A Perfect Family Outing! Head To Tokyo Disneyland With The Kids

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Should Families Visit Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea?
When you’re thinking about a family trip to Japan, there are plenty of visitors that would choose Tokyo Disney Resort as a viable option. In Japan, there are two amusement parks: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Both locations will make you wish you had the entire day to spend there. If you had to choose only one amusement park, which would be the best option?

Of course, you can enjoy both parks during your visit! However, many families typically choose Tokyo Disneyland—which has tons of attractions for children—over Tokyo DisneySea. The park is perfect for those hoping to immerse themselves in the full Disney experience—namely, the park’s symbolic Cinderella Castle and greetings with your favorite Disney characters. Your child will certainly be delighted!

We’ll introduce a variety of ways to enjoy Tokyo Disneyland with your family!
Table of Contents 1. Plan Your Itinerary in Advance 2. Select Tickets Based on Your Stay 3. Getting Information on the Day of Your Visit? Plus Strollers and Lockers
4. Spots for Taking Shelter from Rain or Sunlight 5. Save Time with Tasty Snacks 6. Pictures of Cinderella Castle Snapped at Different Angles! 1. Plan Your Itinerary in Advance
Tokyo Disneyland is an extremely popular amusement park around the world. The park houses numerous attractions and exhibits a rich variety of contents in their shows. However, this popular park is also notorious for its long waiting time at attractions. Check out these points listed below to efficiently enjoy the park before your visit.

1. Look up parade times, information on attractions, new products, and special menus on the official website.

2. Prioritize which attractions you want to ride.

3. Look up what attractions and parades you can enjoy during the wait time between FastPasses.

4. Make a list of the attractions that do not issue FastPasses.

A model itinerary can be found on the official website, so feel free to refer to this route if you’re a first-time visitor. Some attractions may be out of order, so be sure to check this information as well.
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Choose Attractions on the Official Website
On Tokyo Disney Resort's official page for attractions, you can check the ride's descriptions along with varying needs such as whether it's safe on rainy days or if loud sounds and scary characters appear. Be sure to decide in advance which attractions you wish to ride by checking out this page.

If you can read Japanese, please also refer to this page for families. The page is a compilation of information on how to enjoy the day, what items to bring, and more!
Know Where to Find Baby Centers
In Tokyo Disneyland, there is a baby center located in the World Bazaar and Toontown.

The baby center is equipped with a nursing room, a bed for changing diapers, and a changing board. You can also warm milk for your baby with the microwave or use appliances that help cool boiling water to a warm 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The center is also filled with Disney designs that add to its bright interior.

Diaper changing tables can also be found in the women’s restrooms and some men’s restrooms (for details, please check here: park restrooms and diaper changing table map in Japanese).

The Toontown Baby Center is accessible an hour after the park opens to the public until an hour before closing time.
2. Select Tickets Based on Your Stay
Ideally, many park-goers would love to visit Tokyo Disneyland from the early morning until late at night. However, there are some visitors that cannot spend the entire day at the park. We’ll introduce two types of tickets called the Starlight Passport and After 6 Passport specifically geared for these people.
Type Starlight Passport After 6 Passport Adult (18 and over) 5,400 yen 4,200 yen Junior (12 – 17) 4,700 yen 4,200 yen Child (4 – 11) 3,500 yen 4,200 yen Entry Time From 15:00 on weekends and holidays From 18:00 Mon - Fri
Due to their short stay, these two tickets may be unsuitable if you are looking to acquire FastPasses or special seats for parades. However, these tickets are perfect for the people listed below:

1. Those visiting with family who have become tired throughout the day.

2. Those who suddenly decide to visit Disney while traveling in Japan.

3. Those planning to see the night parade.

4. Those who want to enjoy the Disney atmosphere above all else.
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3. Getting Information on the Day of Your Visit? Plus Strollers and Lockers
You’ve finally finished preparing everything, purchased your tickets, arrived in Tokyo, and are finally entering the park! We’ll introduce services you can use once inside the amusement park and some techniques you should know.
Getting Information on the Day of Your Visit
You can find guide maps and the "Today"—a pamphlet containing a schedule of the day’s parades and shows—available in Japanese and several languages (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean). These guides are placed in the Main Street House right at the entranceway of the park, so be sure to take one.

While you can also look up information beforehand, we recommend the "Today" because it not only includes information for that day, but also information on restaurants and limited products for that month. The design changes according to the season, so don’t throw it away after you’ve finished reading the contents!
Cute Rental Strollers for the Day
After entering the park, continue walking on the right hand side until you find an area where visitors can rent strollers (1,000 yen). The strollers are decked out in a Mickey Mouse design that is so cute! Cast members will teach you how to use the strollers here. These baby carts are known for being light and easily collapsible.

Cast members will write down the name of the renter, which eliminates the worry of being unable to find your stroller in the park. Wheelchair rentals are also available.
Using the Large-Size Storage Lockers
Additionally, there are plenty of coin lockers available for use at the park's entrance. Storage lockers are available in various sizes with the smallest priced at 300 yen and the largest at 700 yen.

Many visitors will likely use these lockers upon entering the park. If you’re worried about availability, please check out the storage lockers installed in four areas outside Tokyo Disneyland. Please check this page for details on where these lockers are located.

There is also a service called Rider Switch. If your child doesn't meet an attraction’s boarding restrictions and you have two or more companions (guardians) in your party, this service allows each person to alternate riding the attraction without having to wait in line twice.

If you’d like to utilize the Rider Switch service, please let the staff know before lining up for the attraction.
4. Spots to Take Shelter from Rain or Sunlight
If you’re a tourist, it's hard to predict in advance what the weather will be like on the date you've purchased your tickets. It might be useful to get an understanding of which spots you can take shelter against the rain or harsh sunshine. We’ll introduce several of these spots below.
World Bazaar
World Bazaar is a themed area lined with several shops and restaurants. A transparent roof hangs over the top of the building, which makes it possible to walk around on rainy days without an umbrella.

Numerous benches can be found in front of shops, so feel free to use them to take a break when you’re tired.
In Toontown, you will feel as if you've stepped into the world of Mickey Mouse. Here, visitors can even spot the homes of beloved Disney characters.

Chip and Dale’s treehouse is our top attraction to visit in this area. A spiral staircase leads up to the second floor of the house, making it fun to walk up and down with your child. The fact that it’s not very crowded is another appealing factor. Because it's indoors, so you can also avoid the sunlight.
A Variety of Indoor Restaurants
Above: Hungry Bear Restaurant, Below: Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall

Whether they specifically sell set menus or host shows, there is a variety of restaurants available in the park. We recommend dining inside a spacious indoor restaurant with many seats. Additionally, these restaurants can be used to avoid the pouring rain or harsh sunlight.

Recommended restaurants and areas are as listed below:
Area Restaurant Name Westernland Camp Woodchuck Kitchen, Hungry Bear Restaurant Critter Country Grandma Sara’s Kitchen Fantasyland Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall Tomorrowland Tomorrowland Terrace, Pan Galactic Pizza Port, Plazma Ray’s Diner 5. Save Time with Tasty Snacks
If you're hoping to save some time or easily satisfy your stomach, then select a quick meal you can buy without going into a shop!
At Tokyo Disneyland, you can purchase salt, barbecue, and caramel flavored popcorn to name a few tasty flavors! Popcorn buckets are also known for their unique shape and design befitting to the character that adorns it. These adorable popcorn buckets will undoubtedly be a time saver, too.

Tokyo Disneyland’s churros have a crispy exterior and a spongy inside that is popular among people of all ages. What makes them fun and different from the churros sold elsewhere is its Mickey Mouse-shaped cross section. Eat and see if you’re able to get a clean cross section!
Smoked Turkey Leg

The smoked turkey leg is something you definitely cannot pass by if you’re a meat lover. One bite will have you savoring a juicy meat morsel.
Ice Pops
Popsicles are the ideal icy treats made for hot days! The yellow Mickey Mouse ice pop has a tropical fruit flavor while the pink Minnie Mouse ice pop is a peach berry flavor. Without question, this refreshing popsicle is perfect for the summer.
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6. Pictures of Cinderella Castle Snapped at Different Angles!
When visiting Tokyo Disneyland, it's obligatory to take a picture of the Cinderella Castle! We’ll introduce our recommended spots when it comes to snapping a commemorative photo of the castle.
A. In Front of World Bazaar
Here, you can capture the Cinderella Castle and bronze statue of Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney in one frame.
B. Swiss Family Treehouse
Enter the Swiss Family Treehouse—an attraction you experience while walking—and you’ll be able to take a picture of the Cinderella Castle from afar surrounded by lush greenery.
C. In Front of Dumbo the Flying Elephant
If you stand near the attraction Dumbo the Flying Elephant and snap a photo, you'll manage to capture Dumbo soaring into the frame with the Cinderella Castle in the backdrop. This adorable picture simultaneously captures Dumbo having fun.
D. Behind Cinderella Castle
The front and back side of the Cinderella Castle have different designs. In fact, the back is built with several windows, which gives the castle its powerful appearance.
E. Near Stitch Encounter
Near the attraction Stitch Encounter, you can capture the Cinderella Castle, abundant greenery, and a river-like area all together in one picture.
F. Both Sides of the Cinderella Castle
There are small ponds located on both sides of the Cinderella Castle. Further adding to its fairytale-like appearance, willow trees have also been planted on one side of the castle.
Enjoy Your Time at Tokyo Disneyland!
Once you step inside the park, you’ll be filled with excitement whether you're a first-time visitor or have visited several times before. We would be delighted if you refer to this article when efficiently planning your itinerary for a memorable experience at Tokyo Disneyland.
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