150 Things Worn Down Over Time That Tell Interesting Stories (New Pics)

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If you pause for a moment and look around, you’ll see the signs of life long-lived everywhere. From faded wooden floors to sofa marks, and your beloved doggo’s face, things are constantly changing and surrendering to time.

Call it getting worn down, aging, or acquiring a story to tell, you cannot escape the passage of time. So Bored Panda has compiled a collection full of the most intriguing and incredible examples of things being marked by time, whether it’s the wear and tear of gravity, friction, or repeated use. It’s beautiful how philosophical we get when looking at things from such an existential perspective!

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#1 Berlin Wall: Graffiti Spray Paint Layers On A Broken Piece

Image credits: SJWonka

#2 This Display In Ashmolean Museum Shows How Touching Artwork Affects Material

Image credits: Newbee_3000

#3 This Old Copper Crayon Turned Green

Image credits: itsnotamountainlion

#4 My Sister Has Kept The Same Koosh Ball Chain On Her Keys Since The Early 90s. What It Is Meant To Look Like vs. What It Actually Looks Like Now

Image credits: Lunhala

#5 100 Years Ago Someone Lost Their Coin Purse

Found in the woods of Southwestern Vermont with my metal detector: 1899 Barber Dime; 1897 Indian Head Cent; 1904 Indian Head Cent.

Image credits: silverwinged

#6 This Piece Of Wall That Got Rounded By The Sea

Image credits: TheCorpseOfMarx

#7 This Perfect Semicircular Mark In The Garden Is Made By A Dog That Has Followed This Path For Years

Image credits: xerikappax

#8 The Colors Of This Bronze Cristiano Ronaldo Statue Is Fading Where People Touch It The Most

Image credits: joshi97

#9 My ID Left An Impression Of My ID Pic On My Badge Holder

Image credits: swiggityswell

#10 Can Someone Give Me A Jump Start? Haven't Driven This Thing In A While

Image credits: BarnabyWoods

#11 My Rotting Goomba Pumpkin Looks More Like Goomba Now Than It Did When It Was Freshly Carved

Image credits: gemini8200

#12 Burned Out Microwave Bulb Left This Smoke Pattern Inside

Image credits: l1t1g8r

#13 Knife At My Work That's Halfway Gone From Sharpening

Image credits: dillferino

#14 Planting 90,000ish Trees Take A Few Inches Of A Shovel

Image credits: AgrajagDaMadBat

#15 My Great Grandfather's British Army Issue Pocket Watch Along With The German Bullet That It Stopped In France 1914

Image credits: Marshal_Soult

#16 They Served Me Well For 6 Years But It Was Time. $220 Plus A $60 Resole A Couple Years Ago From The Local Cobbler. Looking Forward To Another 6 Years

I’ve blown through $200+ Red Wings and Timberlands in months but these never failed me (the holes happened a few months ago).

Image credits: TigerBlue12

#17 An Office Computer Mouse That's Been Clicked To A Mirror Finish

Image credits: Arde645

#18 Cubic Crystals Growing In Old Play-Doh

Image credits: MonRastar

#19 This Sculpture Of Jesus At Abandoned Cemetery In Poland Gets Slowly Absorbed By A Tree. Pictures Taken 12 Years In Between

Image credits: DonPecz

#20 A Coin Taped In My Father's Baby Book Stayed Clean Under The Tape Only

Image credits: wordsherenowlame

#21 A Sustained Playing Card That I Found In My Blinds

Image credits: StepwiseSauce9

#22 Stairs On The Great Wall Of China. How Many People Do You Think Have Walked On Them?

Image credits: g6rf8

#23 The Border Of My Tattoo Turned Into A Stretch Mark During My First Pregnancy, Now It Looks 3D

Image credits: FamousAmos00

#24 A Vending Machine That Time Forgot

Image credits: DCGMechanics

#25 The Walls In This Old Coffeehouse Have Shadows Where People Used To Sit

Image credits: vadisus

#26 This Deteriorating Combination Lock I Found At The Beach

Image credits: SweetTaterette

#27 Skateboard Wheels

Image credits: GutterLoveMusic

#28 Years Of Paint Build Up I Chipped Of An Old Trestle At Work

Image credits: AusShroomer

#29 100 Of Each: Mutilated Bills, Bills In Circulation, And Brand New

Image credits: AlpiGusto

#30 One Of The Oldest ‘Beware Of The Dog’ Signs In The World, Found In Pompeii Ruins, Italy

Image credits: Xuan Che

#31 "Biodegradable" Cups That Were Buried In A Composter For 15 Years. Everything Else Turned To Dirt Except These

Image credits: M1CAustin

#32 This Rock My Sisters And I Put Between These Tree Limbs 10-Ish Years Ago

Image credits: machandcheez

#33 Four And A Half Years Of Dust Building Up On A Green Army Man

Image credits: BoxterCrabshire

#34 The Same Wooden Cover On The Building, But One Part Is Under The Balcony. 10 Years Of Weather

Image credits: csoszi

#35 I Had No Idea These Grips Were Originally Hot Pink Until I Cut Them Off

Image credits: __babyslaughter__

#36 A Cemetery Of Telephone Booths In The UK

Image credits: Andrew Testa

#37 My Grandfather's Liberty Dollar He Carried For 50+ Years Because "A Man's Always Gotta Have A Dollar In His Pocket"

Took a few attempts to get it, but you can still make out Lady Liberty.

Image credits: _leftbanks_

#38 It's Still There - After 20 Years

Image credits: timotion

#39 The Sanitizer At Work Has Started To Eat Through The Tile On The Bathroom Floor Over The Past Year

Image credits: Heyo13579

#40 This Nike That We Found While Hiking

Image credits: jurgo4509

#41 This Old Color Pencil Box After Termites Ate All The Wood

Image credits: Drship

#42 This Dried Plant That’s Been Wearing Away At This Fence In An Arc Pattern As The Wind Blows

Image credits: manonaplanet

#43 Thought You Might Like This. Crt Screen Burn In On A TV That Was Used As A Security Cam Monitor

Image credits: Vintage_AppleG4

#44 My Dogs' Nerf Frisbee. Still Their Favorite

Image credits: TheHammeredTroll

#45 Shovel Used By An Elderly Client To Shovel Her Steps Since 1978

Image credits: CrazzyJoeDavola

#46 Steps At Hawkstone Folly Worn Down By Footsteps And Weather

Image credits: andy612202

#47 Some Knives Obviously Used In My Family For Generations

Image credits: ItzzYoBoyReTro

#48 The Uneven Wear On The Knob Of This Human Statue Due To People Stroking It Over The Years Shows That Humans Can’t Resist Stroking Knobs Even If They Are Not Real

Image credits: TheIncorporeal

#49 This Forgotten Bike That Grew Into A Tree

Image credits: Flowerino

#50 The Way This Tree Grew Over The Railing

Image credits: dino-dancers

#51 I'm A Mailman And I Walk Around 11 Miles A Day. My Old Boots Are From Mid March

Image credits: posananer

#52 I've Been Documenting The Natural Decay In This Small Abandoned Church Since 2012

Image credits: Freaktography

#53 My Grandpa’s Old Hammer

Image credits: reddit.com

#54 A Pedal On The Piano In A University Practice Room

Image credits: thebridgetocherokee

#55 What 3000+ Miles Of Biking Will Do To A Pair Of Gloves

Image credits: Dar_Winning

#56 Oman Clay Tile With Footprint Left By A Toddler As It Dried 2000 Years Ago, Vaison-La-Romaine (Ancient Vasio Vocontiorum)

Image credits: OptimoPrincipi

#57 Holes Worn Into A Tree By Shaolin Monks Over Centuries Of Pressing Their Fingers Into The Bark To Train Their Finger Strength

Image credits: leave_it_to_beavers

#58 Utility Pole Shows Evidence Of Years Of Flyers

Image credits: GuRuOfGu

#59 New vs. Used Electrodes For My Pool Ionizer

Image credits: DrCapeBreton

#60 Over The Years Shaggy Has Slowly Turned Grey On My Scooby-Doo Mug

Image credits: UnderstandingDense83

#61 This Truck In A Tree I Found While Driving Through The Woods

Image credits: folly136

#62 Finishing Pens Without Losing Them

Image credits: Beyphorweyb

#63 Tree Consuming Children... Sign

Image credits: Ixshanade

#64 These Bendy Trees I Saw On My Walk This Afternoon

Image credits: floydical

#65 My Mask Filters After One Day Firefighting

Image credits: thebadchopper

#66 Furnace Filter vs. Two Weeks Of Wildfire Smoke

Image credits: Im_alwaystired

#67 An Old Well In A Village In Permet. It Must Have Taken A Long Time For The Grooves To Appear

Image credits: oliveman62

#68 Mom Surprised Me With The Brand New Version Of My 27-Year-Old Childhood Stuffed Animal

Image credits: KatieCat420Lulz

#69 This Tree Growing Through An Old Truck

Image credits: PineStreetJanitor

#70 The Flooring From My Barber's Shop

Image credits: stormyciv

#71 This Metal Ring To Tie Boats To In A Harbor

Image credits: Ceyphe

#72 Ollie’s New Panda And 3 Year Old Panda

Image credits: SQUEEcakes

#73 The Game Boy That Survived The Gulf War (1991)

Image credits: Early_Power_5366

#74 David Blaine’s Hands After Spending 7 Days Underwater

Image credits: KingOfStingUSM

#75 Only The Left Handle Of The Door Has Scratches Because Of Wedding Rings

Image credits: the_stick_insect

#76 A 300-Year-Old Brick With A Paw Print In It

Image credits: thealchemistpro

#77 The Way This Hammer Has Changed Through The Years And Weather

Image credits: direct-evil

#78 New Vans vs. Old. Wish I Could Remember How Many Years I Wore The Old Ones

Please don’t mind the dirty floors of my old camper van, this was taken in 2017 while traveling - stopped in Flagstaff, AZ to pick up a new pair!

Image credits: MulberryStarship

#79 It Was Hot Enough This Summer In Phoenix To Melt The Blinds On My Bedroom Window

Image credits: BenYolo

#80 After 15 Years Of Hard Work It’s Time To Retire My Old Red Wings

Image credits: AbsentAsh

#81 My Mom Found A Cute Rug At The Store. Brought It Home And It Was The Same One She Had Before

Image credits: bananabeanbonbon

#82 When 900 Years Old You Reach, Look As Good You Will Not

Image credits: enventim

#83 My Dad Has Worn This Spoon Down Over 30 Years From Scraping The Bottom Of Cooking Pans And Pots

Image credits: Oops_Carpet

#84 Years Of Boops Have Taken Their Toll On Oden's Nose

Image credits: Herwiththetwodogs

#85 This Piece Of A Brick Wall Weathered Into A Stone I Found On The Shore Of Lake Ontario

Image credits: RNA4lyfe

#86 My Very Well Worn Pair Of Bicycle Shoes After 20,000+ Miles (Including A Bike Ride From Portland, Or, USA To Ushuaia, Argentina) Compared To The Same Model Brand New

Image credits: merz-person

#87 The Western Staircase Leading To The Roof Of The Temple Of The Goddess Hathor, Egypt. 2300 Years Old

Image credits: innuendoPL

#88 My Dad's Old Leatherman Holster And His New One. He Hardly Ever Buys Things Online And Was Super Excited To Show This Off To Me

Image credits: jamiehs

#89 Two And A Half Years In The Pilbara Desert vs. Brand New

Image credits: Separate-Statement-2

#90 Old Work Boots, Meet New Work Boots

Image credits: PanzerSpinne

#91 My Mom Has Been Using The Same Shovel For 25 Years

Image credits: gagnonca

#92 This Pan Has Seen Some S***

Image credits: unsightful

#93 Progression Of Wear On Us Silver Dollars

Image credits: R_I_G_H_T_O

#94 My Son’s Watercolors Got Left In The Sun, And They Shrunk Into Round Balls

Image credits: studteaing

#95 Tree Grew Into The Fence

Image credits: drabThespian

#96 Spot Worn On My Son's Pachycephalosaurus' Head From Years Of Head-Butting Other Dinosaurs

Image credits: chop655

#97 Both Of My Lights Burnt Out - One Turned White While The Other Turned Black

Image credits: YetiPie

#98 I Found A Nickel That Is 116 Years Old

Image credits: tjcowell96

#99 Divots In My Basketball After 2 Weeks Of Finger Spinning

Image credits: OrthorienWHOMP

#100 Dinosaur Skin Imprint

Image credits: EricNyre

#101 I Don't Remember How Old My Keyboard Is

Image credits: r-game

#102 The First Six Frets Of My Stratocaster Neck

Image credits: MuchoGrande

#103 The Left Side Of My Chess Was Exposed To Sun, Other Wasn't

Image credits: CumDispenser1337

#104 This Boot I Found In The Woods Is Covered In Moss

Image credits: SlipperySlope31

#105 My Great Grandfather's Ww1 Dog Tags

Image credits: tetraheart

#106 Part Of A Wall That's Been Repainted Over And Over Through The Years

Image credits: mandyprice

#107 The Wear On The Weights In My Gym Created A Normal Distribution

Image credits: __Anorak__

#108 My 14-Years-Old Well Worn Toy Compared To A New One Found In A Second Hand Shop

Image credits: sekasika

#109 I Got A New Wallet. 6 And A Half Years Difference

Image credits: csaron92

#110 Customer: Yeah, So My Chain Jumps From Time To Time. His Chainring:

Image credits: olkra007

#111 This Knife Has Been In Our Family For Generations. Sharpened Regularly. Used To Have A Typical Knife Shape

Image credits: commence_suicide

#112 I Wonder... What Might The Password Be?

Image credits: Tz_AlphaWolf

#113 This Well Worn Parking Sign

Image credits: Korzag

#114 A Door Step In Antwerp That Is Deformed After Many Years Of Use

Image credits: giveMeSomeJuicePls

#115 Dripping Soap (Not Acid)

Image credits: centro99

#116 Brick Wall vs. Chain

Image credits: TheNobodyOne

#117 I Think It’s Time To Accept I Need A New Pair

Image credits: rossrekt94

#118 Burn-In On An OLED TV That Played CNN All Day For 2 Years

Image credits: TankTan38

#119 New vs. One Working Day Cleaning Archaeological Ceramics

Image credits: PLAUTOS

#120 X-Mas Of 2019 I Got Two Pillows And Used 1 Of Them Every Night For A Year

Image credits: mayday987

#121 After 15 Years, Finally Decided To Detail My Headlight

Image credits: mccarthybergeron

#122 My Wood Fired Oven Brush After A Year Of Heavy Use vs. A New One

Image credits: juancortiz88

#123 Water Heater Elements

Image credits: PHON3-BOi

#124 Tree Absorbing A Fire Hydrant

Image credits: luxmargaret

#125 I Had To Retire The Admiral Today. It's Been A Rough Decade

Image credits: An_Anonymous_Sauce

#126 My Work Gloves After 1 Month

Image credits: AggresivePickle

#127 Chain On A Machine In My Gym

Image credits: Gabzerty2

#128 Chain And Water Makes For A Great Pattern In Stone

Image credits: marc0tjevp

#129 This Iron Post In Charleston Harbour, Cornwall

Image credits: haircarpet

#130 New vs. Old Skateboard Wheels

Image credits: asdfBAMF

#131 The Wear On A LEGO Brick I've Been Using As A Key Hanger For A Few Years, Compared To A New One

Image credits: purndou

#132 Internal Staircase, Leaning Tower In Pisa

Image credits: andorand_too

#133 The Drastic Difference In Color Between The Part Of The Rocks That Were Underwater vs. Exposed To Air And How Much The Water Level Has Changed

Image credits: PeachyHats

#134 A Road On My Work Commute Is Eroding And Starting To Expose The Old Cobblestone Street. London

Image credits: theparisangel

#135 Leaf Has Been Sitting On A Fountain For A Long Time

Image credits: glossysquid6

#136 Puddles After Rain Show The Spots Where The Wheels Are In This Parking Lot

Image credits: mAzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

#137 5-Month-Old Banana

Image credits: netnemirepxE

#138 29-Year-Old Bike Lock I Left At My Public School In Grade 7

Image credits: darkzilla23

#139 Bought Two Well-Used Decks Of Uno At Yard Sale For .50¢ Dated 1979 And 1983. Both Decks Have All 108 Cards

Image credits: mikemongo

#140 My Grandma Has Been Sharpening This Knife For So Long It's Nearly Gone

Image credits: HumanPerson344

#141 My Grandma's 60-Year-Old Wooden Spoon That She Still Uses All The Time

Image credits: Ayuvelo

#142 The Pattern Of Bite Marks On My Dog’s Frisbee After Thousands Of Fetches

Image credits: yoshiplace

#143 The Same Doorknob, Different Humidity For Over A Decade

Image credits: Dimond1134

#144 This Carpet (Bought In 1992) Lost Its Red Where It Was Exposed To Sunlight

Image credits: Eagleassassin3

#145 This Knife I Saw At My Local Grocery Store

Image credits: BlackSheep-

#146 The Condensation On This Bar Of Soap

Image credits: SecretBanannaPeel

#147 This Groove In The Pavement Made From The Gate

Image credits: TheGreatJatsby

#148 The Restaurant I Work At Uses These Plates To Bake Things

Image credits: 7h33v1l7w1n

#149 Pay Your Respects To These Fallen Soldiers

Image credits: ABigRedBall

#150 40 Years Of Throwing Darts

Image credits: Flareexx