141 Old People Who Don’t Let Their Age Define Their Personality

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Age is just a number, they say. Yet the vast majority of humanity is hooked on anti-aging skincare, anti-aging lifestyles, anti-aging everything. In fact, a survey has previously shown that a whopping 87% have a fear of getting old, also known as FOGO. Feeling anxious about wearing out before the warranty is something not entirely new to most people, but for many, the reservations revolve more around the outside rather than the inside.

But what if we told you that some seniors go way up the cool-ometer, leaving us, the self-obsessed millennials, far behind? You gotta see it to believe it, so ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Bored Panda’s compilation of the coolest elders.

From a smashing sense of humor to incredible skills, enviable physical shape, and the most youthful mindset, there’s a lot to learn from these badasses who may not have turned back time, but figured out how to get the most out of it. Psst! Our previous post with 90 Grandmas Who Are More Badass Than You awaits right here.

#1 My 101-Year-Old Neighbor Was So Ready For The Eclipse

Image credits: lesbiancarwash

#2 My Aunt’s First Selfie With Her First-Ever Smartphone She Got For Christmas

Image credits: beaverkc

#3 Cool Cookies From A Cool Grandpa

Image credits: MayaDanielleP

#4 Nearly Every Day This Elderly Women Stands With This Sign Up, Facing The Traffic

Image credits: YouFooledMe

#5 Punk Grandma

Image credits: BobbyDukeArts

#6 My 97-Year-Old Great-Grandma. She Lives Alone, Drives Herself, Mows Her Lawn, Loves Sexy Men, And Drinks On The Regular. This Is Her Proving She Can Touch Her Toes

Image credits: we_love_life

#7 Grandma Cosplayed As Olenna Tyrell

Image credits: pfangirl

#8 Was Visiting My Grandma And Found This Photo From Her New Years Cruise

#9 Old Man Sideways Holding Onto A Vertical Pole

Image credits: b_flex14

#10 My Grandmother On Her 100th Birthday

Image credits: ArizonaTrashbag

#11 I Just Found Out That My Grandmother Has Spent Her Time During Covid Hitting The Weights, She Turns 85 Next Week

Image credits: joemaniaci

#12 My 87-Year-Old Step Grandmother Decided It Was Time To Get A Tattoo

Image credits: Apairofpears

#13 My 60-Year-Old Uncle Shredding In Kauai

Image credits: gotanyspuds

#14 My 74-Year-Old Grandpa With COPD And I On A Roller Coaster. He Was So Excited

This picture is about a year old. My grandpa really wanted to go on the ride, told us he hadn’t been in so many years. The elderly man operating the coaster understood that and let us on. I’m squeezing the oxygen on the side so it didn’t slip. My gramps laughed the entire trip!

Image credits: majahelenelarsen

#15 My Grandpa, At 86, Still Making And Improving His Death Star Fire Pits

Image credits: Bandia5309

#16 My Grandpa At 72 Years Old

Image credits: couplacuties

#17 My Facebook Friend Posted This Earlier Today With The Description: "How My Humble Great Grandmother Spent A Week With All Of Her Sisters After She Beat Cancer"

Image credits: rxstudent

#18 My Great-Grandmother, Born In 1899, Never Met Her, But Definitely A Legend

Image credits: Nowo17

#19 I Ordered A Wonder Woman Costume Online. It Was A Little Big For Me When It Arrived And My Grandmother Said She Wanted To Try It On. This Is The Fabulous Result

Image credits: popofcolor

#20 My Grandpa Water Skiing On His 91st Birthday This Week

Image credits: Penukoko13

#21 My 106-Year-Old Great-Great-Grand-Aunt On Her 105th Birthday. She Acts Like She's Hardly 80

Image credits: angry_sammich

#22 The Grandparents From This Weekend's Wedding. No Words

Image credits: AgoraApp

#23 A Grandpa Got A Cochlea Implant Tattoo To Become Like His Grandson

Image credits: -criesuncontrollably

#24 This Grandma Just Turned 105 Years Old Today

Image credits: abdirahmanmahdi

#25 My Grandma Passed Away Recently, I Thought I'd Share This Favorite Photo Of Mine. This Was A Gift To My Parents Christmas 2008

#26 This Is My 96-Year-Old Grandma That Lives Alone And Can Walk Around Without A Cane, Walker Or Wheelchair And Who Waters Her Flowers By Being Lifted Up On A Tractor

Also she can remember the thing she ate for dinner 3 years ago. Sharp as a tack.

Image credits: Dakrpheonix

#27 My Grandmother 77 Graduated With Her PhD And Is The University’s Oldest Graduate. It’s Never Too Late

Image credits: officer897177

#28 My 90 Year Old Grandma Just Ran, Not Walked, Ran Her First 5k

Image credits: Pastordan23

#29 Nearly 100-Year-Old Woman "Arrested" To Fulfill Bucket List Item

Image credits: politie.nijmegen

#30 My Grandma Texted Me Saying She Was Racing Today, Then Sent This Picture

Image credits: cam_add

#31 My Great-Grandma On Her 100th Birthday Today

Image credits: rguy16ema

#32 My Grandmother Turned 100 Last October, This Is Her Doing The Plank For 30 Seconds

Image credits: Leopoldo14

#33 My 96-Year-Old Grandma Playing VR Right Now

Image credits: Politikz

#34 My 86yo Grandmother And Her Handmade Needle Point Chair. 25 Years In The Making And 14 Threads Per Inch

She used to pick up road kill from the side of the road to compare thread colours. She also bought a peacock for colour comparison. I am not allowed to sit in it.

Image credits: jwarmitage

#35 My 87-Year-Old Grandpa Learned How To Scuba Dive In The Past Year So He Could Visit The Shipwrecks In Palau (He’s A Huge WWII History Buff) And Posed With His Local Newspaper

I’m so proud of him!

Image credits: emmarks

#36 Like A Boss

Image credits: MaddieRae5

#37 Bought My Grandma An iPad. She's 84 And Never Had A Tablet, And Wanted It For "Art". I Bought ArtRage For Her And Left Her Alone With Her New Toy For 30 Minutes

This is what I came back to.

Image credits: Oxide42

#38 My Friend's Grandma Just Turned 103. For Her Birthday He Took Her To The Casino, To An All You Can Eat Crab Place, And Then He Took Her To Get Her First Tattoo

Image credits: sfst

#39 My Grandpa Is A Retired Mathematician. He Got Bored, So He Decided To Build A Castle By Hand. It's Been Like 4 Years, But He's Gettin' There

Image credits: kaiklops

#40 My Friend Posted A Picture Of Her Grandparents On Thanksgiving, It Definitely Needed More Exposure. Cheers To Being This Cool When I'm Old

Image credits: totallynotdoogie

#41 My Grandfather At His Retirement Party In 1986

Image credits: midnighteyesx

#42 My Cousin Sent Me A Photo Of My 90-Year-Old Grandmother Playing Beer Pong

Image credits: boyyyer

#43 Just Saw The Coolest Old Man At The Wine Festival

Image credits: Lindseygray89

#44 My Beautiful Grandma Doing The Splits After Her 80th Birthday Party Last Night

Image credits: zornesm

#45 I Found Out Today That My Grandpa Ordered A Better Gaming Rig Than Myself And Any Of My Friends

Image credits: bunzthomas

#46 I Went Skydiving With My 83-Year-Old Grandpa Today

Image credits: PaperclipGirl

#47 The Moment You Realize Grandpa Has Been Practicing Pokemon Cards And Kind Of Knows His Stuff

Image credits: disconaldo

#48 Sneaky Grandpa

Image credits: kittycattwitch

#49 74-Year-Old Grandpa Doing Some BBQ, Enjoying Life

Image credits: HumanNutrStudent

#50 My 76-Year-Old Grandpa Dressed Up As Elton John For Halloween. My Grandma Said It Was The First Time She Put Rouge And An Earring On Her Husband

Image credits: BeerNerdGrrl

#51 Today My 73-Year-Old Grandma Finally Graduates High School

She couldn't finish high school as a kid because she had to help the family, but she always regretted never graduating.

Image credits: JOKOPOWER

#52 I Think My Great-Grandma Is Pretty Damn Stylish For A 95-Year-Old. And She Still Drives Her Own Car. Not At Night Though

Image credits: vsasso

#53 My Girlfriend's Grandfather Hitting 90 This Winter And Was Psyched To Try BMX Bike

Image credits: lukasaszuk

#54 This Was How My Grandparents Celebrated Their 60th Wedding Anniversary

Image credits: WildRiceBOY920601

#55 Birthday Present From My Grandma. She Gets It, Man

Image credits: llama1892

#56 My Grandma Died Today. In Her Life, She Was Kidnapped By Gypsys, Shouted At Ghosts, And Owned A Bar For 20 Years

Her last words to me before I moved out west were: "Whatever you do, don't marry an eskimo"

Image credits: ignoreamos

#57 This 86-Year-Old Man Challenged Me To A Pole Dancing Contest While At Happy Hour, He Won

Image credits: haonconstrictor

#58 I Gave A Pair Of Circle Rim Shades To My Grandmother And Then All Her Friends Bought Matching Pairs

Image credits: laughingwarlock

#59 My 70-Year-Old Grandmother Skydiving For Her Birthday

Image credits: Tini_531

#60 My Grandfather Is A Champ

Image credits: loganwadams

#61 This Is My Grandma And Her 3rd Weather Book. She Has Recorded The Weather Every Day Where She Lives For 30 Years And Is Filling Out The Last Year Of The 3rd Book

Not sure if it counts, but it counts in my eyes.

Image credits: WickEDel-ixir

#62 Mom Is 68 And Has Been Playing Fallout 4 For 3+ Years. She's At Level 132 With 600+ Hrs

Image credits: deviatingnorms

#63 What My 80-Year-Old Grandmother Did When Told To "Dress Up As A Ninja"

Image credits: fencefold

#64 Yesterday I Took My Grandmother On Her First Bike Ride In 59 Years, I Need A New Word For Awesome

Image credits: f0rtune

#65 My Grandparents: Hardcore Pokemon Go Players. Hearing Them Talking About Their Adventures Is The Highlight Of Going To See Them. Both Level 37 And Going Strong

Image credits: DarthBane92m

#66 My Grandma Turns 101 Today. Here's A Photo Of Her Working Out

Image credits: lavt10

#67 Ending The "My Dad Will Beat-Up Your Dad Arguments"? - Nope. Presenting My Grandpa On His 89th Birthday

Image credits: brunneous

#68 I Present To You - My Grandmother. She Turns 94 At The End Of The Month

Image credits: cooperific

#69 My Grandmother Seems To Be Enjoying Her Time In Bangkok

Image credits: doublething1

#70 My Grandfather Punching Muhammed Ali In The Jaw

Image credits: Mailing_a_Bear

#71 My Grandpa Showing Us The Place He Lived As A Child In Google Earth VR, Telling Us Stories Of All The Buildings And Areas

Image credits: Sentient_breadkrum

#72 Stupid Dog. Ooga Booga Booga

Image credits: MavraSay

#73 Grandmother Turned 100 Yesterday, She Wanted Jell-O Shots For Her Toast

Image credits: Behndthmask

#74 Get It Granny

Image credits: summerdaze17

#75 My Dad Just Graduated College Today At 63 Years Old

With his fine arts and liberal arts degree. I couldn't be more happy for him to finally experience his college graduation. He had to drop out when he was young to take care of his younger siblings and never went back. congrats pops.

Image credits: Khaydii

#76 My Grandfather, Who Was The First Person To Roll Three Perfect Games In Bowling History, Turns 90 Today

Image credits: SecondSuffix

#77 A 92-Year-Old Man Who Sky Jumped Off The Stratosphere In Las Vegas

Image credits: Pcinfamy

#78 My Grandpa Just Passed Away And We Were Going Through Old Pictures. This Is Me And Him In 1986. Yes, He Has A Cigarette In His Mouth While Filling The Gas In The Lawn Mower

Probably my favorite picture of him.

Image credits: Slammer_13

#79 My Grandparents Got New Aprons For Their Anniversary And Made Me Want To Draw Them As The Characters

Image credits: ParryDoesGaming

#80 81-Year-Old Just Bought His First Gaming System, So He Can Play Farming Simulator 17

Image credits: outragis

#81 My Friends Grandmother Being Jet Ski'd Out Of Her Living Room In Houston

Image credits: Webborwebbor

#82 My 84-Year-Old Great Grandmother Had Her Day Made

Image credits: SuperZoid

#83 This Is My 75-Year-Old Grandma In Her Costume She Made For The 70s Party At The Bingo Hall. She Won 2nd Place But She Is 1st In My Heart

Image credits: reductiverice

#84 My Grandma Is 78 And Refuses To Slow Down. This Is Her On Her 14-Day Vacation In Cambodia

Image credits: tnick771

#85 My Husband's 82-Year-Old Grandpa Taking In The Eclipse On An Old Dirt Road

Image credits: LolliPoppies

#86 My 80 Year Old Grandpa Jumping Into A Lake

Image credits: justandswift

#87 My Grandmother Turns 102 Today

Image credits: vec5008

#88 I Say Again, My Grandma Is A Boss. Always Ready To Have Fun, Even At 100 Years Old

Image credits: KMcD47

#89 Caught This Cool Granny Driving Around In Her Black Minivan With Ghost Flames

Image credits: janewalch

#90 My Great-Grandma Turned 91

Image credits: TheAssAge

#91 My Grandma Got Bit By A Pelican On The Pier And Then Began To Scold It

Image credits: Schnarf_Shnarf

#92 This Is How My Grandma Cuts Onions

Image credits: IBarkAtBullshit

#93 84-Year-Old Grandmother Won Cards Against Humanity During Family Gathering

Image credits: nancypts

#94 My Grandfather Ringing In His 90th Birthday In Style

Image credits: herper

#95 This Is My Grandma Firing A Gun For The First Time In Her Life. Enjoy It As Much As She Did

Image credits: SirCharlstonWeathers

#96 My Cousin Was Browsing Twitter And Came Across This Picture Of Our Grandpa At The Mall With His Friends That A Stranger Took And Captioned “Squad Goals”

It had been retweeted thousands of times. My grandpa is the one looking straight at the camera.

Image credits: manic_unicorn

#97 My Friend's Grandma Is Cooler Than Most

Image credits: FlavorAIDs

#98 My Grandpa With His Sister. 55 Years Ago And Now

Image credits: Hookedon

#99 My Girlfriend's 107-Year-Old Gramma Ringing In The New Year With A Beer

Image credits: joeygravyhound

#100 My Grandfather Who Got Me Into Gaming. He Is Currently Doing His 10+ Runthrough Of Skyrim. "I Am Going Places I Haven't Been To Before"

Image credits: Logibear1010

#101 My Grandma Has Played Wii Fit Everyday For Over 10 Years

Image credits: gperk69

#102 My Grandma, Born In 1931 (She Is 89), Walked 17 Km Long Trail In The Mountains With Me Today

Image credits: vlckel

#103 My 93-Year-Old Grandpa Just Had Cancer Removed From His Nose. Here He Is Showing How Tough He Is

Image credits: Captain_Kirk77

#104 My 83 Year Old Grandma Got Her First Tattoo Today

Image credits: RaunchyRancor

#105 My Wife's Grandmother Turned 80 Years Young Today. When I Saw This Pic I Knew I Had To Post It. She's Still Having Fun Every Day

Image credits: rickus13

#106 My Great-Grandmother Passed Away Recently. She Was The Coolest

Image credits: ChiefMcClane

#107 My Grandpa, Nearly 90 Playing His Favorite Game Of All Time, Fate

Image credits: _Kaj

#108 My Grandpa Just Turned 91. This Is His Birthday Present To Himself

Image credits: andork28

#109 My Grandpa Is 104 And Enjoys Beer. He Is Throwing The First Pitch Out For The Detroit Tigers Thursday

Image credits: chalupachelano

#110 I Photographed My Badass 75-Year-Old Grandpa. He's Channeling Liam Neeson In A Fake Blizzard

Image credits: photodragos

#111 80 Years Ago My Grandparents Lived In A Shack In Tennessee, Cooked With A Wood-Burning Stove And Made Their Living In Cotton Fields

This the map of all the places they’ve traveled since.

Image credits: Pieassassin24

#112 My Grandparents At The Christmas Party

Image credits: leverrevide

#113 My Grandma Has Framed Her Bitmoji

Image credits: open-the-gates

#114 My 95-Year-Old Grandfather Just Bought Himself A New Alfa Romeo

Image credits: HarleyMom1972

#115 My 100-Year-Old Grandma, Enjoying A Pint At A Local Brewery

Image credits: Datubaman

#116 Visited My Grandmother On Her Birthday Today

Image credits: spottiedottie86

#117 My Daughter Went Trick Or Treating With Her Grandparents Tonight Last Minute. They Bought Costumes And Sent Me This Pic. It Made Me Really Happy

Image credits: NervousShy1

#118 Elderly Woman Cosplaying As Ana From Overwatch

Image credits: snowsnothing

#119 This 84-Year-Old Grandpa Is Now An Instagram Superstar After Letting His Grandson Dress Him

Image credits: slvr.tty

#120 My Grandma Was Known As The Mean School Bus Driver, I Can See Why

Image credits: endlessoptions111

#121 My Grandma Who Just Woke Up From Having A Triple Bypass

Image credits: BigChiliBowel

#122 My Grandpa Was Trimming The Shrubs On A Step Ladder With Scissors. When Asked What He Was Doing, He Turned Around And Flexed On Us. He's 80

Image credits: letsdolife

#123 My Grandparents Told Me They Were Going To A 1930's Themed Picnic. I Was Not Expecting The Guns

Image credits: DatRaikou

#124 My Grandfather In His Bat-Catching Gear For When They Get Into The House

Image credits: Mst3kjedi

#125 6 Years Ago Today My Great-Grandma Celebrated Her 100th Birthday In True Irish Catholic Fashion

Piñata full of whisky followed by a basement church service and a potato salad buffet.

Image credits: HiddenSquish

#126 My Grandmother Found A Lanyard For Her Keys

Image credits: thecmanfranklin

#127 My Grandfather Turns The Big 100 Today! Here's To Many More, Grandpa

Image credits: SonicSingularity

#128 This Is A 63-Year-Old Woman Dressed As Post Malone

Image credits: musicdude63

#129 My 99-Year-Old Great-Grandma

Image credits: M2ABRAMS_TANK

#130 My Great-Grandma Turned 98 Over The Weekend, But She's Still Young At Heart

Image credits: tickles3

#131 Grandma's Leaving The Nursing Home

Image credits: sjames855

#132 Here Is My Grandma And Me

Image credits: langhston

#133 My Grandfather Is Really Enjoying Easter This Year

Image credits: Abacazam

#134 My Grandmother Gave Herself A Nose Piercing & Lip Piercing On The Mask She Made

Image credits: WikkedFrost

#135 My Great-Grandma. Circa 1980

Image credits: Denadaguapa

#136 Here's A Pic Of My Grandma That Just Celebrated Her 93rd Birthday With Her Favorite Strawberry Milkshake

She was a R.N. for 40 years, a Red Cross nurse during WWII and is tough as nails. I love her!

Image credits: sarahws3508

#137 My Great-Grandma Posing On Her 99th Birthday

Image credits: cj_plunger

#138 Just Found This Picture Of My Grandma In A Wonderful Hat At My Aunt’s Wedding

Image credits: boomermemeboy

#139 My Grandma's Tumbler

Image credits: theduud

#140 My Grandma Turned 101 Today

Image credits: PersianCatLover

#141 My 94-Year-Old Grandpa Eating His First-Ever Hamburger Like A Pro

Image credits: BollocksMcGee