110 Bird Pics That Went Horribly Wrong But Ended Up With Hilarious Results, As Shared On This Facebook Group (New Pics)

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If there’s something we've learned from the hilariously entertaining Crap Wildlife Photography Facebook group that became a real hit online (check it out in our previous features here, here, and here!) it's that animals are unpredictable. But so is the weather forecast, camera battery, particular location, you name it. There’s also always a chance to get photobombed.

This Facebook group which follows in the same footsteps of photographic hilarity titled “Crap Bird Photography” offers the same amusement, except it features feathered friends only.

“You know the story: there's always something in the way, they just won't pose right; the camera does something it shouldn't; wrong exposure, fuzzy photos, can't get the bird in the frame, etc., etc.,” says the group’s description and its 118K members couldn’t agree more.

So we wrapped up some of the best of the crappiest takes on capturing a bird right below! Be sure to upvote your funniest and make sure to check out our previous article with more failed photos of birds.

#1 Wishing You All A Happy And Spoooky Halloween 2022 From Australia - Down Under

Image credits: Tony Cue

#2 Erm.... Pidge-Off?

Image credits: Beckie Holmes

#3 I Asked You If You Had To Go Before We Left!

Image credits: Glen Govier

#4 Bruce In His "Eating Dome" Part Two

Image credits: Poppy Seed

#5 Propeller Bird About To Take Off! - Aka. Red-Capped Robin

Image credits: David Luu

#6 Whoa, Time To Move The Kids Along

Image credits: Keith Stedman

#7 I Actually Think This Photo Is Pretty Good, But As A Photographic Model, This Bird Is Crap!

Image credits: Michele Hendrie

#8 Identifications Welcome

Image credits: Re Becca Hall

#9 Spiderbird

Image credits: Poppy Seed

#10 Getting Mixed Signals From This Curlew

Image credits: Cat Elise Hughes

#11 Dad And His Daughter Had A Kerfuffle Or A Commotion, Disruption, Disturbance, Flutter, Hoo-Ha, Hoo-Hah, Hurly Burly, Or A To-Do. It Was Upsetting

Image credits: Carla Moore-Williams

#12 I’ve Made An Important Scientific Discovery. Hummingbirds Aren’t Really Flying In The Air, They Are Doing Jumping Jacks To Stay Up There

Image credits: Rose Welsch Cervantes

#13 Oof That’s A Mood Innit?

Image credits: Laura Barnes-Kadi

#14 I Thought I Took A Beautiful Photo Of My Rescued Starling

Image credits: Marina Veiler

#15 Asking The Boss For A Promotion

Image credits: Mary Cosham

#16 Y’all, I Did It Again. Last Time My Bird Turned Out To Be A Leaf. Well, I Wasn’t Wearing My Glasses (Again) And This Cute Little Bird Was Bobbing His Head Rocking Back N Forth. I Had Never Seen A Bird Do That Specific Thing Before So I Thought “That’s So Cute Let Me Get A Pic!” Yall …..it Was A Crumpled Fast Food Bag Rocking Back N Forth From The Gentle Breeze

Image credits: Navi Pollock

#17 Trying To Get A Nice Photo Of My Bird Only For Them To Get Stuck In The Spin-Cycle Mode

Image credits: Dani Weaver

#18 I Know It Is About Birgs But This Cow Is Cute And I Wanted To Share With You

Image credits: Daniel Demex

#19 Somebody Over At Bird Memes Said I Should Join This Group So I Could Share Loki The White Bellied Caique In Spelunker Mode Under My Collar. So, Here Ya Go!

Image credits: David Calco

#20 Thank You For The Add! Here Is One Of My Crap Photos

Image credits: Michele Cheeseman

#21 I Timed That Well

Image credits: Barbara Williams

#22 Had A Small Tsunami Warning At The Pool Today

Image credits: Carla Moore-Williams

#23 Why Do These Birds Look Like A Panorama Fail When They Do This?

Image credits: Andrea C Salas

#24 We All Have Days Like This

Image credits: Keith Stedman

#25 But !!

Image credits: Gordon Fitzgerald

#26 Dancing Egret In Jamaica

Image credits: Shani Brown

#27 I Line Up For The Perfect Shot And Just As I Push The Button

Image credits: Louise Gardner

#28 Hayhaaaaaay You

Image credits: Muneer Al Shanti

#29 Today I Met Mr Wet Emu

Image credits: Adele Mclennan

#30 I Don't Know How I Do It But I Always Seem To Capture Some Weird Pictures Of Me And My Chook Beanie!

Image credits: Emily Niven

#31 Tried To Get A Photo Of A Tiny And Very Quick Silvereye. Technically I Succeeded… Good Luck Trying To Find Him

Image credits: Shelly Graham

#32 My Daughter's Submission .... Snapped This Big White Dufus While He Was Visiting The Back Deck This Afternoon. He Looks Stoned

Image credits: Suzanne Steel

#33 I Don't Trust Myself To Caption This!

Image credits: BE Lambert

#34 The New Zealand Kea In Its Natural Environment* I Love Them Enough To Pay A Bit Of Bike Destruction For A Crap Photo Those Can Opener Beaks! Those Shiny Eyes! *of Shameless Destruction For Fun And Attention

Image credits: Kate Cat

#35 Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo. Up Close And Personal

Image credits: David Wooden

#36 Who Knew Grackles Have Such A Pretty Smile

Image credits: Alicia Marie

#37 Im Just Gonna Leave This Here

Image credits: Kylie Jones

#38 Figbird Spam - Unlimited Opportunities For Great Photos

Image credits: Brydie Lee

#39 Harper Tried To Eat My Phone/Hand As I Snapped Picture

Image credits: Dee Davidson

#40 I Waited For Hours To Get This Shot Of A Male Downey Woodpecker. Go Me

Image credits: Gail Prussky

#41 Where Did You Go?

Image credits: Muneer Al Shanti

#42 That Fish Was Off

Image credits: Richard Morton

#43 Ah Yes. The Pelican. Such A Majestic, Graceful Creature

Image credits: Jennifer Yearwood Vaccarello

#44 May I Present The First Ever Photograph Of The Flaccid Feather Duster Bird (Ffdb)

Rarely standing erect, the FFDB remains limp nearly all of the time, a behaviour which has been described by ornithologists as "disappointing" "underwhelming" and in one uncomfortably specific example "eerily reminiscent of my ex-husband, Steve."

Image credits: Josh Forman

#45 Majestic Magpie In All His Glory

Image credits: Mel Allen

#46 1.5 Rainbow Lorikeets

Image credits: Graeme Wilkes

#47 Just As You Push The Shutter Eastern Rosella

Image credits: Rod Harris

#48 Haven't Posted In A While. I Really Need To Share More Of My Collection. Cross-Bred Rooster. Aka The Jerk. Just To Clarify: He's Fine, It's His Face. Lol

Image credits: Korene Altmann

#49 This Could Be My Best Osprey Photo Ever !

Image credits: Mark Koster

#50 Mine

Image credits: Kathy Lee

#51 Baby Figbird In Care (Licensed Wildlife Carer) - Perpetual Grumpy Face - Caption Away

Image credits: Brydie Lee

#52 Aaaah! Such A Relief!

Image credits: Jacob Krijt

#53 Headless Cocky

Image credits: Emma Gray

#54 I Wasn't Climbing The Curtains

Image credits: Poppy Seed

#55 Ducks!

Image credits: Charlie Jebinski

#56 Crisp, Clear Stunning Image Of This Baltimore Oriole With Glorious Wing Display. Dont Be Jealous

Image credits: Jodi Kay

#57 Hey Bob, She's Got The Camera Out Again

Image credits: Jodi Kay

#58 My Photo Must Have Been Really Crap Because It Wasn't Approved

Image credits: Kellyanne O'Hare

#59 A Rare Two Headed Goose!

Image credits: Phoenix Fyrewolf

#60 Aaaaaaahhhh!!!

Image credits: Emily Niven

#61 There Is Just No Sneaking Up, On A Fish Crow

Image credits: Holly Stoepker

#62 Thought I Got A Nice Photo, Instead Got One Of It Doing What Ever * This * Is

Image credits: Samantha Holman

#63 Oh My Gosh... I Was So Excited When I Looked Out The Kitchen Window And There Before Me Was A Gorgeous Collared Sparrowhawk Having A Feast... I'm Positive All My Fellow 'Blurbers' Will Be In Awe Of These Spectacular Photos...lol

Image credits: Donna Doyle

#64 Hoping You Get Ahead In 2023!

Image credits: Poppy Seed

#65 So Beautiful, Thank You. Thank You Very Much

Image credits: Lee Justice

#66 The Sun Is Bright. So Much So That I Didn't Know I Hit The Zoom Button Instead Of The Shutter Button. I Was Looking At Tomato And Not At The Phone Since She Was Snoozing And I Didn't Want To Bother Her

Image credits: Candice Uebrick

#67 My Cockatiel’s Face Is Malfunctioning

Image credits: Laura Barnes-Kadi

#68 Well It Was A Very Foggy Day

Image credits: Barbara Pereto

#69 Phone Dropped And Stolen. Suspect Named As Mr C.gull…

Image credits: Corinne Gladstone

#70 "I Believe I Can Fly"

Image credits: Keith Stedman

#71 Just Got Back From Hols Across The Ditch To New Zealand. Snapped This Pic Of A Kea Chewing On The Tour Bus Antenna

Image credits: Michele Dale

#72 My Budgies Are So Hooked On Kale And Sacha Gets It All Over Her Face. She Apparently Knows The Entire Perimeter Of Her Beak Is Dyed Kale Green So She Provides Me Such Beautiful Photos

Image credits: Amanda Clare

#73 Right Before She Nearly Took My Nose Off

Image credits: Mikey Monkman

#74 The Heron Was Performing The River Dance This Morning, At The Exact Moment The Shutter Opened. His Timing Was Perfect!

Image credits: Gay Shetley Bonds

#75 He Surprisingly Didn't Crap

Image credits: Phoenix Fyrewolf

#76 A Tufted Titmou......... Nevermind

Image credits: Alex Mans

#77 Trying To Photograph Baby Geese Is Really Hard!

Image credits: Kirste Perry Wilmot

#78 Snapped This Photo Of A Red-Bellied Woodpecker To Show How It Is Clearly Different From The Red-Headed Woodpecker, Which It Is Often Confused With. Nailed It

Image credits: Holly Stoepker

#79 I Thought This Was A Pretty Pic Till I Had A Closer Look

Image credits: Lisa Hui

#80 And Just Like That, The Blurd Just Turned Into A Ghost!

Image credits: Cathy MacDonald

#81 I Think He Needs A Bath

Image credits: Cheryl Lewis

#82 Busted! I Think I've Got A Peeping Crane In My Backyard

Image credits: Alissa Behn

#83 Pacific Baza Looking Tough

Image credits: Mat Selwyn

#84 My First Attempt To Take A Cute Picture Of A Male Fruit Dove

Image credits: Vanessa Nope

#85 No Words

Image credits: Marian Fenton Crawford

#86 "Swapping Heads" Its Such A... Wild, Wild Life

Image credits: Chris Reedy

#87 Caption This ??

Image credits: Alma Drain

#88 ‘Oh, I’m Sorry, Did I Come At A Bad Time?’ I Love These Birds Because They Can Look Really Majestic. But Catch Them At The Wrong Moment And…

Image credits: Kirsty Ventura

#89 Flipped Chicken

Image credits: Hamish Sutherland

#90 And The Legs Have It

Image credits: Keith Stedman

#91 I Finally Found It! The Photo I Took Of My Wife And Her Friend

Image credits: Kage McGann

#92 My First Contribution- Bird On The Move

Image credits: Jordan Streb

#93 Today At The Park

Image credits: Silvana Evrard

#94 I Joined This Group For The Sole Purpose Of Sharing With You This Outstanding Photo Of A Puffin That I Managed To Capture On A Recent Trip To Iceland

Image credits: Louise Salmond Smith

#95 They Were Angry Geese. Very Angry

Image credits: Lizzy Horn

#96 Literally A Cr*p Photo

Image credits: David Luu

#97 I Have Eyes In The Back Of My Head

Image credits: Heidi Breedon

#98 Me: I'm A Professional Photographer. I'm Going To Take A Beautiful Photo Of Our Resident Kookaburra And We Can Hang It On Our Wall. Cookie: We'll See About That

Image credits: Megan King

#99 It’s Abit Crap

Image credits: Talia- Bree Jordan

#100 I'm Fortunate To Live In Phoenix, Arizona, Where We Have Hummingbirds Year-Round So I Have Ample Opportunities To Get Beautiful In-Flight Photos

Image credits: Candace Porth

#101 Budgie Bullet Mode Activated!!

Image credits: Marjan Kaashoek

#102 Was Lucky Enough To See This Beautiful Tawny Frogmouth Last Night

Image credits: Renée Mercedes

#103 Almost

Image credits: Adam Carbaugh

#104 Live From A Public Crapper In Roatan

Image credits: Kristin Hotti

#105 I Think I Witnessed A Pigeon Exorcism

Image credits: Kristina Teddy Berends

#106 Bad Bird

Image credits: Adele Bowie

#107 Woooo .. Nailed It

Image credits: BM Macca

#108 Two Crimson Rosellas Having A Fight. Pity I Missed The Heads

Image credits: Ingrid Van Streepen

#109 Sceptical Pelican

Image credits: Lynne Vidler

#110 When A Horn Bill Decides He Wants To Get Better Acquainted

Image credits: Rob Staple

#111 Baby Magpie Tried Taking Off With Paint Brush. I Tried Taking Pic Of Said Baby Magpie Taking Paint Brush. We Both Failed. In My Defence I've Had Gin Because Its Christmas. Baby Magpie Has Not Had Gin. I Win