84 Times People Who Went Through The ‘Blunder Years’ Phase Posted These Absolutely Hilarious Pics (New Pics)

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Although long gone are our careless teenage years, with the oldest millennials turning 40 this year (you gotta be kiddin’ me, right?!), the blunder years still come back to haunt us. Usually they come in the form of school pics stacked somewhere in our parents’ houses.

But the tendency about those pics is clear, they reemerge out of nowhere during the least expected moments, like a family reunion, or during dinner meant to introduce your love interest to your parents. Most importantly, our skin has toughened quite a bit, but the blunder pics still make us blush like it was yesterday.

So today we’re diving into the hilariously brilliant r/BlunderYears community where people share one thing we all have in common: the old pictures of ourselves that prove going through major ups and downs, twists, and loop-de-loops when it comes to our identities is only human! Sit back, relax and get ready to chuckle for this relatable selection below, and be sure to check out our previous posts with pics from blunder years here, here and here.

#1 Late 70's. No Idea What I Was Thinking. Made The Suit Myself

Image credits: xxSpeedsterxx

#2 Me Back In 2005... Techno Interested Me

Image credits: HaxRus

#3 4 Going On 40 With This 90s Glamour Shot

Image credits: supafly74

#4 My Poor Parents...being Nice To Me Back In 1987 During My Billy Idol Skateboarding Phase

Image credits: MrArms69

#5 I Was So Proud When I Made The Yearbook. When I Got Home And Showed My Mom She Said I Would Regret That Later In Life

Image credits: chalfantkr

#6 I Thought I Was The Coolest Cat There Ever Was.

Image credits: fromsky610

#7 Matronly 40-Year Old Korean Librarian? Nope! Just Me, A 12-Year Old Boy.

Image credits: PlagueLords

#8 Circa 2010. No It Was No Halloween. I Was Going To The Airport. Yes The Iron Man Triangle Lit Up

Image credits: rosahhlee23

#9 I Wanted To Be A Child Actor So Mom Took Me To Sears For Some Dope Headshots

Image credits: ryanwosleger

#10 My Girlfriend's Childhood Family Picture. She Was Really Excited About Being A Rat In The Nutcracker

Image credits: RipePetunia

#11 Middle School Was... An Interesting Time

Image credits: mikehaawk

#12 Spent An Hour Doing My Hair Every Day. Circa 2006

Image credits: summmmmar

#13 Friend Shared This On Facebook; I'm Sharing All Of Her 90s Glory With Reddit (With Her Permission)

Image credits: Loverlee

#14 13 Year Old Me In 2011, Right Smackbang In The Middle Of The “I’m Soooo Random :3” Phase

Image credits: bertance

#15 I Had Embraced My Nerdy Outcast Status And Went To School Like This, Sadly The Trench Coat Was Soon Banned After '99

Image credits: WhacksOnAnonOff

#16 Groovy Baby!

Image credits: drubinsky

#17 Unintentionally Brought Back The Heavy-Hairspray Hairstyles Of The 80’s While Trying To Cope With My Receding Hairline During My Senior Year In High School

Image credits: Superdickeater

#18 I Was Evidently The Reference Model For The Kid From Up! ~ Circa 1985

Image credits: charliethegeek

#19 Welcome To My Weird Childhood

Image credits: curioushypnokitten

#20 1993 Senior Pic, I Wore Those Boots To Hs The Entire Year. Iowa Winter And All.

Image credits: kleric42

#21 My Mom Just Wanted A Nice Picture In Paris

Image credits: AmericanDeise

#22 My Husband (Right) And His Brother (Left). Prom 2006

Image credits: MCclapyourhands1

#23 10 Year Old Me Idolised Avril Lavigne

Image credits: m3g4nj

#24 Me (In The Middle) At 17... Dudes Wanted Nothing To Do With Me Until 21. In Retrospect, This Makes Sense, As My Biggest Fashion Inspiration Was Tank Girl...

Image credits: highpreistess666

#25 I Legit Don’t Even Cringe On This One, 2006, I Want To Learn To Channel That Spirit.

Image credits: lizzlebean

#26 Why The Hell Did I Think Any Of This Was Okay? The Shirt, The Hair... Oh God

Image credits: lukifergriffiths

#27 We Were Allowed To Bring An Object To Hold For Class Picture Day. Some Kids Used A Football, Tennis Racket, Musical Instrument... I Chose A Hamster. It Wasn’t Even My Hamster

Image credits: SmartyPanty

#28 Circa 3rd Grade, 1980: My Dad Cut My Hair And I Wore A Shirt With My Own Face On It

Image credits: dsynadinos

#29 Senior Photo...

Image credits: NavillusHaras

#30 This Indian-Ass "Photoshoot" I Had. My Mother Sent It To Me To Humble Me And Remind Me Of My Origins

Image credits: BunnyBunBunHoney

#31 One Thing I Still Believe: Always Dress Up, Whether You're Going Out Or Just Doing Chores!

Image credits: totoropengyou

#32 Me, Around 12 Years Ago. Emo Phase Hit Me Hard :d

Image credits: snailg0sh

#33 I Got A Lot Of Love For My Pigtails, So Here's Some More! Cheers!

Image credits: olive007

#34 I Remember Thinking I Was The Absolute Coolest Chick Walking Around La On Fam Vacation. Circa 2002

Image credits: sassysauce95

#35 I Will Raise Your 2nd Grade Picture With This. In High School.

Image credits: Elzaron

#36 My Parents Built Me A Cross So I Could Play Christ In 1998

Image credits: gabrielreasoner

#37 7 Years Old In 1997, Growing Out What Was A Bowl Cut That My Mom Loved, Rocking My Pink Power Ranger Shirt To Make Sure People Knew I Was In Fact A Girl.

Image credits: uneasyandcheesy

#38 I See Your Tuba And I Raise You One Saxophone U/Ayikesfrommedawg

Image credits: paxcowq

#39 Class Of ‘07 Represent

Image credits: redneckhippynerd

#40 My Mom Cut & Styled My Hair For Picture Day. I Never Let Her Touch My Hair Ever Since. #mullet #90s #texas

Image credits: sab4519

#41 Me, A Straight Female, Trying To Impress My Crush By Being One Of The Guys. I’m On The Right.

Image credits: mintleaf64

#42 Mall Rat Days

Image credits: boinkish

#43 2007, Taking Back Sunday T-Shirt, Dickies Backpack, Skinny Jeans, Converse, Gas Station...?

Image credits: queenofthesoybean

#44 I Wish I Still Had The Confidence Of 2010 Me. I Think The Jacket Was From Avril Lavigne's Collection And I Wore It Everywhere....all The Time.

Image credits: Christen96

#45 In High School, I Lost My Driver's License And Was Really Into Alfa Romeos. So, I Thought This Senior Picture Would Be Both Funny And Cool.

Image credits: dsynadinos

#46 White Girl Dreads, Speed Dealer Sunglasses, Slogan Tee And Zip Capri Pants. The Year 2000 Was Glorious

Image credits: FunWithMeat

#47 Not Terrible, But I Spent 4th Grade Cosplaying As Jimmy Neutron With That Helmet Of Hair. I’m A Girl Btw

Image credits: geopeaco

#48 Did Someone Say Dance Class? 15 Years Ago I Participated In An Ice Age Themed Competition

Image credits: tortillachipdip

#49 I’m Not The Cute Cat Or The Little Chef... I’m The Sandwich!

Image credits: rosie-roo

#50 My Mom Paid Money To Have This Very Professional Photo Taken At An Anime Convention In 2006. The Page Protector It Was Put In Really Helped Preserve The Quality.

Image credits: marynotrhoda

#51 I Thought I Was So Cool And Sophisticated (Ft. Family Portrait In My Mom’s Bedroom)

Image credits: apuc

#52 Circa 1999... I Know That Hair Clip Still Thinks About Me

Image credits: vickushh

#53 As A Kid I Was Really Obsessed With The Amish.

Image credits: punkprincessEJ

#54 My Middle School Quote Was So Bad The School Actually Added The Last Sentence Without Telling Me

Image credits: tiffanyluvzu

#55 My Mom Had To Go To Walmart After She Picked Me Up From A Convention

Image credits: sickmarmaladegrandpa

#56 Here’s Me At 12, Going To See Good Charlotte And Eve 6 With My Dad. I Thought I Looked Very Badass.

Image credits: cv0128

#57 I'm Not Sure What's Worse. The Hair Or The Suspenders. It's Probably The Hair.

Image credits: lbz71

#58 My Facebook Profile Picture In 2014. The Caption Was “Yasuo Incarnate”...i Played A Lot Of League Of Legends

Image credits: SHreddedWInd

#59 My Mom Insisted I Show Off My Braces. I Think She Was Hoping For Better Results.

Image credits: tritrish

#60 Posing In A Tree With My Cousin’s Bike, Trying To Look “Casual”

Image credits: mistermajik2000

#61 2004. This Still Keeps Me Up At Night...

Image credits: devil-wears-converse

#62 Year 2 In 2003, That’s My Teacher On The Left. Nothing Says Cool In Primary School Quite Like Having An Identical Haircut To Your 60 Year Old Teacher.....

Image credits: meowley-

#63 Me, 1995, In Venice, Backpacking Across Europe In Search Of My True Identity. At Least I Wasn't Too Obvious About The Whole Situation

Image credits: crsaxby

#64 Puka Shell Necklace And Spiked Hair For My School Photo! I Think This Was 2002.

Image credits: Jscott1986

#65 Me Showing Off My Vampire Books In My Mr. Bean Shirt

Image credits: Babbarette

#66 My Shirt Says "I'm A Dinosaur, So Like Rawr And Stuff." And The Hello Kitty Ears. So Random

Image credits: Dayman0x

#67 Me On My Very First Date. Pretty Sure She Went Because My Mom Rented A Limo.

Image credits: makeskidskill

#68 This Is The Better Quality Shot Of My Christian Rock Band In 2007. Surprisingly We Were Not Very Successful.

Image credits: PirusiWolfie

#69 Senior Prom. We Thought We Were So Cool

Image credits: stonybabbit

#70 Back When 8 Year Old Me Discovered The Morphing Function On My Ds Camera, So I Morphed Myself With Our Bathroom Tiles. Graphic Design Is My Passion.

Image credits: yangzhoufriedr-ice

#71 I Thought I Nailed That Edit Lmao. Translated Caption : "I'm Really Black And White In The Deepness Of My Heart, I've Never Really Seen Colors, Except Black, White And Gray"

Image credits: AndyBales

#72 In 3rd Grade I Really Wanted To Be Sonic The Hedgehog For Holloween. This Was The Result

Image credits: Truevirtualrei

#73 Back In 2013 I Liked Doctor Who Instead Of Having A Personality ?

Image credits: tiny-septic-box-sam

#74 That Year My School Photos Fell On The Day I Had To Get 2 Teeth Removed

Image credits: ErinCookie

#75 My Godmother Just Sent Me This. Circa 1985 Dampier, Australia.

Image credits: thundercuntmeow

#76 Me (Left) And My Friend, Just A Couple Of 13 Year Olds Being Cool Guys, Not Looking At Explosions. Please Do Notice The Horrible Editting I Did Back Then.

Image credits: Basic_biatsch

#77 Instead Of Braces, My Grandpa Gave Me His Bb Gun And My Grandma Gave Me Her Receding Hairline

Image credits: quentintarantowo

#78 Yup, Full Mullet And A Tux For The School Prom, Honestly Thought I Was Rocking It Too.

Image credits: HiFiSi

#79 Got A Disposable Camera As A Child And Decided To Take A Selfie. I Was Very Pleased With It After Getting It Developed.

Image credits: boatbomber

#80 My Sister Was Really Interested In Fashion In The Mid-2000s. Our Mom And Grandma Maybe Encouraged Her Too Much.

Image credits: JundEmOut

#81 First Day Back To School 2008. I Was An Ugly Child But I Felt "Trendy" For Once In This Outfit

Image credits: ThroughMyOwnEyes

#82 The Year Was 2008, And I Had Just Discovered How To Find A Scene Hair Tutorial On Youtube

Image credits: oddtoddler666

#83 My Friend And I Messing Around On Webcam, Edited Using Ms Paint, Circa 2007

Image credits: Codiilovee

#84 This Travesty From My Senior Photos From 2010.

Image credits: smafreebird