Among the myriads of photos online, some left without explanation look pretty casual

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However, if you give them a moment, you might see something more. Just a few examples!
#1 This trash can is not floating in the air
harshBanjare / reddit#2 Don’t you think it looks as if some people were taking a bath in yellow water?
lastname1 / reddit#3 There is just one guy sitting on the bike
ImagurBro / imgur#4 The front bumper left at the crash site looks like a ghost car that is slowly vanishing in the air
Mystichunterz / reddit#5 There is something wrong with these bananas… Though they look like sushi, they are merely painting rollers
SeeYouAgainIReply / reddit#7 A caterpillar eating a leave or the Amazon river?
Zetbor/ reddit#8 I would never say that lemurs could resemble dinosaurs
ToporArt reddit#9 The big brother always watches
kalup_pollo / reddit#10 Tree mushrooms looking like slices of ham
ZouJx / reddit#11 A dog in the clouds or the clouds in the lake?
lurker1701 / imgur#12 The hungrier you are, the more pancakes you will see
Grilledwaffles / reddit#13 The most terrifying dog ever. And its cone
GodsJ / reddit
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