Best caravan cleaners for removing black streaks, algae and grime

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Best caravan cleaner

It’s no surprise our caravans lose their shine over time after all the muddy tracks, branch brushes and field trips we put them through. Of course storing your caravan for a long period of time can also lead to grime build-up. Luckily there are lots of specialised caravan cleaners around to help you remove algae, black streaks and diesel fumes so you can keep your caravan in dazzling clean condition without damaging the paintwork.

A quick and easy solution, most caravan cleaners come in the form of a concentrated liquid and just need diluting in a bucket of water, so similar to how you’d wash a car. You can also find sprays and blocks which are handy for quick fixes and taking on your travels.

To help you find the best cleaning solution for your caravan, we’ve rounded up the best caravan cleaners around. So whether you’re after a multi-purpose formula that works for boats too, or a plant-based solution, we’ve got you covered. Browse our list below – you’ll be envy of the campsite.

Discover how to make your own cleaning solution with our natural all-purpose cleaner recipe.

Best caravan cleaners for 2022

Dirtbusters Wash and Wax Caravan Cleaner

You may have spotted Dirtbusters’ cleaning products on the shelves as the brand offers cleaning solutions for a wide variety of items including wetsuits, bikes, ovens and cars. Its caravan cleaning solution contains carnauba wax and aims to remove those pesky black streaks. As an added bonus, the carnauba wax forms a water beading treatment, helping to protect the paintwork post application.

You only need to add two capfuls of the solution to warm water, so the five litre bottle should keep you going for a while.

Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner

If your caravan suffers from algae build up – it can be particularly bad on roofs – this caravan cleaner from Fenwicks is one to consider. A popular choice amongst caravanners and you can use this solution on the windows too so it’s an easy all-rounder. Safe to use on plastics, acrylic, fiberglass and aluminium, you should find plenty of use for it. The concentrated formula comes in a one litre bottle so it’s a fairly compact size.

Vistal Concentrated Multi Purpose Cleaner

For an eco-friendly caravan cleaner, give this multi-purpose cleaner a try. The Vistal concentrated multi purpose cleaner is a hard block rather than a liquid formula so it’s easy to take on the go – just chuck it in your glove compartment. You don’t need to make up a big soapy bucket either, just wipe the damp sponge (comes with the product) across the block a few times, squeeze to remove the foam, and crack on. Just wipe the formula away with a damp cloth at the end, so it’s a top choice if you want to get rid of an odd black streak or rust stain rather than committing to a full-on wash.

The versatility is a real bonus – use it around the house on your tiles, sinks and ceramic hobs. It’s also made with all natural ingredients so it’s free of bleach, toxins and chemicals.

For more eco-friendly products:

Sleek Caravan Cleaner

This biodegradable foaming wash aims to get rid of overwintering grime so it could work well if you leave your caravan parked up in the colder months. It also aims to tackle road traffic film, green algae and diesel fumes – all the inevitable marks you bring home after a week of exploring with the family. The highly concentrated formula from cleaning company Sleek is plant-based, using natural ingredients to break down dirt, so it’s an ideal choice if you’re after an environmentally-friendly caravan cleaner.

Go for the eco pouches over the bottles and save on plastic.

Buy the Sleek Caravan Cleaner now from Sleek (RRP from £8.99)

Rhino Goo Caravan Cleaner

Well this caravan cleaner certainly takes the top spot for most creative name. Promising to remove algae and mould, Rhino Goo comes in a large five litre bottle so it’s a handy one to store in your shed or garage. The formula is designed to work against black streaks and on window seals too.

Make up a large five litre bucket and spend a sunny afternoon cleaning your caravan before a big trip. For a more thorough clean you could chuck it in the pressure washer.

Pro-Kleen Caravan Cleaner

Another suitable choice for a deep clean, Pro-Kleen caravan cleaner promises a sparkly clean finish. Just pop two capfuls in warm water and apply with a brush or sponge. It’s a two litre bottle, so not too bulky, and decent value too.

A solid choice if your caravan needs a quick spruce up after being in storage over the winter months.

Muc-Off Caravan Cleaner

This convenient caravan cleaner is from popular cleaning brand Muc-Off – a company perhaps more commonly known for their bike cleaning products. The biodegradable cleaner comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle, so it’s a hassle-free option. At just one litre you can take it with you on your travels and keep your caravan looking its best when you’re on a long road trip.

Fragile Earth Caravan Cleaner

Fragile Earth design non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Its caravan cleaner is sewer-safe and can be used on PVC, coated aluminium and steel surfaces. The formula is designed to leave a protective dirt-repelling biofilm post wash so you can enjoy a sparkly caravan for longer.

You can use a bucket and sponge, or the pressure washer if you’ve got one, and there’s even a handy measuring cup on top of the bottle so you can save on waste.

Buy the Fragile Earth Caravan Cleaner now from Fragile Earth (RRP £13.25)

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