5 Reasons to Buy an Electric Cargo Bike This Year

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Are you tired of gas, insurance, and parking bills? What if there was a way to save money on getting around while also doing your part to care for the environment? Meet the electric cargo bike.

With their extra power and ability to go long distances without tiring yourself out, electric cargo bikes fuse the best qualities of bikes and cars—all in an eco-friendly package! You’ll find yourself wanting to take them out for leisurely rides, errands, or even helping your friends move.

Electric cargo bikes allow you to haul boxes, small furniture, and other big items without spending on gas. You can even bring your pet on longer adventures without worrying about them getting tired. Whether searching for a healthy outdoor activity for your family or a sustainable way to commute to work, a cargo e-bike is a great solution.

Here are five reasons why you should consider buying one this year

1. You’ll save on gas and parking

Nobody likes blowing their hard-earned paycheck on gas or the parking lot around the corner. But thanks to cargo e-bikes, you don’t have to worry about either of those things!

Save energy while saving thousands annually

According to a study done by AAA, the average monthly cost of maintaining a new car in 2022 was $894—that’s more than $10k per year! Cargo e-bikes can double as a car but use less energy and save you hundreds of dollars annually.

Arrive on time and on budget

Just because they’re a much more budget-friendly alternative doesn’t mean they’re slow. With electric assist speeds climbing to an impressive 28mph, they’re also much faster than your typical electric bike. If you’ve been looking for ways to slash your monthly transportation costs, electric cargo bikes are a great solution!

2. Electric cargo bikes are earth friendly

It’s no secret that electric cargo bikes are much better for the environment than cars.

Emission-free commutes

The energy used to power electric vehicles is much lower than traditional gasoline-powered cars—resulting in fewer emissions.

Decrease your carbon footprint

In a world where fossil fuels are still a primary source of energy, electric cargo bikes are an innovative, cost-effective way to lower that carbon footprint.

Affordable green transportation

Looking to invest in green modes of transportation without taking out a loan for a Tesla? Cargo e-bikes start from around $2000, making them a much more accessible reality for anyone wanting to make their life a little greener.

3. They’re easy to ride and fun to use

Electric cargo bikes have quickly become a must-have for anyone who needs an easy and fun means of getting around.

Cardio or motor – it’s your choice

Thanks to electric assist, electric cargo bikes give you the option of using your own energy or electric power – meaning you can use them, whatever your fitness level or lifestyle.

Sit back and enjoy the ride

The pedal assists feature is convenient for people with longer commutes who look forward to cruising home after a long day (without breaking a sweat).

Electric moving assistance

Whether you are moving boxes, groceries, pet supplies or gear, cargo e-bikes offer the most convenient way to transport items. And thanks to that electric motor, it’s even easier to lug around your goods as you ride.

Weekend fun

Additionally, electric cargo bikes provide a great way to get outside with your family on the weekends while still having an electric backup when needed.

So instead of breaking your back and hauling heavy loads from place to place all day, why not pull up with a cargo ebike and let the electric pedals do the hard work?

4. They’re a healthy alternative to cars

Who needs a gym membership when you’ve got cargo e-bikes? Being out and about on your electric cargo bike is an engaging exercise that doesn’t involve suffering through a boring spin class.

Joint-friendly cardio support

Cargo e-bikes offer an excellent cardio workout that can help improve your heart health and tone your legs. Plus, it’s a low-impact activity much easier on your joints than running or jogging.

Environmentally friendly exercise

Cargo e-bikes are the perfect way to get exercise in an environmentally friendly way while running errands and carrying heavier items with ease.

Enjoy all-terrain adventures

There’s no need to struggle with clunky bicycles or heavy loads on your back since electric cargo bikes provide the benefit of electric assistance for any hilly terrain.

5. They help lessen traffic congestion

Not only are cargo e-bikes emission-free, but they provide an often faster and more efficient commute around the city.

Reduce your commute time

Cargo e-bikes are small and nimble—ideal for cutting through traffic or taking advantage of bike lanes. This means spending less time in traffic, leading to fewer cars on the road and less pollution.

Make urban spaces more efficient

Whether carrying groceries, commuting to work, or even carrying another passenger, electric cargo bikes have the potential to make urban transport much more efficient and environment-friendly.

Reduce noise pollution

Electric cargo bikes are significantly quieter than electric cars, making them perfect for any city or suburban environment.

Ditch the traffic and join the cargo e-bike club today!

American commuters spend an average of 55 minutes getting to work each day, and with gas prices on the rise, that number is only going to go up.

Electric cargo bikes offer a solution that’s cheap, fun, good for the environment, and good for your health. On top of that, they can help make our cities more efficient. Based on what we’ve seen so far, electric cargo bikes are definitely the future of transportation.

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