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Welcome to Travel Week, a seven-day stretch where we celebrate our wanderlust with the best buys on everything from stylish packing cubes to keep you organized to once-in-a-lifetime vacations. Whether you’re planning a local staycation or traveling across the world, adventure awaits. Away we go!

Whether we’re traveling via plane, train, or automobile, our end goal is pretty straightforward: Get from point A to B safely (and on time), ideally in a somewhat comfortable manner. While the first part of our wish is not entirely in our control, the second half is — through picking the right clothing to travel in.

The perfect travel outfit has to tick multiple boxes. First, it has to be loose-fitting without being overly cumbersome to move around in (or have compression to help you feel nice and secure). The material needs to be breathable yet durable — especially if you’re getting on a plane, where the cabin temperature flip-flops. Think travel pants, compression socks, and the like.

Finally, perhaps most importantly, it has to make you look put-together and confident. So if you are in the market for some stylish and affordable gear for your next vacation, you’ve arrived at your destination. We’ve sourced the best travel outfits from Amazon that are equal parts chic and cost effective. Also, don’t forget to grab a pair of travel-friendly shoes from Amazon. Read ahead to create the perfect travel outfit, including the most highly rated products, to help you arrive in style.


Best Travel Pants & Leggings

There is a lot of moving around when you’re in transit, so make sure to put on something that can accommodate walking, running, or even squatting. Go for a tapered jogger silhouette with a cuffed hem, as they are just the right amount of form-fitting without constricting movement and look reasonably polished. If you are traveling on a plane, compression leggings are also a good idea to keep your blood flow steady and avoid cramping.

Another key feature to look for? Lots of pockets, ideally with zippers or flap closure, so you can stash valuables without having to worry about their safety. The cargo pants highlighted above win top marks for us, thanks to the quick-drying water-repellent fabric that also protects you from UV rays. The sale price sweetens the deal.


Best Travel Shorts

If you want to wear shorts rather than pants for your summer travels, pick styles that are sans harsh waistbands or fussy button closures. Instead, opt for shorts with elastic waistbands that won’t prod into your stomach while sitting for long hours. A classic, comfy pair of cotton shorts will do the trick. But cargo shorts and biker shorts with longer inseams to prevent the fabric riding up, and lots of pockets to store your ticket, headphones, and gum are even better. A skort with hidden pockets, like the style above, will also have you looking and feeling super put-together as you travel in style.


Best Travel Jackets

For longer trips, downsizing the amount of clothing you pack is the smart thing to do. That’s why we highly recommend bringing a “shacket” — a hybrid between a button-down and a jacket — for your travels. The loosely fitted garment can either be styled as a top or worn as outerwear. The latter option is especially handy when you are running out of space in your suitcase. It’s also lightweight enough to be tied around your waist or draped across your shoulders if you want to add an extra oomph to your ensemble.


Best Matching Sweatsuits For Travel

If we could, we would totally wear PJs when we travel. A matching sweatsuit is like the more sophisticated big sister of your favorite sleepwear, and it can be easily styled into a chic on-the-go look. This relaxed matching set can be worn together or separately, and it will form a very versatile component to your travel capsule wardrobe. And for warmer weather, consider going for a short sweatsuit like the ones below.


Best Sweatshirts For Travel

You can’t match the versatility and stylish ease of sweatshirts. They can be pared down with leggings or bike shorts for a chic athleisure look or slightly dressed up with jeans and crisp white sneakers. Already a great layering piece, sweatshirts with a half-zip design are even better for the road — you can quickly do up the zipper for chilly nights or flights.


Best Compression Socks For Travel

Long journeys can be extremely tough on your legs and feet, especially if you’re traveling on a plane. A trusty way to prevent muscle cramps is to wear compression socks during your flight. This will apply steady pressure on your muscles and keep swelling to a minimum. Hundreds of Amazon shoppers have given a 5-star endorsement on these three-pack compression socks, citing their relative ease to put on and the additional built-in elastic around the ankles that promote better circulation.

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