59 Times Creative Employees Built Work-Themed Christmas Trees

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Are fairy lights and dangling ornaments a breakable objects hazard? Do your coworkers not want to spend January picking pine needles out of the lobby?

There are plenty of reasons not to have a traditional Christmas tree at work, but if youre missing Christmas decorations, you might be able to convince your colleagues to put up some last-minute cheer with these clever ideas that will make a fun team-building exercise, show what you're about and make anyone who walks in smile. Here are some pictures of creative and fitting trees that people made at work with whatever they could get their hands on.

You could also recreate some of these ideas at home if you skipped getting a tree this year and you have a well-stocked bookshelf or office. These people show that you can turn just about anything into a Christmas tree!

#1 This Tree That The Art Center Employees Put Up In My Home Town Put Up

Image credits: strangeloop527

#2 Tech Store Employees Make A Christmas Tree Out Of Sheets Of Glass

Image credits: ProbablyMaybe69

#3 This Christmas Tree Made Of Latex Gloves In My Laboratory

Image credits: pine_apple_pizza

Another reason why more people each year hesitate to get a Christmas tree is the perceived impact on nature. Most people are unsure whether the greener choice is a real tree, or an artificial one that saves another tree from being cut down.

It turns out that environmental organizations don't recommend contributing to the manufacturing and shipping of plastic products by getting an artificial tree. (Of course, if you already have an artificial tree, you should make the most of it and use it for at least 10 years.)

#4 A Very Special Christmas Tree In Public Library Created By The Librarians (Sulcin, Poland)

Image credits: Botatitsbest

#5 Made Our Own Christmas Tree Where We Are Deployed

Image credits: jerm1820

#6 Vilnius Airport Employees Create A Christmas Tree Made Of Confiscated Items

Image credits: Lithuanian Airports

Real trees provide all the oxygen-producing benefits of any tree while they are being grown, and can be disposed of by composting, so they are actually recommended over artificial trees.

But if you still cant stand the thought of cutting one down as a decoration, and you're not prepared to maintain a potted tree, assembling a creative tree out of whatever you have lying around might be the solution youre looking for. Try using things that you already have a lot of, and preferably that you can use again for their intended purpose after you disassemble the tree.

#7 I Work For A Gas Company. This Is Our Christmas Tree This Year

Image credits: Oca9

#8 I Work At A Whisky Distillery And We Couldn't Get A Tree, So We Improvised

We're an enterprising bunch here at Raasay Distillery. When the festive season approached and we didn't have a tree handy, we made do with the best materials to hand- Barrels! These are small ex-sherry casks that are no longer up to the task of holding scotch whisky.

Image credits: litzippo

#9 My Lab Has A New Christmas Tree

Image credits: EarthwormEd

#10 I Was At My Local Hispanic Bakery And I Saw This Christmas Tree Made Entirely Of Conchas

Image credits: idkkimkim

#11 Fractal Christmas Tree At Cambridge Maths Department


#12 The IT Guy Where I Work Set This Up As His Decorations For Christmas

Image credits: Mr_MozZie

#13 The Jager Christmas Tree We Built At My Bar

Image credits: free_trdr_bewlf

#14 This Pizza Box Christmas Tree At A Local Pizza Shop

Image credits: SpaceyEve

#15 Someone Made A Pointe Shoe Christmas Tree In London Coliseum, English National Opera

Image credits: katebirch20

#16 I Made A Bacterial Christmas Tree In The Lab

Image credits: LadyMario

#17 This Christmas Tree Made Of Bycicle Gears At My Local Bike Store

Image credits: Cinnemaninemanas

#18 Oh Chemis-Tree Oh Chemis-Tree! How Lovely Are Your Branches

Image credits: alpacapunch33

#19 Encyclopedia Christmas Tree At My Local University

Image credits: sa-steve-va

#20 Workers On One Of Yeovil's Busiest Roads Are Trying To Spread A Bit Of Festive Joy By Building Their Own Version Of A Christmas Tree

Image credits: bbcsomerset

#21 This Farmer Made A Very Specific Christmas Tree

Image credits: katherine_douglas_art

#22 The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation Made A Christmas Tree Out Of Guide Dogs In Training

Image credits: KNGFgeleidehonden

#23 Christmas Tree At My Fertility Clinic

Image credits: rabidkittens

#24 This Canary Island's Supermarket Christmas Tree Is Bananas

Image credits: drinking-coffee

#25 Could You Sink Your Teeth Into This Christmas Tree?

Image credits: Montrosesmiles1

#26 My Local Store Made A Christmas Tree Out Of Shopping Carts

Image credits: papi-dinkleberg

#27 Interior Design Shop's Christmas Tree

Image credits: firefly_home

#28 This Christmas Tree Made Out Of Tires At A Go-Kart Place

Image credits: Narwhalboss45

#29 Clothes Shop's Christmas Tree

Image credits: doddingtonhall

#30 I Wanted To Make The It Department More Cheerful, So I Made This "Tree" To Help Celebrate

Image credits: Drgott

#31 Christmas Tree For Gamers

Image credits: SummerRay

#32 12 Foot Farmer's Christmas Tree Made Entirely Out Of Bell Peppers

Image credits: oMRBLONDEo

#33 The Christmas Tree At My Local Supermarket

Image credits: cheesteak

#34 Christmas Tree At A Local Electronics Store Is Lit

Image credits: FusRoeDah

#35 My Local Pub Finally Put Up Their Christmas Tree

Image credits: kekembas17

#36 My Grandpa Has The Same Christmas Tree For 74 Years

Image credits: ElPaoloGrande

#37 Our YMCA Decorated The Pool With An Underwater Christmas Tree

Image credits: SpectrumDiva

#38 Epic Sandbag Christmas Tree Created By Marines Deployed To Helmand Province, Afghanistan

Image credits: hopeseck

#39 Claridge Hotels Christmas Tree Made Of 100 Umbrellas

Image credits: interior_image.ideas

#40 Christmas Has Inspired A Little Creativity Here At The Royal. Our Events Manager, Maria Created A Whimsical Christmas Tree With Corks We Have Collected Over The Year

Image credits: theroyalhotel

#41 Auto Repair's Christmas Tree

Image credits: Casey's Auto Repair

#42 Walked Into This At Work Today

Image credits: Novus396

#43 This Christmas Tree Is Made From Flip-Flop Straps

Image credits: lifesnotperfect

#44 Christmas Tree Made Of Books At The Library

Image credits: whatsyournameagain

#45 Christmas Tree In A Pharmacy Made Of Cotton Pads

Image credits: BraveDarkSoul

#46 Christmas Tree In The Supermarket

Image credits: tabb_oule

#47 I Made An It Christmas Tree Made Of Monitors

Image credits: thatpartyguy

#48 The Boys And Gals From The Intesive Care Unit Have The Best Tree This Year

Image credits: Bollramm

#49 Christmas Spirit In Our Lab

Image credits: SasaAden

#50 On Behalf Of All Fire Brigade Members Of Brandweer Albrandswaard: Merry Christmas!

Image credits: KazAlbr

#51 Christmas Tree At My Local Police Station

Image credits: stenthebear

#52 Christmas Tree In My School

Image credits: pantalaimon_silvertongue

#53 Merry Christmas Eve

Image credits: TurkTurkleton2

#54 My Roommate Likes Climbing. This Is His Christmas Tree This Year

Image credits: sweet_mary_jane

#55 Christmas Tree Made Out Of Ties In This Costume Store

Image credits: estrenocasa

#56 Employees From The Jack Daniels Distillery In Lynchburg, Tennessee, Complete A 26 Ft High Christmas Barrel Tree In London

Image credits: henriksen1

#57 Hospital's Christmas Tree

Image credits: pennmedicine

#58 Air Force Christmas Tree

Image credits: im2drunk4this

#59 Merry Christmas From The Portuguese Police

Image credits: LittleGrannyPotato5772