A Busy Tuesday

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Tuesday was a family day…and a mask making day…it was a busy day.

My house was the hub for the activity.  It all started with Kalissa needing to go to the orthodontist….so the boys came here..then there was a blood drive in town.  Kelli and Kalissa both wanted to donate.  (I still can’t).  Kelli also needed to go to the chiropractor.  So my house was the place for the kids to be while the moms popped in and out.

Kelli is mask making again.  This time she is only making kids sized masks.  She brought my Pfaff down to the kitchen and in between her and I made masks.

I did a lot of the turning inside out and pinning.  Then at naptime when it was just me, I did some sewing.

Carver, with his new buzz cut hair, “helped” too.

Here he decided to hide behind my water bottle when Kelli was going to snap a picture.

The baskets of masks that Kelli brought were all started when she came but we managed to finish 125 while she was here.  Kelli ended up leaving some of them at my house for the old childcare families to pick up if they were needing some.

As of my writing this, our school still hadn’t announced a plan for returning to school.  We don’t know if it will be full time or what it will be.  As of last I heard, it is suppose to start on August 24th.  I think parents would want to know soon so they can make plans.

But back to my day…after the moms left, we played outside for a bit.  These two had me smiling….

Gannon would ride and Georgia would push him around.

They were both all smiles.  Neither of them talks a lot yet.  Speech is coming but not sentences.

At one point, Gannon wanted to get off so just rolled off while Georgia was mid pushing.  Thankfully he wasn’t hurt.

Then Georgia put her arm around Gannon and as she tried to herd him back onto the ride on toy, she yelled, “Go-go-go”.    It was so cute.

The pictures of them make them look like they like each other…don’t be fooled.  They fight a lot.

…and then there was this crazy boy…that $5 bike has been an awesome investment.

On a side note:  Tuesday evening Kelli and I and Georgia looked at another house with Karl.  No news on that yet…

Saturday Karl and went to look at this house I told you about earlier…

HERE is the Zillow link for it.

As good as it looked in the pictures, we were disappointed.  Originally we thought that the only problem was the kitchen and some wallpaper…nope.  There’s more.  Every floor has to have new flooring.  The walls all need attention.  The people who painted before slopped paint on the woodwork.  It’s all do-able but…There are also still push button light switches so I’m sure needs some electrical updating.

Karl and I were a bit surprised by the inside as he was really leaning towards this house…but with all the repairs and entirely new flooring, it was looking expensive.  The realtor who showed the house suggested that we offer closer to $70,000 if Karl was still interested.  He said all along he thought the price was too high but also thought it fixable.

Karl has his eye on another house so the hunt is still active.  I don’t mind….but back to my post about my Tuesday….

It was a great family day….I’m so blessed to be able to spend time with them and be a part of all of their lives…from our kids down to the grandkids.  So often people who have grandkids sing the praises of spending time with the grandchildren.  Few take time to sing the praises of spending time with their adult children…as much as I love the grandkids, I love their parents, my own children and in-laws, just the same….they just don’t like their picture taken as much so you don’t see them.