8 Tips for Students That Want to Cut Their Coffee Consumption

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According to coffee consumption statistics by Statista, about 167 million 60kg bags of coffee were consumed globally between 2020 and 2021. It was a slight increase from the consumption recorded in the previous year at 164 million bags. If you fall in this statistic, you are probably wondering whether you are taking the right path.

Well, coffee contains caffeine, a natural stimulant that can bring you a range of benefits. It can boost your energy, increase alertness, and reduce fatigue.

Most students use it to boost their concentration and alertness during study time. However, it’s a double-edged sword. It can also have negative impacts like hypertension, insomnia, dehydration, headaches, and even addiction.

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Here are more tips for students who want to cut their coffee consumption.

Take Your Time

For heavy coffee consumers, quitting cold turkey could result in significant withdrawal symptoms. Your system is heavily dependent on the stimulant already and will most probably react to deprivation. Try a gradual reduction of the amount you take in a day.

For instance, if you were used to three cups of coffee in a day, try cutting back to two cups for a few days, and then to one cup for a week or so, and eventually, you’ll get to zero. It’s a great way to cut coffee consumption with the least withdrawal effects.

If the coffee you drink is more fulfilling, you will tend to drink less as well, so making sure you are having a GREAT cup of coffee or glass of iced coffee will make weaning yourself a lot easier. The award-winning coffee experts at Steeped Coffee have some tips on preparing the perfect iced coffee! Their secret to a perfect iced coffee is a well-crafted coffee concentrate. A good concentrate is also the basis for many other refreshing coffee drinks! If the coffee you drink tastes better, you won’t need to drink as much of it to get the same “feel-good” feeling you get from coffee.

Know All Sources of Caffeine in Your Diet

Caffeine is the most prominent compound in coffee, and the reason behind much of the effects felt when you drink coffee. However, it’s still present in other soft drinks, and you could be consuming them unknowingly. If you want to cut coffee and its effects all together, track down the presence of caffeine in your diet and map out what you need to avoid.

Try Other Drinks

If your goal is specifically to quit drinking coffee, going for other drinks can be a great option. Most students go for coffee to help them study, and several other drinks could still keep you energized. You can look for drinks with lower caffeine content, such as green tea, energy drinks, or Plexus Pink Drink.

Get Coffee Off Your Shopping List

One of the best ways to avoid temptation is to eliminate the opportunity for it. If you don’t have coffee in your house, there is no chance you will make a cup at any point. Therefore, consider dropping it from your shopping list. You can cut it altogether or buy less than normal and reduce your intake gradually.

Keep the Benefits in Mind

You do not just wake up one day and decide to quit drinking coffee. You have a reason behind it, and that should be your motivating factor. You could also look for other reasons for motivating yourself, such as lowering anxiety, achieving a proper sleep pattern, and saving money. If you keep the reward in mind, commitment to the goal will be higher.

Get Enough Sleep

You are probably stretching your body beyond its limits. While you may want to study harder and use coffee to keep you awake and alert for longer, you could be doing more harm than good. The human body generally needs rest.

It’s good for physical and mental wellness. You could still study and get enough sleep if you manage your day properly. You may also seek expert help for your essays. Search for do my essay review by professionals like https://nocramming.com/domyessay-review and let them do what they do best. With sites like that in your arsenal, you can take more time to sleep.

Besides, depriving yourself of sleep will mean you will oversleep at some point. Instead of taking a cup of coffee, you can adopt a consistent cycle where you go to bed at the same time when your body feels tired and get up at similar times to avoid the inconsistencies that come with sleep deprivation. The effects of coffee could remain in your body for up to 8 hours, which means you may find it hard to sleep even when you want to.

Adopt a Healthy Diet

Individuals with high carbohydrates intake tend to experience more mood swings. As such, they may feel tempted to stimulate their mood with coffee. You can avoid the urge for this corrective coffee intake by eating healthy meals. Make sure each meal contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins and nutrients.

Embed Exercise in Your Routine

Did you know that you could achieve some of the benefits that coffee gives you by just exercising? Exercise increases the flow of blood and activates the body and mind. It brings the stimulating effect of coffee, plus it’s good for your overall health. So, next time you think of a cup of coffee, consider stepping out for a jog or bike ride.

Final Word

Everyone wants to live a healthy life and achieve goals. Our dreams can be so demanding at times, but they should not come at the expense of our health. Just because you quit drinking coffee doesn’t mean you won’t be able to function anymore. Whether it’s your studies or other activities, you can still manage without stimulants. There are plenty of other things you can try if you need a little boost. I quit drinking coffee by switching to Plexus Slim Sticks. I get all the energy I need without the crash or jitters of coffee.

We hope the above 8 tips will help you quit drinking coffee and live a better, more healthy, life.

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