10 Things I Love Sunday

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We are knee deep in ice cream cones and swimming lessons over here at my house, and it feels like summer is in full swing.

My husband has been on a month-long tour in Europe (he plays for the band Twenty One Pilots) and while we hate being without him, we just have one more week until we get him back for a bit … which we are very much looking forward to.

It’s hard to have a partner gone for long chunks (especially now that we have Lola), but we Facetime him when the time zones line up, and she has a paper chain of “love you loops” with how many days he’s gone.

She takes one off every morning so she can see the chain get smaller. Thanks for that idea, Daniel Tiger! Here’s what else has been keeping me going this week …

women in a yellow tank top with daisy earrings

1. Just ordered this hammock for a late Father’s Day gift for my husband, and I can’t wait to use it! This one in beige is really pretty too, but may wear better in a covered area, so I went for a little pattern on mine.

2. Love this vase!

3. I bought a pair of these super soft inexpensive bike shorts for lounging, and once I got them in the mail I immediately ordered two more colors.

I have some bike shorts that are more compressive, but these are just soft, thin, and comfortable for everyday wear.

4. I have this cute bag in white, and I just got it in this mustard color, which I feel like will be perfect for fall. It’s one of those bags that’s small without being too small and really structured, which I like.

5. Almost every time I wear these chunky sneakers out and about, someone compliments me on them!

6. And speaking of loungewear, I’ve been wearing them with these oversized T-shirts. I love a soft, thin oversized tee right now with bike shorts, so it’s perfect.

7. Got this dress that I’m going to wear for a fancy summer date when my husband comes back from tour, and it’s so cute. Like an Alice in Wonderland version of a babydoll dress.

8. Got two more of these short sleeve button-ups for my husband after liking the popsicle print one I got him for summer. The patterns are really cute, so I also got him the dice and the roller skating ladies print.

9. I have been craving deviled eggs this week (that and potato salad are my summer faves) and thinking it’s been a while since I made my deviled egg jello shots.

They look exactly like the real thing but they taste like vanilla custard. YUM!

10. Have you seen the mariner style of chain for necklace layering? It’s so pretty and adds a different texture if you like to layer different chain styles.

Can you believe I made those cute daisy earrings I’m wearing with this daisy mold? I’ll be posting a full DIY on them soon.

Hope you enjoy your summer, and don’t let it slip by without doing something fun! Maybe my Giant 100-Foot Slip And Slide DIY? xo. Laura

P.S. Here’s a link to last week’s 10 Things Sunday in case you missed it!