13 Unique Activities To Try Before Summer Ends

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With July nearly behind us, it's time to imagine the previously unthinkable: summer's end. But before we measure out our lives in pumpkin spice, there is plenty of fun to be had August — and don't count out September. Yes, it's a school month, but it is also a very warm month in most of the U.S. From mixing summer cocktails to to hiking with alpacas, we've rounded up 15 ways to make the most of the outdoors while the leaves are still green.

1. Sleep in a Treehouse

If sleeping among the trees when camping is not quite enough, try sleeping in them with an overnight in a treehouse. There are plenty of grown-up versions (and a few traditional ones for purists) on Airbnb, like this one in Index, Washington.


2. Catch the Supermoon

The last supermoon of 2022 is August 11. These occur when the full moon is at its closest point to Earth, making luna appear larger than usual.

bath bomb

3. Add This Melusine Bath Bomb ($9) to a Kiddie Pool

Whether it's to trick kids into thinking their pool is cooler than the real deal or just to create a spot to dip your feet into while doing your summer reading, adding colors (or even bubbles) to a kiddie pool is a little luxury that deserves respect. The salty one above from Lush will turn the pool into two feet of saltwater to make you think you've been at the beach.


4. Try Randonauting

What is randonauting, you ask? Think of it as a way to test out low-stakes manifesting in real time, kind of like The Secret for walking. Here's how it works: Download the Randonautica app, visualize a place you'd like to go (really let your imagination get into it), let the app generate random coordinates within a set radius, and then go see if it's everything you imagined it'd be.

glow sticks

5. Throw a Glow-Stick Party

Whether you want to pretend it's a '90s rave or just add some neon decor, glow sticks set the mood to "party" on a hot summer night.

frozen drink

6. Make a Frozen Cocktail

The Aperol spritz meets the frozen marg in this summery cocktail from Halfbaked Harvest: the Frozen Aperol Peach Margarita.

Paleo pasta salad

7. Make a Pasta Salad

Late-summer tomatoes find their true calling next to roughly torn chunks of toasted bread in this summer-perfect Paleo pasta salad.

sunset bike ride

8. Go for an After-Hours Bike Ride

Take advantage of warm nights while they last with a post-sunset glide.


9. Look Up at the Stars in a Hammock

There's nothing like looking up at the vast, star-filled sky to put everything in perspective. The hammock just makes it more fun.


10. Make Homemade Popsicles

There's no limit to what you can create with Popsicle molds. Consider these Mango & Salted Coconut Popsicles With Crushed Peanut Topping from Design Files as evidence.

11. Take a Mental Health Day

Sometimes the best summer days are the most spontaneous ones. Clear your schedule for one day and do anything and everything you want — or nothing at all.

glow in the dark paint

12. Get Creative With Glow-in-the-Dark Paint at Night

If you love to paint or just miss arts-and-crafts days at camp, set up an easel in the backyard and make a neon masterpiece in the dark.


13. Color-Code a Potluck Picnic

Make a picnic with friends more interesting by assigning each guest a color and asking them to bring food in that shade.

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