7 Pairs of Workout Shorts That Will Never, Ever Cause Chafing—No Matter How Sweaty You Get

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Workout shorts have got a lot going for them. They’re generally cute, comfortable, and keep your legs from feeling like they’re trapped in a set of heavy leggings during a warm-weather workout. But there’s one problem: With the combination of sweat, movement, and exposed skin, chafing is pretty much inevitable. That is, unless you’ve got the right pair.

When choosing a chafe-free style, you’ll want to look for a few different elements that will help prevent any uncomfy thigh-to-thigh contact. They have to be long enough to cover your skin, sweat-wicking so that they don’t cause irritation, and made from super-soft materials that won’t rub. To help you find a pair that checks all three boxes, we rounded up the best anti-chafe shorts money can buy. Shop our picks below, and prepare for a thigh-happy summer, ahead.
Kollea Automatic Watering System — $40.00
Can’t get someone to house sit your snake plants and potted pothos? This multi-tasking watering device can keep them hydrated for up to 60 days. The Kollea super smart with a sophisticated memory, it’ll remember scheduled programming even with the power off. Go ahead, book that summer stay upstate.
Shop Now Flantor Garden Irrigation System — $26.00
If you have a long, spreading, outdoor garden without the drive to water day-by-day, you’re in luck. Installing the Amazon Choice Flantor Garden Irrigation System means freshly watered lawns and veggie beds. Each nozzle can be adjusted individually in case some plants need a spritz and others need a supersoak.
Shop Now Plant Waterer Bulbs Self Watering Globes — $15.00
What if you have one plant in the kitchen, one in the bedroom, and one on the patio? While they might need some individual TLC, there’s an affordable solution: watering globes. These glass bird babes are ready for seamless use, just insert into the soil and you can be hands-off for a week and a half to two weeks.
Shop Now Self Irrigating Raised Container Bed Kit, $375 — $375.00
You don’t have the backyard for a garden proper, just the green thumb to grow large quantities of produce at a time. If you’re looking to do a full salad’s worth of vegetation at once, consider this raised container bed kit. Yes, it’s a triple-digit investment. But it comes with a timer, pre-assembled drip lines, three vinyl planters, a premium potting mix, and yes, a river’s worth of water.
Shop Now The Smart Garden 9 — $200.00
Imagine it: you’ve been working from home for a year and finally summon the courage to grow that tea garden you’ve always wanted. Just as you gather your herbs, you’re told it’s back to the office. The Smart Garden 9 has you covered here: not only can it self-water using capillary precision irrigation, but it also comes with grow lights, a companion app, 50+ pre-seeded plant pods to choose from, and a comped tomato-basil-lettuce set.
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Once you’ve selected the perfect pair, put your new anti-chafe shorts to the test with this 20-minute lower body workout. 

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