2022 Running Goals + My Mileage This Year!

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It took me a few hours to convince myself to do it but I eventually got on my bike and was very happy that I did once my legs were moving.  Starting a run/workout is 100% the hardest part of any work out for me.

I hit a new 45-minute class PR yesterday!  Of course. it was because I took one of Kendall’s classes, they are so hard for me.  I finished up with a 15 minute legs class.

PS Andrew did a 45-minute class later on in the day and his output was almost 200 higher than mine, he is quite the biker.

IMG 0426

(shorts, tank, socks, bra)

We have watched more movies in the last few days than the entire year combined ha.

IMG 0417

Beck is happiest when I am crawling on the ground with him.

IMG 0431

Megan and my mom have hooked us up with treats this week.

IMG 0432

Just a closer look on the twix cookie.

IMG 0434

I’ve been living off of turkey sandwiches the last few days… throw on some cucumbers and spinach = a meal in 12 seconds.

IMG 0441

Skye wouldn’t eat all day long so when she said that Panda sounded good… I was out in the snowstorm two seconds later getting her that orange chicken.

IMG 0447

Time to move the cereal up…

IMG 0442 1


Let’s chat about 2022 running goals!  I feel a little strange with my running goals this year… Other than the years I have been pregnant, I feel like I have always had huge goals that I set for the upcoming new year.  This year, I feel like I am just in survival mode with kids and running is just keeping me sane ha.

IMG 0285

But I do have a few that I have set until some bigger ones seem doable again!

*2 races that I have never done before.  I tend to just stick to doing the exact same races each year.  This year I want to branch out a bit more and try a few brand new (to me) races!

*A trail race in March!  It is the Buffalo 25k that Andrew did a few years ago and it is calling my name.

*For January I have set the goal to run 140 miles in the month.  I also have the goal for January to complete one interval run a week as I try to get back into speed again.

As far as mileage goes for 2021—> I have two more runs left in the year so it looks like I’ll hit 2,242 miles for the year!

Screen Shot 2021 12 28 at 2 53 54 PM

Did you keep track of your 2021 running?  What were your highest mileage months from the yeaer?

Tell me your 2022 running goals?  

-Wouldn’t it be fun to all plan for a fall race and meet up together?!

Do you usually stick to the same races each year or do you like trying new ones?

What is your workout today?