5 Ways of Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle in 2021

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2021 has brought many challenges, one of which is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Staying healthy is difficult at any time, but lately, it has seemed even more challenging for many of us. It can be easy to feel like throwing up your hands and giving up on healthy living.

However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will make you happier in the end. These five tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in 2021 aren’t difficult, but they can make a big difference in your life.

1. Build Your Immunity

Having great immunity is always important, but in 2021, the value of immunity has been made even more clear. If you’d like to increase your chances of fighting off the COVID-19 virus, building a stronger immune system is a great way to do it.

Most of what you need to do to build immunity are the same sorts of things you need to do to stay healthy generally:

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Sleep enough at night
  • Work exercise into your day


There’s no harm in researching foods, herbs, and supplements that can do even more to build your immunity and incorporating them into your life as well.

2. Consider Joining an Online Exercise or Diet Community

For many of us, isolation can make it harder to stick to an exercise or diet plan. Having the accountability of a group that you exercise with or friends that you undertake diets with can be extremely helpful.

In the absence of the usual exercise groups and friend groups, consider joining an online group to help keep you accountable, share stories, and answer questions. You may be surprised by how much a group like this can help you to stick to your goals.

There are dozens of groups available on social media, through email chains, and on blog sites.  Try out a few different groups until you find one that you feel very comfortable with.

3. Stretch Often

Working at home has many advantages, but it comes with some burdens as well. Many of us do not have as ergonomic a workstation at home as we may have had at work. There are fewer reasons to get up and walk around when even our meetings take place in front of the computer.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to incorporate a stretching routine into your everyday life. You can find instructional videos and other tools to help you find the right stretches for your lifestyle on Stretch.com.

The right stretches for you will vary depending on your weight, age, lifestyle, and other factors, so it is well worth doing some research to choose the best possible stretches to keep you healthy.

4. Actively Reduce Stress

There are all kinds of reasons to be stressed out in 2021. Whether you are without a job or not getting as much work as you’d like, taking care of sick loved ones or recovering from an illness yourself, or just worried about the general state of the world, anxiety has a way of creeping in.

It may be harder to enjoy the things that you used to do to reduce your stress, like getting a drink with friends after work or even just chatting with co-workers. Therefore, it’s important to find ways to reduce your own stress level.

Find what works for you, whether it’s adult coloring books, reading, or mind puzzles. Whatever works for you is the right de-stressor, regardless of whether it seems silly. Don’t minimize the importance of reducing your stress level. Stress can be extremely dangerous for your health.

5. Watch Your Habits

It can be very easy to fall into unhealthy habits, especially when you’re spending more time at home than usual. Has a quick coffee before work turned into three or four sugar and cream-filled lattes throughout your morning? Has a healthy walk or bike ride to work every day become sleeping in and stumbling to the computer?

Bad habits can be incredibly easy to form, but with a little bit of effort, you can build healthy habits for yourself instead. Keep track of what you find yourself doing every day. If you find yourself repeatedly doing things that you know aren’t good for your health, make an effort to change these habits.

It is often harder to build healthy habits than it is to build unhealthy ones, but if you stick it out for a couple of weeks, you will likely find that it gets easier to stick to your healthy habits every day. Be very observant to make sure that you don’t form any new unhealthy habits.

Strive for a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is never easy, but the challenges of staying healthy in 2021 can seem overwhelming. Don’t give up on your health. A little bit of dedication to a healthy lifestyle is well worth the effort. By keeping these tips in mind and being deliberate about your lifestyle, you can be healthier and happier regardless of the challenges and changes in your life.

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