10 Ways Andrew and I Differ…

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(shoes, shorts, top, headband)

11.04 miles with friends very early in the morning.

I still love cottage cheese with grapes very much.

We are trying so hard to make it be summer here.

She had a busy day.

I carbloaded on potatoes for a workout today.

And we have some changes happening over here (that started yesterday and it all happened sooner than expected but I’m so excited)!

It’s going to be a challenge keeping Beck away from everything!

26 days!

Random topic alert—> Ways that Andrew and I differ:

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1- I meet my friends at 6 am to exercise, and he meets his friends at 11:30 pm to exercise (they STARTED playing soccer the other night at 11:30pm)

2- His toes have never experienced what it feels like to be warm, and my toes are always toasty (unless I’m running in the snow).  He passed this trait to all of the children.

3- His body does not allow him to fall asleep during a movie, and it’s basically a guarantee that I will fall asleep no matter what time we start a movie.

4- Andrew can separate dreams from reality, and I simply cannot for about 30 minutes after I wake up.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been ticked at Dream Andrew.

5- He gets stressed with traveling with kids, and I don’t.  I stress about every other item/time in our life, and he doesn’t.

6- Andrew will eat the cinnamon roll BEFORE it goes in the oven, I choose to eat it after it goes in the oven and is cooked;).

7- I think birthdays should be a month-long event and a large part of our yearly budget, and he would be happy with just a pie and a bike ride.

8- Andrew likes to play a game where he works on something the last possible second before it is needing to be done, and I like to stress myself by worrying about it so I get it done asap otherwise I will have an ulcer.

9- I have patience with kids in the morning and he has more patience at night… it works out quite nicely for us and our kids.

10- I’ve had three different last names, he has only had one ha.

And a bonus—> He wants creamy soft serve ice cream and I want icy soft serve ice cream.  Also, he doesn’t put toppings in his ice cream and I use ice cream as a vehicle to get toppings into my life.


If you have a partner currently, what are some ways that you differ?   

Any of these that you relate with?     

How many days, weeks or months until your next race?   

Are you seeing signs of spring where you are?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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