Are E-scooters The Next Big Disruptions in The Automotive Market?

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Electric scooters, also known as E scooters, are these two-wheeled beauties with steering, a platform to stand on, lights, battery, brakes, stem, and a small electric motor.

The motor is becoming increasingly popular, especially since coronavirus has forced many people to consider private transport.

E scooters are just like any other scooter that you will find, except that a rechargeable battery powers these scooters. They have suddenly appeared in many US cities and are now forcing pedestrians and motorists alike to acknowledge their presence. They are turning the traffic industry upside down and giving the cabs a run for their money.

Here are some pointers to further understand why the E scooters have quickly gained influence and are disrupting the automotive market.

Fuel prices

Fuel prices have been increasing steadily for some time, and everyone is opting for a cheaper and more efficient mode of transport. The cost of fuel skyrocketed globally, affecting thousands of people. The average price of gasoline around the world is 1.17 dollars per liter.

As fuel prices rise, electric scooters have quickly become more popular and rampant.

The scooter motor is more efficient, and it offers the same mileage as a petrol scooter at 15% of the cost of one liter of fuel.

Moreover, the scooters are pretty cheap compared to the public transport facility, and even the relatively poor people can buy them.


Each mode of transport has its own risks. When travelling at a higher speed than walking, the risk of being involved in an accident increases. E scooters are relatively safer compared to other modes of transports, such as roller skating, cycling, or using hoverboards.


Big cities and towns experience a significant percentage of air pollution, especially during commuting hours. E scooters help in improving the air quality around.

Cities such as India have already adopted the use of motor more than cars and have seen air pollution reduction.

Several problems can be caused by air pollution, the worst of them being diseases. There are several diseases related to corrosion, such as cardiovascular and pulmonary issues.

Therefore, many people, especially environmentalists, campaign for these e scooters to reduce air pollution and live disease-free lives.


The need for fuel-efficient cars, coupled with growing concerns over greenhouse and carbon emissions, has seen the rise of sales in e-scooters. In 2019, the electric scooter sales were near 44.39, and it skyrocketed to 50 in 2020.

This growth that shows in the numbers tells us the continually growing demand for motor scooters. A report shows that global sales of electric scooters are expected to reach 129 million units by 2028.

Here’s a buying guide on e-scooters in 2021 that would help you make some wise decisions for the environment and yourself.

Greenhouse gas emission savings

Although the gas emissions from the use of these electric scooters are not zero, they are still far much better than the use of cars and other motor vehicles. The electricity produced from this scooter is due to the help of fossil fuels which burn up quickly, thus creating consumable Energy fit for use.

Moped, another name for scooters, are savers of greenhouse emissions compared to more emitters, cars. They are therefore a good tool used to slow down global warming.

Moped are becoming a disruption because of their ability to help their riders save money and the environment.

Can save you Energy

Humans are naturally lazy creatures and do not like getting tired. For a person who owns a bike and is tired of burning Energy, electric scooters could be a better choice.

A moped does not need physical Energy. You can go to work using a scooter and get there as fresh as you left home compared to a person who uses a bicycle. It also is suitable for people who have different health issues and prevents exhaustion.

Easy to Use

Most electric gadgets prove somewhat tricky to use and sometimes can be a headache. Electric scooters are not tricky compared to riding a bike. A large number of people can learn how to use the e scooters in a short period.

The Moped has brought about ease and can be used by anyone old enough to know how to use it. As the older generation also benefits from the electric scooter, teenagers opt for Moped other than bicycles which are more work.

Low maintenance cost

Anyone who owns an automotive can testify that it is expensive and time-consuming to maintain. Maintenance costs of electric scooters are pretty low in contrast with other auto motives.

Electric scooters have an easy mechanism behind them. They are pretty simple, and their mechanical efforts and costs come at a lower price than any other automotive.

People with low income benefit the most from these low-maintenance cost cars.

Balance and movement

These days, many people lead sedentary lifestyles, which expose them to multiple lifestyle diseases.  Many individuals work in offices where they get seated most of the time and go back to their homes by driving or boarding a train. If you throw in the modern communication technologies, allowing us to socialize without going anywhere, the situation becomes more complex. As movement has become unnecessary, people are struggling to find time to exercise. Electric scooters can enable you to exercise a bit and move when you’ve short journeys.

Easy to fix

The mechanics and technology behind E scooters is relatively simple. So, you can easily fix most issues with the machine. Furthermore, the cost of repair is relatively low compared to car or motorbikes.

Partying shot

Every day there is a new type of car or bike that is being unveiled. The newer models being unveiled are fuel guzzlers and too complicated for the average man to understand.

On the other hand, E scooters are machines brought to make work easier and fit the average man’s financial reach.

If you are looking for something comfortable, has class, and is efficient and cost-friendly, electric scooters are on your mind. Now that you are more informed, you can gauge between cars, bikes, and scooters.


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