivery day while learning about patience and the passage of time. There are hundreds of kid-centric subscription services available, so find one that taps into their unique interests.
Final Tips on Gifts for Five-Year-Old Boys and Girls
When shopping for five-year-old kids, look for toys and gifts that support physical, emotional, and educational growth through creativity and exploration. Find toys and games that keep their imaginations or energetic bodies engaged and entertained as they create their own space. And, find fun, new ways to support their unique interests and ideas.

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