687 DIY Outdoor Projects | The Ultimate List

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These DIY outdoor projects will make family time more enjoyable and give you more reasons to spend afternoons out in the backyard!

DIY Outdoor Projects | Everything To Do Under The Sun

Let’s face it. Some days are just better spent outdoors, basking in the sunshine and getting a good dose of fresh air. Take advantage of beautiful sunny days by creating DIY outdoor projects to turn your backyard or front yard into the one you’ve always wanted.


An Outdoor Makeover

1. Patio Projects For Your Garden And Landscape

Upgrade your garden and landscape with a few DIY outdoor projects for your patio! This roundup contains DIYs for outdoor pergola curtains, a treehouse, and so much more!

2. 14 DIY Backyard Ideas As Seen On Yard Crashers 

Take inspiration from Yard Crashers and begin building your dream yard. Don’t have good soil in your garden? No worries, a raised flower bed can still turn your flower dreams into a reality.

3. 25 Incredible DIY Garden Projects

Give a unique spin to your garden with these DIY outdoor projects. I bet the neighbors will love this topsy-turvy TerraPot planter if you place it out on the patio or in your front yard.

4. 21 Budget DIY Landscaping Ideas To Transform Your Outdoor Space

Some of these landscaping ideas will turn your backyard into a fairy tale. By the way, who knew these mushroom-like stools could be made from log stumps?

5. DIY Outdoor Pallet Furniture Projects

DIY Outdoor Pallet Furniture Projects | DIY Outdoor Projects | The Ultimate List
image via DIY Projects

Turn leftover pallets into outdoor furniture with a few of these DIY outdoor projects. Before you start, don’t forget to double check if your pallets are safe to use.

6. 22 Curb Appeal Home Decor Ideas

Increasing your curb appeal doesn’t have to mean you'll break the bank. These budget hacks are all you need! Check out this list to see more options for flower displays and eyesore camouflage ideas.

7. 11 Awesome DIY Things To Do With Your Yard

Make the most of the sunny day with these yard projects. I’m sure your kids will love lounging around in these mini water blobs! Try your hand at making bigger ones for the adults, too.

8. Backyard Furniture Projects You Can DIY

I love this roundup because it involves a bit of upcycling to create these backyard projects. This is a double win: you are not only reducing and recycling your waste, but you are also creating something new for your home. Score!

9. 12 DIY Solar Panel Tutorials 

DIY Solar Panel Tutorials | DIY Outdoor Projects | The Ultimate List
image via Homesteading

Save on electricity bills by opting for a few solar panel options. I’ve even thrown in a bonus guide for you to DIY panels to power up your gadgets.

10. 21 DIY Front Yard Makeover Ideas You’ll Love 

Make your front yard stand out with these DIY outdoor projects. Whether it’s a dual purpose number sign or a few tin can lanterns lined up along your home, these projects are bound to make the neighbors take a second look.


Outdoor Specialties

11. How To Make A Macrame Lawn Chair

Crazy about macrame? DIY a macrame lawn chair today! I recommend using 200 yards of macrame craft cord for this project. If you’d like, you can also opt to have 2 colors — 100 yards for each color.

12. Build Your Own Floating Deck

Build Your Own Floating Deck | DIY Outdoor Projects | The Ultimate List
image via DIY Projects

This DIY floating deck is a great spot to unwind after a long day. Remember to keep the ground leveled before constructing your deck. Need extra tips? Use a mattock to help in removing the grass and an iron rake for pulling out large rocks found in the soil.

Stay outdoors more this #Spring! So get one with your #garden deck #repairs with this guide! https://t.co/9HF4UUj0O4 pic.twitter.com/IwKmT2bU9A

— DIY Projects (@DIYProjectsCom) April 7, 2017

13. How To Get This Amazing DIY Concrete Walkway

It takes only 4 steps to create this DIY concrete walkway. Start by prepping your area and adding gravel in. Then, place your concrete mix in the mold. Lastly, spray with water to prevent the concrete slabs from cracking.

14. Basic Guide For Building Your Own Hobbit House

Basic Guide For Building Your Own Hobbit House | DIY Outdoor Projects | The Ultimate List
image via DIY Projects

Are you a huge fan of the Lord Of The Rings franchise? You may want to check this DIY. Remember, it's super important to seal the hobbit house. You definitely won’t want any moisture seeping in through the roof.

15. Awesome DIY Log Lounger

Relax on an aesthetically pleasing log lounger after a hard day’s work. This tutorial uses 16 log pieces to construct its lounger, but feel free to add or remove log pieces as you deem fit.

16. How To Build Two-Tier Backyard Fountains

This two-tiered backyard fountain is a great way to add water therapy to your yard without having to overhaul a big space. By the way, don’t forget to place the pumps and tube inside the pot first, before putting the rocks.

17. 3 Budget Friendly DIY Crafts To Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Budget Friendly DIY Crafts To Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space | DIY Outdoor Projects | The Ultimate List
image via DIY Projects

One of the things I love the most about these DIY crafts is how they reuse old containers such as yogurt cups and glass jars. Just remember to clean them thoroughly before using.

18. 20 Cool DIY Homesteading Projects For A Simpler Life

Homesteaders do almost everything on a DIY scale. They make their own fire, build their own water pumps, and sometimes, even construct their own ovens. Check out how self-sufficient homesteaders do it by looking at this list.

19. DIY Concrete Stepping Stones

One of the important steps in making these stepping stones is to coat the mold with mold release before pouring in the concrete mix. Trust me, making sure the mold release is in all the crevices will make the DIY project so much easier.

20. Easy DIY Bird Feeder 

Watch birds flock to your garden when you create a bird feeder. Be sure to place the holes on opposite sides of the bottle when drilling. These will ensure your dowels will be leveled for the birds to perch on.

21. A Simple Backyard DIY Pond Project For Beginners

Always wanted a pond in your garden? Well, now you can DIY one! Don’t forget to place rocks around your liner before pouring the water in. Doing so will prevent your liner from collapsing into the hole you’ve dug.

22. DIY Potting Bench Project

Turn your gardening up a notch with a DIY potting bench project you can take advantage of. Once you’ve built the potting bench, paint on a coat of varnish to help preserve the wood.

23. 10 DIY Hammock Stand Ideas

There’s nothing I love more than relaxing in a hammock with a book in hand and a cold drink nearby. Check out some of these hammock stand options you can choose from.

24. 12 Creative DIY Pallet Planters

Love being around nature? Decorate your backyard with more planters this weekend. I especially love the ones that display all my favorite herbs.

25. 10 Easy DIY Home Projects For Kids

My kids love running around barefoot in the yard, so I’ve set up a little spot where they can wash their feet before going inside the house. But that's not the only thing you can do recreate for your kids, this list covers crafts and redecorating projects too.

26. A Fold-Down Hanging Bar Perfect For Outdoor Parties

Entertaining will be a breeze with this fold-down hanging bar. This project not only doubles as a bar where people can mix and grab their drinks, but it works as a storage compartment for the different liquor bottles, as well. Just make sure the roof is screwed on tight and sealed to prevent moisture from seeping in.

27. How To Make An Outdoor Sofa

Have your cushions ready before making your outdoor sofa. That way, you can adapt the measurements of your sofa lengths accordingly.

28. 11 DIY Wind Chimes

Who knew you could make wind chimes out of spare utensils? Want more design options? Check out this list to see tutorials for clay and seashell choices.

29. Build A Tool Shed In 5 Easy Steps

Build A Tool Shed In 5 Easy Steps | DIY Outdoor Projects | The Ultimate List
image via DIY Projects

DIY a tool shed for your backyard in 5 easy steps. When building the frame for the shed, Dave suggests making the floor frame first. That way, it’ll be easier to connect the other pieces of the frame together.

30. DIY Bike Stand

Our family went through a phase where we were obsessed with biking everywhere, which led us to making this DIY bike stand. Don’t forget to leave spaces in between the bikes. A measurement of at least 16” would do.

31. DIY Pond Filter Tutorial

Keep scum out of your pond by placing a DIY filter. By the way, it’s really important to seal the drain on the inside when attaching it to the bucket. Don’t skimp on the sealant either. You’d want a good amount to make sure there won’t be any leaks.

32. How To Make A Temporary Brick Grill

Hosting a barbecue soon? Impress everyone with this temporary brick grill. Simply build the bricks to fit your grill and place the coal inside. That’s all it takes.

33. 20 Amazingly Beautiful Succulent Plants

Can’t get enough of beautiful succulents? Line your patio with all your favorite plants! I’ve got tons of tutorials for you to choose from!

34. 10 DIY Wood Projects For Patios

Make your patio look prettier without spending too much on these DIY outdoor projects! This farmhouse table, for example, simply makes use of leftover pallet pieces taken apart to make the tabletop.

35. DIY Outdoor Pizza Oven

This outdoor pizza oven will be such a hit with your friends, you might be hosting pizza parties every week. Start by making a strong and structured base using cinder blocks. Once that’s done, you can then place your bricks on top.

36. How To Make Wine Bottle Planters

How To Make Wine Bottle Planters | DIY Outdoor Projects | The Ultimate List
image via DIY Projects

Give your plants an interesting spin by placing them in wine bottle planters. Cut the bottle by placing a strip of tape on it, then score the bottle with a glass cutter. Once ready, place the scored area above a flame. Dunk it in a bucket of ice water after.

37. 19 Wine Bottle Crafts

Make use of your empty wine bottles by making a few DIY crafts. I fully recommend DIYing these succulent planters. The wine bottle base makes for such a unique planter, don’t you think?

38. Projects Using A 55 Gallon Drum

You’d be amazed at the number of DIYs you can make with a 55 gallon drum. If you’re keen on reducing your water usage, I suggest pressing play on the video to learn about rainwater collection.

39. DIY Bottle Planter

Bottle Planter | DIY Outdoor Projects | The Ultimate List
image via Homesteading

Bring life to your used bottles by turning them into DIY planters. Remember to have evenly spaced holes on the bottom of the bottle. If your bottle has raised ends, simply place a hole in each of the ends.

40. 13 Cool Recycling Projects With Glass Bottles

Who knew glass bottles could end up as pretty home decors? I’m a sucker for pretty things so this glass bottle turned vase is one of my favorites. I have a couple of them placed on my backyard coffee table.

41. 31 Super Cool DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects

There are a ton of DIY outdoor projects when it comes to reclaimed wood. Personally, one of the things Dave and I love doing is etching our initials on the wood. It gives our project a more personal touch.

42. Impressive DIY Garden Wood Projects

These wood projects are sure to give a nice rustic touch to any backyard. Personally, my favorite has to be the folding gardening table. It’s such a space-saver, making it perfect for small yards.

43. 15 Cool DIY Projects For Men

Turn oil lanterns into electrical ones. To be honest, I think this is one of Dave's personal favorites. Here are a few other DIYs perfect for the men in your life!

44. 13 Simple DIY Home Projects For Country Lovers

Love how simple and chic country pieces can be? Check out this list for a few DIY outdoor projects. They’ll definitely make you feel like you’re in a lovely country home.

45. How To Make Moss Graffiti

This moss graffiti is an enchanting piece of artwork sans harmful chemicals and toxins. By the way, if you don’t have buttermilk, you can simply swap this out with some yogurt.

46. DIY Cooler Box

Upgrade your cooler by giving it a rustic twist with some pallet boards. Don’t forget to drill the pallets to the cooler lid. Doing so will help hold the lid in place.

47. How To Build A Homemade Bird Feeder

Your kids will love looking at the birds that visit your homemade bird feeder. In case glass isn't your thing, try making a feeder from a simple sports drink bottle.

48. 9 DIY Compost Tumbler Ideas

DIY a compost tumbler for your sustainable lifestyle. All you’ll need to start is a 15-gallon trash can, some rope, and a drill to make holes.

49. How To Make A Compost Bin

Did you know a compost bin works wonders for a garden? This tutorial uses 5 pallets of the same size, but if you’d like, you can choose to use a smaller amount for a smaller frame.


Fire Pits

50. Enjoy Your Cool Nights Outdoors With A DIY Stone Fire Pit

Cool nights spent outdoors are made cozier with a stone fire pit. Begin by removing the sod of your fireplace. To do this, make an outline using your bricks and trace around them to get your markings.

51. 15 Easy DIY Fire Pit Ideas

Looking for more fire pit ideas to choose from? I’ve got you covered! Check this out for options using concrete, an old chimney, and even an old washing machine drum!

52. 10 DIY Outdoor Fireplace Ideas To Combat The Winter Chill

Keep toasty and comfortable with these fireplace options for your backyard. On a budget? One of these DIY options will only cost you $30!

53. Turn Your Backyard Into A Camping Area With This DIY Outdoor Fire Pit

You and the family will have a blast roasting marshmallows in your new fire pit. It's important to get the concrete into all the nooks and crannies, so make sure to push down as you pour the concrete in.


Light It Up

54. Brighten The Backyard With These Fantastic DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Wine lovers unite! I've got 3 different DIY outdoor projects to turn your favorite bottles of wine into lighting fixtures for your backyard. By the way, I think these will look cool displayed out in your front yard, too.

55. Fence With Mason Jar Lighting

Fence With Mason Jar Lighting | DIY Outdoor Projects | The Ultimate List
image via DIY Projects

This fence can serve as a backdrop for the backyard with its beautiful lights. By the way, the secret in making sure the jars don’t fall is to tighten the zip ties around the mason jars.

56. 7 DIY Tiki Torches To Wow Party Guests With

Make your backyard luau ready with these DIY tiki torches. Don't forget to keep the wick in place with a few pebbles first before pouring your tiki fuel in.

57. 21 DIY Outdoor Lantern Ideas

DIY Outdoor Lantern Ideas | DIY Outdoor Projects | The Ultimate List
image via DIY Projects

Light up your backyard with these outdoor lantern ideas. The best part is some of the materials might already be in your home, just waiting to be put together in a DIY project.

58. DIY Wooden Candle Holder

This wooden candle holder helps a lot when it comes to a backyard’s mood lighting. I’ve actually placed mine as a centerpiece on our coffee table out on the patio, and it gives out a nice warm light in the early evenings.


Backyard Fun

59. DIY Giant Jenga

Almost everyone gets excited whenever they see our Jenga set. You may need to do a bit of sanding for this project though to ensure no one gets punctured by a splinter. To make things easier, grab an orbital sander. It’ll make the minutes fly by.

60. 20 DIY Summer Games To Entertain Kids This Weekend

Have some fun under the sun with these outdoor games. They’re bound to keep you and the kids occupied for hours on end!

61. 15 DIY Outdoor Family Games

Looking for more family games to try this weekend? This list features a few old time favorites you can teach your kids to play. It'll give you a chance to reminisce the wonder years, as well.

62. DIY Outdoor Movie Screen

Let the family bond over a good old movie, one from your backyard that is. Make sure to use a thick fabric for your movie screen. The thicker the fabric, the better the movie experience.

63. 12 Cutest DIY Fairy Garden Ideas And Kits

Your little ones will love making these fairy gardens. You can even have them put in old toys they don’t use anymore to decorate the fairy garden.

64. The Coolest $5 Outdoor Wireless Speaker

Why buy an outdoor speaker when you can make one from scratch? This DIY even lets you upcycle your old MP3 player’s speakers, bringing the cost down even lower.

65. 21 Creative Corn Hole Boards To Inspire Your Next Backyard Game Night

Need some inspiration to help decorate your corn hole boards? Here’s a roundup just for you! My family’s favorite is the Harry Potter-inspired design for a team Gryffindor vs. team Slytherin match!

66. 25 Adorable DIY Projects You And Your Pet Will Love

Give your little pets some love with these adorable DIY outdoor projects. My favorite’s the DIY teepee, only because it’s so cute whenever our dog sticks his head out from under the covers!

67. DIY Sandbox Ideas

A DIY sandbox is one of the ways you can bring the beach to your kids. Don’t forget to give them little toys like a bucket and a shovel to make sandcastles with.


When The Seasons Change

68. 30 DIY Backyard Projects To Try This Spring

Dave and I treat ourselves to a little spring DIY whenever we're done spring cleaning. We can’t help it when it comes to DIY outdoor projects. Seeing our dream home materialize in front of our eyes just makes us so happy!

69. 15 Cheap DIY Projects For Summer

Dave loves this rolling island because he usually hosts grill nights with his buds. Wondering what other DIY outdoor projects you can do this summer? Check this out!

70. 25 Ways To Have The Most Patriotic 4th Of July Party

Show off your patriotic side by throwing a 4th of July party! These tips and tricks will help you throw one of the best parties ever!

71. 25 Cute But Creepy Halloween Decor Ideas To Increase Your Boo Factor

Bring out some spooktacular fun with these Halloween decor ideas! These DIY projects will definitely make your house trick-or-treat ready!


Looking for more DIY outdoor projects? Check out this super cool bread oven!

And there you have it! Now, you’ve got the ultimate list for all your upcoming DIY outdoor projects! I sure hope these projects help give you and your family more reasons to enjoy sunny days out in the yard.

Let us know your favorite DIY outdoor projects by leaving a comment below!

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