115 Wholesome Posts To Make Your Day (New Pics)

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We have all found our own ways to cope with the pandemic that never seems to end. But some things are universal. So to keep your spirits up and balance out all the negativity in the media, we at Bored Panda continue our most positive series.

Below you will find a collection of wholesome pictures that show there is good left in the world after all. We're talking Nepalese climbers removing trash from Mount Everest to firefighters saving animals, this list has everything it needs to soothe your heart. At least for a little while.

#1 I Just Moved Into My First Very Own Place And Am Living 100% Independently

Image credits: A-A-ron98

#2 Thank Goodness For Common Sense. I Wish It Was Free

Image credits: jamestalarico

#3 Honouring A Brother

Image credits: Molly_Schiller_

#4 Grandmas Are The Best

Image credits: Pleasetushax

#5 My Favorite Graduation Photo. This Woman At My Campus' Subway Kept Me Fed For 4 Years, And When I Was Low On Money, She Came Through For Me

I'll never take her for granted.

Image credits: izeezusizeezus

#6 After A Wildfire Destroyed My Family's Home In Lytton, These Firefighters Saved The Animals That Were Left Behind By Bringing Them Food And Water

Image credits: thevancouverspecial

#7 Random Girl At Farmer’s Market Seduces My Partner In Front Of My Very Eyes

Image credits: thelasttrashbender

#8 Nepalese Climbers Removed 2.2 Tons Of Rubbish From Everest While Tourists Were Away

Image credits: Dull_Tonight

#9 In France, Peyo, A Beautiful 15-Year-Old Stallion, Often Comes To Comfort And Soothe Terminally Ill Patients At The Techer Hospital In Calais

The horse always chooses which patient he wants to see, kicking his hoof outside the door.

Image credits: sunhistory

#10 This Is Tom And He's 7 Years Old. One Day He Told His Schoolmates That His Uncle Was Superman. The Other Kids Made Fun Of Him And No One Believed Him

Then his mother made a call, and she asked her brother-in-law to take him to school one day. And Henry Cavill, of course, was delighted to do so.

Image credits: cristianperlado

#11 Balloon Seller's Kind Gesture

Image credits: shannonhar95

#12 It’s Over! After A Year And A Half Of Chemo And A Bone Marrow Transplant, I Am Cancer Free

Image credits: Little_bitch420

#13 When My Grandad Passed Away My Grandmother (She Is 85) Started Learning Painting To Distract Herself. After A Year She Gave Me This Painting

Image credits: s4ymyname

#14 This Little Fella After Winning First Place In A Bike Tournament

Image credits: Zumcddo

#15 Parenting Done Right

Image credits: anna_gazmarian

#16 Beating Stage 4 Colon Cancer

Image credits: thestringguru

#17 I Am Finally Cancer Free! Really Excited To Live Life To The Fullest And Have Fun Again

Image credits: BeachMaster2454

#18 My Best Bud And I Cleaned Up A Ton Of Trash Today On Our Day Off

Image credits: Daniel_Toben

#19 I've Collected Hundreds Of Plastic Bottles Floating In This Lake

Image credits: Daniel_Toben

#20 Had The European Championship For Wheelchair Basketball. Took The Bronze Medal, And A Ticket To The World Championships In Japan Next Year

Keep working hard lads, you'll reach good places.

Image credits: nadav5498

#21 Another Year Sober And Another Year Loving My Life

Image credits: gummyshroom

#22 Wholesome Neighbours

Image credits: conniebliff

#23 My Dad Suffers From Bipolar Disorder And Depression. He Was Feeling Very Ill, But When I Asked Him To Help Me Measure An Apartment, He Said "This Is Important For You So Let's Go"

Image credits: Pepearenas

#24 Don't Really Have Anyone To Celebrate With, So I Thought I'd Share With You Guys. I’m One Year Sober

Image credits: trubexio

#25 My Little Guy Turned 1 This Week

Image credits: RastaDonut

#26 Keeping My Promise To Take Her To The Beach After Having To Cancel Last Year Due To Covid

Image credits: bitchinawesomeblonde

#27 At The Salt Lake City Farmer's Market A Few Years Back

Image credits: pixamour

#28 4 Shifts In A Row Without A Single Covid-19 Case

Image credits: craig_a_spencer

#29 An Elderly Neighbor Of Mine Is Throwing A Birthday Party For His Dog

Image credits: Grey_Gryphon

#30 Worth It

Image credits: daisandconfused

#31 In 2018 Highschool Robotics Team "Rogue Robotics" Made A Robotic Wheelchair For A Toddler Because His Parents Could Not Afford It And Insurance Wouldn't Pay For One

Image credits: Rogue Robotics - Farmington

#32 She Beat The Cancer

Image credits: maryxcaitlyn

#33 Father And Son Bonding

Image credits: vitanzanick

#34 Spanish Male Teachers Wore Skirts To School After A Student Got Expelled Over It

Image credits: borjamusico

#35 Sat Next To These Ladies Who Insisted Our Dog Facetime With Theirs

Image credits: leilavanora

#36 My Mum's Colleague Has A Litter Of 5-Day-Old Bunnies, So We Went To See Them, And This Gorgeous Baby Fell Asleep In My Hands. I Think I've Been Chosen

Image credits: Marshallton

#37 The One Where I Felt Unworthy vs. The One Where I Started Loving Myself

Image credits: _dietcokehead_

#38 My Wife Sent Me This Picture When I Got Home. Smokey Knows The Sound Of My Car

Image credits: brocknachos

#39 33 Years Of Birthday Celebrations And I’ve Gotten To Share Almost Half Of Them With My Best Pal

Image credits: _psa115_

#40 My Dad (Left) Got His Art Displayed In Public For The First Time And I'm Super Proud Of Him

Image credits: LoveMeSomeGoodLife

#41 This Is Harith Al Sodany. He Was An Iraqi Spy Who Infiltrated ISIS And Saved Countless Lives By Stopping Suicide IEDs And Car Bombs. He Was A Hero Who Met A Tragic Death

Let's not forget him.

Image credits: kingjim1981

#42 Saw The Left Picture On My Google Photos And Was Feeling Proud Of Myself. 1.5 Years Post Open-Heart Surgery

Image credits: StarksTwins

#43 Art Helps Me Stay Sober For 5 Years

Image credits: SkrinT4

#44 Decided To Spend My Lunch Break Cleaning Up My Community And Bringing Back The Trashtag Challenge

Image credits: coop5008

#45 My Parents' Barn Cat Cuddling With The New Foster Kittens On Their Back Porch This Morning. We Were Worried He Wouldn't Like Them

Image credits: fistpumpbruh

#46 My Dad Survived Covid And Is So Close To Coming Home! I Don't Have Many People To Share This With And I Hope This Gives People Hope

He's really happy that he's lost weight and wants to be healthier when he gets home.

Image credits: rahzasaur

#47 Little Guy Fell Out Of A Tree And Was Being Chased By A Cat. Rushed Him Off To A Wildlife Rehab But He Kept Crawling Out Of The Box To Snuggle

P.s. The owlet is doing wonderful at the rehab!

Image credits: Mammoth_Technology_4

#48 Rate The Drip Of My 86-Years-Old Teenager-Soul Grandfather

Image credits: Pauroquee

#49 It's A Good Day

Image credits: VerbotenPublish

#50 Today Was A Good Day At Work. We Broke A Record Of Doing 126 Oil Changes

Image credits: mrserrano1105

#51 He Has Cerebral Palsy, Mitochondrial Disease, And Was In Special Education Until The 7th Grade. He Just Graduated With His Aa And Highest Honors. Pride Is An Understatement

He just received a full-ride scholarship to the school of his dreams. My son is going to rock the world as a lawyer!

Image credits: BumpoSplat

#52 Adopted Our First Family Puppy Today. Found My 2-Year-Old And Puppy Like This On Day 1 - I Think We Found A Winner

Image credits: Fidel89

#53 How My Dad Lays Out My Anxiety Medication To Cheer Me Up

Image credits: pan_kayke

#54 A Hummingbird Chilled On My Phone Today

Image credits: andyman686

#55 After 40°С Heat, It Finally Started To Rain

Image credits: mrObry

#56 My Local Wildlife Shelter Had One Of Their Soft Release Raccoons Manage To Sneak Over The Fence And Into The Deer Pen. Adorableness Ensued

Image credits: th3dj3n1gm4

#57 My Niece Just Got A Puppy. I Think He Likes Her

Image credits: WearingSocksToBed

#58 I Was Told My Chances Of Having Kids After Radiation Was Very Slim. 7 Years Later My Son Was Born

Image credits: MoeGunz6

#59 Just Look At This Sweet Old Girl Celebrating Her 15th Birthday

Image credits: louiseaveryb

#60 This Is The Day Our Daughter Was Declared In Remission From Stage 2 Liver Cancer

Image credits: docungurus

#61 We Did It, We're Married! Officially Mr And Mr

Image credits: Ptheox

#62 My Grandparents' 53rd Anniversary Is Today

Image credits: JulianRob37

#63 High Five

Image credits: psgrom

#64 We've Had Her 1 Week, And This Is How She Sleeps Now

Image credits: hypobole

#65 I Just Found Out That My Neighbors Tell Their Dog I'm Outside When They Want Him To Hurry Up And Get Out The Door. This Is Him Waiting For A Treat From Me

Image credits: powaqua

#66 This Is My Beautiful Niece Kourtney, (Right) And My New Niece Madi. Your Uncle Zeke Loves You Both. Love Is Love

Image credits: Shafter-Boy

#67 I Just Won First Place And $20 000 In My First Ever Art Prize

Image credits: summerzoe21

#68 These Two Have Been Inseparable Since My Wife Got Pregnant. Today Is My Wife's Due Date. I Think Our Cat Knows

Image credits: Danyandme

#69 I’ve Been Growing Out My Hair For 3 Years After I First Heard You Can Give Them To A Charity That Makes Wigs For Children With Cancer. Today Was The Day To Cut Them All Off

I'll send them in and start over again. Hopefully, I can make as many kids as possible happy with a new set of hair.

Image credits: kostilicious42

#70 I Have Cerebral Palsy, Which Has Always Made It Difficult For Me To Run And Jog

Today, despite my disability, I jogged 3km (with a few walking breaks) and I couldn’t be more proud of myself! Here I am, happily post-jog!

Image credits: karlbarxalot

#71 Doc McStuffins

Image credits: RABuckle

#72 Vegies Give Away

Image credits: skyw00kie

#73 Turned Out Wholesome

Image credits: SuperBarry11

#74 My Friend Lives Above A Punk Bar And Sent Us This Pic Of Her Dog And The Regulars

Image credits: SpermaSpons

#75 A Few Days Ago A Customer Called To Say She Accidentally Threw Away Two Pairs Of Rx Glasses In The Trashcan Out Front Of My Store. I Put On Gloves And Fished Them Out For Her. She Came In Today And Tipped Me $50

Image credits: gunslingergirl19

#76 This Little Fella Who Approached Me The Other Day. He Wasn’t Scared At All And Didn’t Even Want To Fly Away. This Doesn’t Usually Happen

Image credits: EveryNam3Taken

#77 Somebody Got A Birthday Kitten, With A Side Of Pure Love

Image credits: SpecialistLychee7490

#78 After Growing My Hair Out For Nearly 3 Years, I Finally Decided To Cut And Donate It This Month

Image credits: GoofyGooberBoi

#79 Benny Loves Scratches

Image credits: dog_rates

#80 We Need More Street Posters Like This One

#81 No Matter How Hard It Is, You Have To Try To Push Through

Image credits: eric_clapp

#82 Important Memories On Google Maps

Image credits: KarenBu32946258

#83 Christopher Meloni Receiving A Father’s Day Gift From His Daughter

Image credits: chris_meloni

#84 Wholesome Unexpected Turn

Image credits: MrPaulBae

#85 A Year Ago I Was Depressed And Suicidal. Today Things Have Gotten Better

Image credits: NEDudcat603

#86 Autistic Boy's Parents Makes A Sign To Inform People Passing By That He Just Communicates Like That

Our autistic son’s window overlooks a park. When he yells to get kids attention, people were calling the police thinking someone was in distress. We made a 7 foot banner of him as his fav musician to let people know he’s safe and happy. Now he gets friendly waves every day from kids in the park.

Image credits: Timfrostyo

#87 An Artist In Lyon Known As “The Pavement Surgeon” Repairs The City’s Sidewalks Using Colorful Mosaics That He Describes As “A Poem That Everybody Can Read”

Image credits: eskylabs

#88 I Swear This Dog Is Literally A Teddy Bear

Image credits: BreakPoint1996

#89 This Is What A Baby Anteater Looks Like

#90 For Those Who Step Up

My parents split when I was in first grade. My mom met my step-dad, mark, when I was in second grade. We moved in with him by the time I was in 3rd we moved in to his house. He treated my siblings and I as his own since day 1. He even would watch Gilmore Girls with me and my sister every afternoon. After my mom died when I was 16, Mark didn’t make us go live with our biological dad. He continued raising us as his own. He started out as my mom’s boyfriend and became my dad, my best friend, my go-to for advice. Mark ended up working 3 jobs while having heart failure, asthma, and diabetes. He did everything he could to provide for my sister and I. He passed away 6 days before I graduated college in 2016. It’s been a few years but I still have trouble on Father’s Day. He could have ditched us when our mom died and we didn’t have enough income. But he didn’t. He was there fighting to put food on the table. Happy Father’s Day for all of the fathers who fight for their children.

Image credits: KikkakPattyWak

#91 Still Doing Good Deeds

Image credits: TUSK81

#92 My Son Who Was Told Last Year He Was Behind In Reading Just Finished His First “Big Kid Book”. All 131 Pages

Image credits: integralmom87

#93 Man Buys $540 Worth Of Girl Scout Cookies So Girls Don't Have To Stay Out In Cold

This man purchased 7 packs of cookies. Gave the girls $40, told them to keep the change. Then he came back to the table and said. "Pack up all of your cookies. I’m taking them all so y’all can get out of this cold." $540 he spent on cookies. What an amazing soul!

Image credits: Kayla Dillard

#94 I Grew Up Without A Father. She Will Not. This Is The Way

Image credits: trillnoel

#95 Lobster Dinner For My Dad's 94th Birthday And Father's Day

Image credits: Yessica___

#96 My Husband Grew Up Without A Dad. My Dad Is Taking Him On His First Father-Son Camp Out Today

Image credits: springchikun

#97 Teeny Paw

Image credits: meganpecan

#98 Good Thing Mom Has Milly Around To Help With All The Things

Image credits: Miss_Behaves

#99 8 Years Ago I Got Clean From Opiates

Image credits: unholyg0at

#100 My Poor Parents Bought Me A Pride Balloon For My Graduation Because They Thought It Meant They Were Proud Of Me

Image credits: fatimaxsr

#101 Belgian Paratroopers Assigned To Guard The Jewish Neighborhood In Brussels Helping A Jewish Boy With His Bike

Image credits: Haribaf2

#102 Some Guy Spray-Painted Some Very Explicit Anti-Gay Slurs On A Garage Down The Street (A Gay Couple Live There), So Our Neighborhood Got Together And Painted This

Image credits: despacito_spooder

#103 Edmonton Traffic Jam Across The High Level Bridge

Image credits: No-Top-7177

#104 Our New Puppy On His First Day At Our House

Image credits: kalashnikov_kid

#105 Here’s What 325.67 Lbs. Of Recovered Food Waste Looks Like. Instead Of A Dumpster, This Food Will Create Almost 300 Meals For The Homeless

Image credits: StopHunger

#106 It's Kinda Hot In Greece

Image credits: Debtus_Suvlakus

#107 My Son And I 3D Printed A Life-Sized Pit Droid From Star Wars

Image credits: kahnindustries

#108 In The Final Minutes Of My Cake Day, I Give You My Dog, Leon, As A Chess Piece

Image credits: Perfectenschlag_

#109 I Think He Loves Me Back

Image credits: Smc1309

#110 One Year Ago I Was In Such A Deep Depression That I Genuinely Could Not See A Future For Myself. Now I Have Bought My First Car, I Love My Life And I'm Glad I Stuck Around

I also signed a lease for my first apartment, and have a great job where I am surrounded by wonderful people daily.

Image credits: lucy91202141

#111 Today, At 30-Years-Old, I Bought My First Car

Image credits: FlashTheorie

#112 Hey, I Became A Dad Today

Image credits: refjep1

#113 My Mum Has Raised Over £40k For Her Local Food Bank, And She Never Forgets Sanitary Products For Women. Supported By Our Local Morrisons And Other Businesses

Image credits: reddit.com

#114 Nine Months Sober Today

Image credits: chachacha69

#115 I Closed On My First House Today. I’m Finally A Homeowner

Image credits: gsibble